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  • 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth

    3M Microfiber Detail Cloth easily removes oily or filmy residue including waxes, polishes, glazes and fingerprints, and is ideal for paint, chrome, glass, dashboards, and more.

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  • 3M Undercoating

    Our 3M™ Undercoating protects vulnerable automotive metal parts from corrosion and abrasion. Specifically designed for automotive undercarriages, wheel wells and body panels quarter panels, under hoods, trunks, undersides of floor pans. it’s equally effective in many other automotive applications. Multi-purpose aerosol undercoating is available in a rubberized formula that can be painted.

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  • Mothers Pro All-Purpose Cleaner 1 Gallon

    Mothers All-Purpose Cleaner is a highly concentrated, biodegradable multi-purpose cleaning solution for a wide variety of surfaces.

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    3M Auto Masking Tape Roll

    A general purpose masking tape suitable for non-critical masking of automotive paint spraying and baking operations. Yellow in color, this tape offers effective adhesion and conformability with clean removal of up to 1 day.

     150 200
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  • CC 36 Sonax Ceramic Coating Kit

    Extreme resistance to UV radiation and chemicals, but also against aggressive environmental influences such as e.g. de-icing salt, tar, road dirt and industrial pollution.

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  • 3M Double Sided Tape Gray For Nameplate

    This product makes it easy to attach emblems and nameplates to vehicles with professional looking results. The thin profile of the tape thick, makes it possible to achieve a flush fit for less noticeable attachment. Adhesive is applied to both sides of the tape to allow for simple pressure sensitive bonding.

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  • 3M Scotchgard Automotive Fabric and Upholstery Protector (14/OZ)

    Scotchgard™ Automotive Fabric and Upholstery Protector helps preserve the appearance of interiors in cars, trucks and vans by repelling spills, blocking stains and resisting soiling. Scotchgard adds a layer of protection so that water, oil and dirt won’t soak in immediately, giving you an opportunity to wipe away the mess with a cloth.

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  • 3M Underbody Coating Spray Black (1/Liter)

    A 3M undercoating with corrosion protection, high-build capabilities, excellent spray pattern and coverage, and sound deadening qualities. This product gives the coarsest texture of all 3M undercoating products. Coarse texture helps to match desired OEM texture, helps keep customer satisfied with final appearance of repaired car. Easy to apply with good coverage that gives a consistent final appearance. High-build capabilities let you match many desired thicknesses. Great sound deadening product that significantly reduces chipping and road noise. Black, rubberized, protective coating developed primarily for use as a sound deadener, protective coating, and underseal. Bonds to a wide variety of surfaces. Use with applicator gun.

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  • 3M Blue High Performance Ultra Soft Cloth

    50486 3M Blue High Performance Ultra Soft Cloth

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  • Mothers Pro Glass Cleaner (1 Gallon)

    Mothers® Professional Glass Cleaner is a cost-effective and versatile cleaning concentrate formulated for all glass and virtually any surface. Ideal for use in high volume detail shops and car washes to remove tough grime, dirt, oily film and fingerprints. Also great around the house, car, boat or motor home, even on tinted window surfaces. It dries quickly and leaves behind a sparkling clean, streak-free shine, even in cold weather.

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  • Mothers Pro Auto Wash 1 Gallon

    Mothers Auto Wash is a carefully crafted concentration of soaps and detergents that cleans away grease and grime with ease.

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  • Meguiar’s Hyper Wash 1 Gallon

    Typical dilution rates are obsolete when comparing them with Meguiar’s Hyper-Wash. Using innovative techniques Meguiars® has created a product that produces rich stable foam at an unbelievable dilution rate of 400 1.

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    SONAX Polymer Net Shield is the latest arsenal in performance car care, complimenting its counterparts in both the Top-Of-The-Line Graded ProfiLine products.

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    Provides long-lasting and highly effective protection against hostile environmental hazards. Simultaneously, the paint colours are intensively refreshed.

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  • Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze-Pro Paste Wax

    Meguiars never produce anything that is less than ordinary and no 16 Paste Wax follows that tradition. Using an exotic blend of waxes, this is a pure wax that contains no cleaners or abrasives.
    Suitable for all paint finishes including clear coats. It leaves a really wet glossy coat, with absolutely insane beading. As with all waxes, apply thin coats a panel at a time.

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  • 3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound (1/Quart)

    3M Super Duty Rubbing Compound is an aggressive compound that removes 1000 and finer sand scratches on all types of paint surfaces and gelcoats. Our compound remains wet on the job with little or no mess, maintains high rate of cut with constant pressure and buffs to high gloss with minimum effort. It can be used by hand or machine.

