• Carrera Interior Wipes 10s

    Carrera Interior Wipes 10s available at best quality only at autostore.pk

  • Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Wipes

    Fast interior touch-ups are now simple and easy.


    Dr. Marcus Titanium Cockpit cleaning wipes

    • Give a try to cockpit cleaning wipes with the  scent of an ocean  coming from the car cosmetic collection by Dr.Marcus

    Dr. Marcus Titanium Outside glass wipes

    • Try out  the outside glass wipes with the scent of an ocean  coming from the car cosmetic collection by Dr.Marcus
  • Meguiar’s Gold Class Rich Leather Wipes

    This luxurious leather formula combines our cleaning, conditioning and leather protection formulas to safely and conveniently clean, moisturize and protect your fine leather.

  • Armor All Ultra Shine Protectant Wipes

    Armor All Ultra Shine Protectant Wipes available at autostore.pk



    Dr. Marcus Titanium Leather cleaning wipes

    • Give a try to our  leather cleaning wipes  coming from the car cosmetic collection by Dr.Marcus
    • To be used in a car (leather upholstery and surfaces)
    • Pleasant scent of vanilla
  • Armor All Antibacterial Cleaning Wipes

    • Kills 99% of germs
    • Suitable for convenient removal of dirt, grease and grime
    • Cleans plastic, vinyl and fabric surfaces both inside and out
    • Resealable canister for convenient storage in your car or home
  • Armor All Round Flow Wipes

    Armor All Round Flow Wipes available at Autostore.pk


    3M Perfect It Low Linting Wool Compounding Pad 9IN

    3M™ Perfect-It™ Low-linting Wool Compounding Pad aggressively removes P1200 or finer sand scratches from clearcoat and leaves a finer finish than most 100 percent wool pads without the linting mess. Our high performance wool pad is crucial in Step 1 of the Perfect-it™ Paint Finishing System to produce showroom grade finishes with deep color and rich gloss.

  • Armor All Heavy Duty All-Purpose 80 Wipes

    • A tough cleaning wipe designed to tackle heavy duty jobs
    • Double-sided for 2-in1 cleaning action
    • Easily removes oil, grease, ink, paint, sealant, adhesive and silicone from multiple sur-faces
    • Especially effective for cleaning hands when there is no water readily available
    • Dermatologically tested
  • Armor All Orange Cleaning Wipes

    • Effective cleaning in a convenient and disposable wipe that leaves behind a subtle orange fragrance
    • Easily removes ground-in dirt, dust and grime
    • Natural matte finish and will not dry out, damage or fade automotive surfaces
    • Great for dash, vinyl, fabric, carpet, consoles, leather and more
    • Lint-free and will not leave greasy residue on hands
  • Armor all Express Wash And Wax Wipes

    Armor All knows that most drivers want their car looking showroom ready at all times. However, whether it is due to not having time or access to a hose or water nearby, drivers are challenged when it comes to cleaning and protecting their vehicle paintwork.

    Armor All Express Wash & Wax Wipes provide a quick waterless solution and allow drivers to forget the hassle of using a bucket and hose to wash their car.

    The extra-large, pre-moistened wipe enables drivers to save time and effort and ultimately gives drivers the freedom to enjoy doing the things they want to do rather than spending it in the driveway.