• Sonax Gloss Shampoo 1L

    Sonax Gloss Shampoo is a concentrated cleaning solution for the manual vehicle Works quickly and thoroughly against typical road Suitable for cleaning all paintwork surfaces, metal, glass, plastics, rubber, as well as tiles, porcelain, and enamelled surfaces.


  • SONAX Polish & wax color NanoPro

    Colour polish with natural Carnauba wax for all standard and metallic paints.

  • Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer

    For fast, interim paintwork care. Cleans slightly soiled surfaces gently and thoroughly, without scratches. It enhances the paintwork finish and gives the paintwork a velvety smooth surface and a brilliant deep shine. It freshens up existing wax finishes and provides an additional water drip-off effect.

  • SONAX Microfibre cloth exterior

    SONAX Microfibre cloth exterior is perfect for finishing off after the paintwork care. The extremely absorbent active microfibres absorb the wax and polish residues, leaving a shining paintwork surface. The best results are obtained by using the cloth dry.

  • Sonax Microfiber Cloth Interior

    Sonax Microfiber Cloth Interior is an ultra fine microfiber cloth leaves no streaks, smears or fluff.

    • For use on smooth surfaces.
    • Use damp for cleaning, dry for wiping or polishing off.
    • For use on textured surfaces and textiles, use damp, or, for best results, with special cleaning agent.
  • Sonax Polishing Sponge Green 160 (Medium)

    Polishing pad for polishing machine. Diameter 160 mm. Medium hard, finely pored pad for machine polishing. Velcro fastening enables rapid pad change.


    Sonax Care Pad for Plastics

    Sonax Care Pad for Plastics is a handy accessory for applying plastic care products in vehicle interio Due to its ergonomically convenient handling, it can even reach difficult to access places.


    SONAX Polymer Net Shield is the latest arsenal in performance car care, complimenting its counterparts in both the Top-Of-The-Line Graded ProfiLine products.


    CC 36 Sonax Ceramic Coating Kit

    Extreme resistance to UV radiation and chemicals, but also against aggressive environmental influences such as e.g. de-icing salt, tar, road dirt and industrial pollution.

  • Sonax Wheel Rim Brush Ultra-Soft

    For thoroughly cleaning wheel rims, used ideally in conjunction with all SONAX rim cleane For working on especially stubborn and difficult to access dirt deposits.

  • Sonax MicroFiber Sponge

    Sonax MicroFiber Sponge is the best accessory you need when it comes to car wash.

  • Sonax Polishing Pad Grey 160 (Extra Soft)

    Polishing pad for polishing machine. Diameter 160 mm. Super soft, finely pored sponge for machine finish polishing.

  • SONAX Flexi blade

    Silicone lip for rapidly and extensively drying off vehicles. Clings to the vehicle‘s contours avoiding scratches.

    Due to Price Fluctuation, Latest Best Price will be quote after Order is Placed

  • SONAX Textile & Leather brush

    Ergonomic cleaning brush for the dry and wet cleaning of textiles and for the thorough and gentle cleaning of smooth leather surfaces. Ideal for use in combination with the special SONAX upholstery , textile and leather care products.

  • Sonax Polishing Sponge Red 160 (Hard)

    Polishing pad for polishing machine. Diameter 160 mm. Hard, finely pored pad for abrasive polishing of scratched and weathered vehicle paintwork. Velcro fastening enables rapid pad change.


    Special solvent compound for the effective removal of grease and oil films from paintwork surfaces. Prepares paintwork for application of the longlasting sealant SONAX Nano Paint Protect. Ideal for controlling the results of hologram-free polishing, and for de-greasing before respray work.