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  • Meguiar’s DA Power System Tool

    your ride in need of a refresh. Having to do car care by hand can be a time consuming effort, but with Meguiars DA Power System, compounding, polishing and waxing can be done with minimal effort. Essentially giving you more shine, in less time. This DA Power System Tool is compatible with DA Power System Waxing, Polishing, and Compounding Pads sold separately.
    • Great for waxing, polishing, compounding and more
    • Wax your car in less the 30 minutes
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  • Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Coating

    Superior Protection From Acid Rain, Environmental Fallout and Light Scratching
    • Lasting Extreme Durability and Ability To Repel Water

    • Easy, 1 Step Application

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  • 3M Perfect-IT III Polish Ultrafine

    • Removes swirls and holograms
    • Ultimate high gloss finish productivity
    • Designed for use on rotary polishers
    • Increases productivity and efficiency
    • Quick easy clean up
    • Minimal sling
    • For Refinish and Original paint systems
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  • Mothers Water Based Degreaser 1 Gallon

    Mothers Water-Based Degreaser features a safe but effective blend of grease cutting surfactants and biodegradable solvents which lift away carbon and baked-on grime from a variety of surfaces.

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    Long term sealant for plastic headlights previously treated with PROFILINE Headlight polish (276 141). Produces a reliable protective coating and prevents bleaching out caused by environmental influences. Also suitable for freshening up without previous polishing.

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  • Mothers Professional Rubbing Compound – 12 oz

    MOTHERS professional rubbing compound uses the same industry-proven formulas found in body shops worldwide to give you a showroom new finish, without the guesswork

    Rubbing compound works with your favorite buffer to quickly cut through water spots, and effortlessly remove heavy oxidation, car wash scratches and other defects
    Recondition your paint from normal wear and tear, buff fresh paint after color sanding, or even improve your factory applied paint finish, especially clear coats
    Designed for the professional detailer, but simple enough for anyone
    Convenient 12 ounce size

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  • 3M Double Sided Tape For Mouldings 10mmx50m

    3M Double Sided Tape For Mouldings 10mmx50m available at best quality only at

     150 2,900
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  • 3M White Grease (10.5/OZ)

    3M White Grease is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services. 3M is committed to actively contributing to sustainable development through environmental protection, social responsibility and economic progress. A heavy-bodied, lithium grease based, aerosol lubricant. It provides good performance under high friction loads, rubbing, and wiping action. It is excellent for general applications on all metal moving parts.

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  • 3M Hand Glaze US (1/Quart)

    3M Hand Glaze provides a deep finish that restores the OEM appearance of a vehicle. Our professional-quality formula creates a show car shine without the use of any wax or silicone. A gloss-optimized formula enhances the brilliance of the shine. This formula is both paint shop and clear coat safe.

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  • 3M Perfect It III Extra Fine Cutting Compound (1/Liter)

    The 3M Perfect-It Extra Fine has been designed to enable virtually any paint defect rectification work to be carried out with ease and confidence. This cutting compound is the ideal solution for removing medium swirl marks, defects and light scratches prior to final polishing. Less aggressive than other compounds in the range, it is easy to use – even for beginners.

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  • 3M Smooth Rubbing Compound GT (1/KG)

    3M™ Perfect-It™ Rubbing Compound combines strength and finesse, removing fine scratches and defects. We engineered this automotive paint rubbing compound for use with newer clear coats that are used in shops today.

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    Meguiar’s Paint Protect (473 ml)

    Powerful paint protection just got easier. Meguiars Paint Protect provides 365 days worth of durability, delivering tenacious protection with easy application. No rubbing. No buffing. Even after a years worth of weekly washes, it still beads water so you know its protecting. Paint Protects pure synthetic chemistry applies easier than a wax. simply wipe on, wipe off. And unlike a wax, the unique formula does not haze but sets in 3-5 minutes… fully curing in 24 hours… to provide incredible water beading protection, wash, after wash, after wash.

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  • Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound 947 ml

    Product number  M10532

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze M105 Professional Ultra-Cut Compound is great for removing scratches, defects, acid rain and severe swirls,holograms.

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  • Auto Finesse Verso 5 Litre All Purpose Cleaner

    The Auto Finesse® Verso is our all-purpose cleaner, perfect for cleaning a vehicle’s interior and exterior surfaces.

