• Kenco Premium Microfibre Wash Mitt 2-in-1

    Microfibre Noodles attract and lift dust and dirt whilst protecting paint, chrome and other surfaces.
    Mesh pad removes stubborn stains
    Super absorbent

  • Kenco Long Pile Wash Pad

    Super soft microfiber long pile. Use wet for washing. Use dry for dusting. Interior,exterior cleaning for most surfaces

  • Kenco 6 Piece Microfibre Towel Kit

    Kenco 6 Piece Microfibre Towel Kit contains six, soft microfibre towels for various purposes such as cleaning cars, home, etc.

  • Kenco Wash Sponge Pad

    Ideal for cleaning car, home and boat
    Super absorbent makes washing easier
    Mesh pad removes stubborn stains
    Extra soft


    Kenco Microfibre Glass Cloth

    Smooth microfibre final finish corners to help clean hard to reach areas hard to reach areas soft and gentle cleaning action link and streak free results.

    Smooth Microfibre
    Final finish corners to help clean hard to reach areas
    Soft and gentle cleaning action
    Lint and streak free results
    Measures 35 by 40 cm


    Kenco Glass Cleaning Pad

    Kenco Glass Cleaning Pad features

    • Streak free, easy glide cleaning pad
    • Removes film and smoke build up from interior windscreen
    • Non-scratch
    • Washable
  • Kenco 9 Piece Microfiber Cleaning Kit

    Kenco 9 Piece Microfiber Cleaning Kit available at at best price.

    • Color: Grey
    • 9-Pieces Microfiber Cleaning Kit
    • 3 x applicator pads
    • 3 x cloths
    • 1 x 2-in-1 wash scrub pad
    • 1 x microfibre wash mitt
    • 1 x wheel brush
  • Kenco Luxury Towel

    Soft touch luxury fibres gentry detains all vehicle surfaces. Use inside & out, dry, dust, apply and polish. Satin Edge finish won’t snag 45cm x 38cm.

  • Kenco Mini Duster

    The Ultimate Dusting Solution Microfiber Strands quickly left Dust and Dirt Stores easily in a Glove Box Easy to Clean.

    Microfiber strands quickly lifts dust and dirt
    Stores easily in globe box
    Easy to clean

  • Kenco Polishing Applicator with Handle 3 Pieces

    Pack of 3 applicator pads with handles. Applies even pressure Keep hands clean Machine washable pads.
  • Kenco Edgeless Towel

    Buy High quality Edge Less Towel from our Online store

  • Kenco MicroFibre Brush with Long Stick

    Advantage  The use of microfiber materials, particularly soft and will not scratch the paint surface.


    Kenco Professional Fine Detailing Brush

    Get The Finest Quality Kenco Professional Fine Detailing Brush For Your Car From Our Online Market At Good Price.


    Kenco Applicator Pad

    Kenco Applicator Pad is a gentle and soft protectant, wax and polish applicator.

  • Kenco Terry Towel

    • Two pieces of terry towel
    • 100% cotton
    • washing, drying, dusting & polishing
  • Kenco Jumbo Sponge

    Kenco Jumbo Sponge can be used on multiple surfaces including cars and at home.