Exterior Cleaners

  • Meguiar’s Ultimate Quick Detailor

    Meguiar’s®, the company that brought car enthusiasts the worlds first spray detailer, now introduces a revolutionary mist and wipe product that works like a spray detailer and enhances wax protection.

  • 3M Glass Cleaner

    3M Glass Cleaner restores clarity and puts the sparkle back into automotive glass. The all-new Glass Cleaner can be used on all glass surfaces, including windows, windshields, mirrors and side glass.

  • Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

    Restore new life to all exterior plastic, vinyl and rubber trim such as bumpers, moldings, door handles, rear view mirror housings and windshield cowlings. Utilizing breakthrough UV clear-coat technology, Meguiars® Ultimate Black significantly outlasts conventional protectants and trim-care products.

    • Brings new life to all exterior plastic, vinyl and rubber trim.
    • Superior durability – darkness and shine that last for weeks and withstands washing / rain.

    Meguiar’s Odor Eliminator

    Dont settle for temporary odor relief – Meguiars® Odor Eliminator is the permanent solution for quickly removing unwanted odors.

  • Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

    Complete with a new dust repellant solution, Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is guaranteed to help glass surfaces stay cleaner longer, reducing the time and effort spent on car care.

  • Turtle Wax Scratch Remover Pen


    Easy-to-use pen fills in 144 inches of scratches
    Fills clear coat scratches and paint chips in less that a minute
    Safe for all paint colors

  • SONAX Car A/C Cleaner Counter Display

    Air conditioners are ideal media for bacteria, mildew and other germs. These can cause musty smell and trigger allergic reactions. SONAX Car AC Cleaner Green Lemon easily disinfects ventilation systems and evaporators eliminating 99.9 percent of bacteria, mould, and other microorganisms, thus preventing possible allergic reactions.

  • Meguiar’s Engine Dressing

    Meguiars Engine Dressing keeps everything under the bonnet looking like new.


    Engine cleaner is a high power cleaner which cleans auto engines as well as easily dissolves and removes stubborn grease stains and oil from auto engine


    Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Kit

    Meguiar® Perfect Clarity Headlight Restoration Kit makes restoring dull, yellowed and oxidized headlights quick and easy.

  • 3M High Power Brake Cleaner

    3M High Power Brake Cleaner can easily clean brake dust, oil, grease, tar and other contaminants without leaving any residue.

  • Meguiar’s Ultimate Fast Finish

    Meguiars Ultimate Fast Finish is a revolutionary aerosol formula that offers a brilliant gloss with a long-lasting synthetic polymer coating thats extremely easy to use.

  • Meguiar’s Engine Cleaner

    Strong against dirt and safe for your engine.

  • Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Spray 710ml

    Meguiar’s Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Spray 710ml available at autostore.pk

    The versatile formula quickly removes stubborn dirt, grease and built-up grime from virtually all interior and exterior surfaces – including automotive, domestic and commercial. Powerful and effective, yet safe on; vinyl, plastic trim, fabric, carpet, upholstery, rubber, chrome.

  • SONAX XTREME Shampoo Wash & Dry

    Shampoo with drying support for the manual car wash. Suitable for paintwork surfaces, metal, glass, rubber and plastics. Wash without drying.

    Step1  Cleans with special complexing agents.
    Step 2  Dries through special surface active surfactants. These form a thin water film which dries evenly with no water stains.

  • Sonax Xtreme Cockpit Reiniger Mat Finish

    Cleans and maintains all interior plastic car parts. Reliably prevents electrostatic charging and is, therefore, dust repellent. Renews and maintains the matt and grained cockpit surfaces of many car types soft feeling  effect. Leaves a refreshing fragrance. Silicone- and solvent-free.