     1,550 5,300
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  • 3M Acrylic Plus Tape 9mmX20meter

    PT1100 is a 3M Acrylic Plus Tape black foamed acrylic adhesive with additional acrylic adhesive on both sides. Typical applications are attachments of rigid add-on-parts such as spoiler, rocker panel, antenna housings, roof ditch moldings and wheel arch extensions, etc., where an aesthetic bond line is required. PT1100 demonstrates a very good adhesion to many automotive surfaces, good inner strength, excellent long term stability as well as a very good adaptability to the areas adhered to. Due to the unique viscoelastic nature of PT 1100 stress is dissipated in the tape this results in formation of durable bonds.

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    Easy-to use Polish Rosa wax polish introduced by 3M, gives a fast final protective coating to vehicle paintwork and is ideally suited to both small repair areas and full vehicle valeting.

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  • Mothers Pro Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon

    Mothers Vinyl and Rubber Dressing Ready To Use 88138 available at best price only at

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    Special professional polish for orbital machines. Provides optimal scratch removal, impressing deep shine and outstanding restoration of colors. In single-level processes, it yields results that had previously been possible with rotary processes only. For a top hologram-free result. Silicone free and low dusting low-dust technology.

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    Special solvent compound for the effective removal of grease and oil films from paintwork surfaces. Prepares paintwork for application of the longlasting sealant SONAX Nano Paint Protect. Ideal for controlling the results of hologram-free polishing, and for de-greasing before respray work.

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    Silicone-free formula is an excellent choice for paint and body shops. Based on extensive test results, SONAX Perfect Finish is by far, one of the most flexible compound,polishes. Works equally as well on German clear coats, Asian OEM clear coats and domestic paint finishes.

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    Glass polish for removing slight scratches, dull and eroded spots from vehicle windscreens and side windows made from real glass.

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  • Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Polishing Wax

    Mirror Bright™ Polishing Wax gently polishes painted finishes to reveal maximum gloss, depth of color and mirror-like reflections.

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  • Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Automobile Shampoo (1419ml)

    Mirror Bright™ Automobile Shampoo is formulated for all automobile finishes, using chemistry thats been refined by over 110 years of experience and RD.

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  • Meguiars D151 Paint Reconditioning Cream 1 Gallon

    Meguiars D151 Paint Reconditioning Cream 1 Gallon available at best price only at

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  • Mothers Pro Foam Pad Polish – 32 Oz

    Mothers Professional Foam Pad Polish is recommended for removal of compounding swirl marks from all types of refinish or factory applied automotive paints.

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  • 3M Detailing Diluter

    3M™ Detailing Diluter automatically mixes 3M detailing products to correct ratios. We offer different models of detailing diluters for mixing many of 3M’s water-based detailing products. Choose the model that is best for your application.

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  • 3M Detailing Squeeze Bottle 12fl oz

    We developed our 3M™ Detailing Squeeze Bottle for efficiently storing and dispensing auto body polishes, compounds, glazes, liquid wax and solvents. Fluorinated high density polyethylene construction resists paneling and helps preserve the integrity of common auto shop compounds. Squeeze bottle includes a removable spout top for easy dispensation and a cap to prevent spillage.

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  • 3M Solvent Spray Nozzle Trigger Head

    3M™ Solvent Spray Nozzle Trigger Head helps you apply solvent or water-based detailing chemicals with greater control and convenience.

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  • 3M Spray Trigger Nozzle Head

    3M™ Spray Trigger Nozzle Head is an easy-to-use nozzle head designed for use with 3M™ Detailing Spray Bottle PN 37716 and cleaning products.

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  • 3M Detailing Spray Bottle 32fl. Oz

    Our durable 32-once Detailing Spray Bottle lets body shop technicians dispense 3M™ Body Shop Clean-Up™ products easily and efficiently. It is fluorinated to resist paneling, discoloration and odor permeation, making it suitable for storage of water-based glass cleaners, wheel cleaners, degreasers and detergents. Its tapered neck fits 3M™ Spray Trigger Nozzle Head 37717.

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  • 3M Interior Dressing 5 Gallon

    Our 3M™ Interior Dressing is a ready-to-use dressing that highlights the vinyl, leather, plastic and rubber surfaces inside your customers’ vehicles. This versatile dressing is formulated to deepen the colors and sharpen the natural gloss on a range of surfaces in a vehicle’s interior. Water-based silicone emulsion sprays easily onto cloth for immediate use, or can be diluted for a lower gloss.

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  • 3M Engine and Tire Dressing

    Water-based silicone emulsion concentrate, designed to restore a deep black appearance on tires, hoses and rubber moldings, and a clean new look on vinyl, plastic, and other low gloss or flat painted surfaces.

     25,925 206,780
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