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Why are Airbags Missing from Cars in Pakistan?

Over the years, airbags are proven to be a lifesaver. In some parts of the world, it is unimaginable to think of a car without an airbag. On the contrary to the claims above, we have observed something different in Pakistan. Here, the airbag in the car is absent in most of the cars. The aftermarket car accessories are the only hope for some safety. 

Today we will get to the bottom of, why are airbags missing from cars in Pakistan?

Comparative analysis

If we compare Pakistani and Japanese cars in terms of passenger safety, there is a stark difference. People realized the difference in safety standards when Japanese cars and their car accessories hit the Pakistani markets. 

In Japanese cars, there are 6 to 8 airbags even in small cars. On top of that, there are companies in Japan that frequently test the safety standard. Then they rate every car that comes into the market. The airbag in cars in Japan is not only for the front seat passengers, but also there are airbags for the backseat passengers. Plus, there are airbags on the side windows and top of the cars as well.  

Now if we look at the situation of Pakistani cars then the picture is very dark. Forget small cars, there are almost no security features even in luxury sedans. A prime example of it will be Honda City that does not even have any airbags still in 2021. Another example will be Suzuki Mehran that ruled the Pakistani markets till 2019 and was virtually a moving death. The cars that have airbags only have them for front-seat passengers or just driver’s seats.

There is no justification for this type of negligence both by the manufacturers and the government. The auto industry in Pakistan is acting as a criminal enterprise. The prices of cars and car accessories are touching the roof but the product does not justify the price. To save some bucks, they are playing with the lives of people. In the end, it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that the consumers are not exploited. 


As the world is improving in the field of technology, cars are becoming more secure day by day. We as a consumer should protest this type of criminal negligence by the automakers and governments. As a result, they will be forced to provide us with basic international standard safety features and airbags in cars. Till then, we should not wait and be at the mercy of these unsafe cars.

There are different types of car accessories that are giving a helping hand for the safety of cars. They will not be a substitute for the airbags. However, these car accessories will help you provide some degree of safety. On the other hand, they will also help you make your car pleasing to the eye.

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