Brushes and Sponges

  • Meguiar’s Foam Applicator Pad

    Meguiars Soft Foam applicator pad uses a tight cell, ultra soft foam for smooth application on all surfaces including leather, vinyl, and rubber.

    • Reusable pads in a convenient polybag.
    • Spreads product evenly.
    • Ideal for use on paint, wheels and tires.
    • Machine washable and very durable.


  • Kenco Glass Cleaning Pad

    Kenco Glass Cleaning Pad features

    • Streak free, easy glide cleaning pad
    • Removes film and smoke build up from interior windscreen
    • Non-scratch
    • Washable
  • Kenco Wash Sponge Pad

    Ideal for cleaning car, home and boat
    Super absorbent makes washing easier
    Mesh pad removes stubborn stains
    Extra soft

  • Kenco Long Pile Wash Pad

    Super soft microfiber long pile. Use wet for washing. Use dry for dusting. Interior,exterior cleaning for most surfaces

  • Sonax Polishing Sponge Green 160 (Medium)

    Polishing pad for polishing machine. Diameter 160 mm. Medium hard, finely pored pad for machine polishing. Velcro fastening enables rapid pad change.


    Toothbrush Style Detail/Scratch Nylon Bristles Brush 7.25×0.5 Inches

    Easy finger-grip plastic block filled with Nylon, Brass Wire, Horsehair or Stainless Steel Wire makes these brushes ideal for getting into small, virtually inaccessible areas of carpet and upholstery.


    Dual Purpose Toothbrush Style Detail Brush

    • Dual purpose toothbrush style car detailing brush
    • Heavy duty polypropylene handle
    • Professional long lasting durability
    • Can be used on the interior and exterior
    • Designed for removing wax residue around emblems, molding, trim, door handle and more
  • Kenco Mini Duster

    The Ultimate Dusting Solution Microfiber Strands quickly left Dust and Dirt Stores easily in a Glove Box Easy to Clean.

    Microfiber strands quickly lifts dust and dirt
    Stores easily in globe box
    Easy to clean

  • Kenco Professional Fine Detailing Brush

    Get The Finest Quality Kenco Professional Fine Detailing Brush For Your Car From Our Online Market At Good Price.

  • Kenco Polishing Applicator with Handle 3 Pieces

    Pack of 3 applicator pads with handles. Applies even pressure Keep hands clean Machine washable pads.
  • Sonax Polishing Pad Grey 160 (Extra Soft)

    Polishing pad for polishing machine. Diameter 160 mm. Super soft, finely pored sponge for machine finish polishing.

  • 3M Perfect It III Compounding Pad Green 150mm 1Pcs

    Our 3M™ Perfect-It™ Foam Compounding Pads are our highest-performing foam compounding pads for refining sand scratches, slow-speed polishing, denibbing and more. Foam face pattern provides more surface contact, holds compound better and reduces slinging. Doubled-sided pads work with 3M™ Quick Connect Adaptors on rotary polishers double-side pads work with our Hookit™ system for easy change-outs.

  • Sonax Care Pad for Plastics

    Sonax Care Pad for Plastics is a handy accessory for applying plastic care products in vehicle interio Due to its ergonomically convenient handling, it can even reach difficult to access places.

  • Kenco MicroFibre Brush with Long Stick

    Advantage  The use of microfiber materials, particularly soft and will not scratch the paint surface.


    Heavy Duty Interior & Upholstery Brush – Cream Polypropylene

    Heavy Duty Interior and Upholstery Brush. Crimped cream color polypropylene fibers set in a foam block. Extreme flare is convenient for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas.

  • Meguiar’s White Wax with Application Pad

    • Specially formulated for light to white colors
    • Micro cleaners restore paint brightness brilliance
    • Legendary Meguiar’s wax protection lasts months
    • Includes applicator pad
    • Can be applied by hand or dual action polisher