• Aroma Organic

    Take the plastic cap off. Pull the tab and remove metal cap of the can. Put the plastic cap on. If possible, adjust the intensity of the smell by the cap regulation. Use product in vertical position only.


    Aroma Intenso Perfume

    Take the product out of the packaging and remove the seal. Hang the product.

  • Aroma LOOP GEL

    This is just your style. Considered little things that captivate with quality. They gain your space without becoming the owner of it. If refresher on the air vent grill – only minimal and original. Only Loop.

  • Aroma Air Freshener Get Intenso Aero

    Intenso Spray is a perfect combination of a modern shape and intensive scent. Useful packaging enables optimal exposition of a product in every point of sale. Made in France.


    Aroma Air Freshener Get Inspired Card

    Do you still need to add anything? If we want to be heard do we have be loud? Do we need to show off to be seen? Perhaps the less words, the more meaning. Don’t look for an inspiration. You’ve just found it.

  • Aroma Car Air Freshener – Magic Gel

    Magic Gel is a line of gel smells car . The aroma is enclosed in a delicate clip on the ventilation grill. It can become an additional decoration of the interior of the car.