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Warranty Void Misused by Car Dealerships to Make Money

The experience of buying a car is enthralling. You get to choose the wheels, color, and style of your transport to suit your personality. However, this same experience can turn out to be troublesome down the road. 

The reason why people are daunted by the idea of buying new wheels is the warranty fiasco. Why? Because there are ways that dealerships scam their clients to make an exorbitant profit. 

Inadequate Features:

For example, you buy a car which is gorgeous in every aspect. However, its horn is a huge disappointment in contrast to the other car parts. Since it is an important safety feature, you decide to get it changed. That small decision ends up nullifying your warranty. 

Dealerships incorporate such faults so that the customer is compelled to go for car modifications. These alterations void the warranty. Ultimately, you end up paying an extravagant amount for a minor repair to the dealer. 

Dealership Maintenance:

The other common excuse for a void warranty is untimely dealership maintenance. The dealer can revoke your warranty if you miss your scheduled maintenance. They can claim how your negligence led to the fault. This gives a chance for them to earn money rather than repair for free. 

Sky-High Alteration Charges:

A dealership tends to charge ten times more for a modification to your car parts. For example, a service done by a mechanic might cost Rs. 1,000. However, the dealership will charge Rs. 10,000 for the same service. In this situation, a customer would go with the former. Nonetheless, by doing so, they will void the warranty. This is a strategy used by dealers to mint money. 

Dubious Terms and Conditions:

A dealer can scam you into believing that the warranty covers almost everything. The list of services under warranty will belong. The length, alone, will impress you. However, upon scrutiny, you will find out the reality. The list will contain those services which are rarely required. Contrarily, the items which can easily break will be excluded from the warranty. 

Preventative Measures:

To avoid falling into the trap, you need to be very vigilant.  

  • Make sure that you avoid getting any car modifications done. 
  • Visit the dealership for any services your car needs. It will be expensive but losing your warranty will cost you more. 
  • Get all your scheduled maintenance done timely. 
  • Read the warranty terms and conditions carefully.


So, now that you are an informed customer, you can confidently buy your dream car. The best part is, you can get high-quality car accessories at reasonable rates from From air press and DRLs to mats and console boxes, get ’em all!