Meguiars Pro Series

  • Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Polishing Wax

    Mirror Bright™ Polishing Wax gently polishes painted finishes to reveal maximum gloss, depth of color and mirror-like reflections.


    Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze-Pro Paste Wax

    Meguiars never produce anything that is less than ordinary and no 16 Paste Wax follows that tradition. Using an exotic blend of waxes, this is a pure wax that contains no cleaners or abrasives.
    Suitable for all paint finishes including clear coats. It leaves a really wet glossy coat, with absolutely insane beading. As with all waxes, apply thin coats a panel at a time.


    Meguiar’s Hyper Wash 1 Gallon

    Typical dilution rates are obsolete when comparing them with Meguiar’s Hyper-Wash. Using innovative techniques Meguiars® has created a product that produces rich stable foam at an unbelievable dilution rate of 400 1.

  • Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Automobile Shampoo (1419ml)

    Mirror Bright™ Automobile Shampoo is formulated for all automobile finishes, using chemistry thats been refined by over 110 years of experience and RD.


    Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Ultra-Cut Compound 947 ml

    Product number  M10532

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze M105 Professional Ultra-Cut Compound is great for removing scratches, defects, acid rain and severe swirls,holograms.

  • Meguiars D151 Paint Reconditioning Cream 1 Gallon

    Meguiars D151 Paint Reconditioning Cream 1 Gallon available at best price only at

  • Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner 1 Gallon

    Meguiar’s All Purpose Cleaner 1 Gallon available at

  • Meguiar’s DA Power System Tool

    your ride in need of a refresh. Having to do car care by hand can be a time consuming effort, but with Meguiars DA Power System, compounding, polishing and waxing can be done with minimal effort. Essentially giving you more shine, in less time. This DA Power System Tool is compatible with DA Power System Waxing, Polishing, and Compounding Pads sold separately.
    • Great for waxing, polishing, compounding and more
    • Wax your car in less the 30 minutes
  • Meguiar’s Deep Crystal Coating

    Superior Protection From Acid Rain, Environmental Fallout and Light Scratching
    • Lasting Extreme Durability and Ability To Repel Water

    • Easy, 1 Step Application

  • Meguiar’s Finishing Metal Polish

    Meguiars® Finishing Metal Polish was designed as a finishing polish for uncoated metal surfaces to remove the fine blemishes that limit shine. Its gentle finishing polish contains ultra fine abrasives that create a brilliant, mirror-like finish and can be applied by hand or with Meguiars®DynaCone™ Polisher.
    • Our brightest shine.
    • High lustre formula removes fine blemishes that can limit shine.
    • Can be used by hand or with with DynaCone™ Polisher.

  • Meguiar’s Paint Protect (473 ml)

    Powerful paint protection just got easier. Meguiars Paint Protect provides 365 days worth of durability, delivering tenacious protection with easy application. No rubbing. No buffing. Even after a years worth of weekly washes, it still beads water so you know its protecting. Paint Protects pure synthetic chemistry applies easier than a wax. simply wipe on, wipe off. And unlike a wax, the unique formula does not haze but sets in 3-5 minutes… fully curing in 24 hours… to provide incredible water beading protection, wash, after wash, after wash.

  • Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay Aggressive (200gm)

    Detailing Clay quickly and safely removes bonded surface contaminants such as over spray, industrial fallout, fresh water spot, tar, rail dust and tree sap mist. Equally effective on paint, glass, metal and plastic. Simply lubricate surface Meguiars Detailer or diluted Last Touch D155 and gently run surface until mirror smooth.

  • Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Synthetic Sealant 2.0

    Meguiars Mirror Glaze Professional Synthetic Sealant has synthetic polymer formulation that provides technologically advanced paint care and protection. It produces a noticeable deeper, darker, more reflective paint finish, synthetic polymers deliver extreme protection, eliminates fine scratches and swirls, creating a flawless finish and glides on easy, with a smooth, resistance-free wipe-off.

  • Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner

    Mirror Bright Wheel Cleaner is a sure bet for cleaning all wheel types.

  • Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Detailing Spray

    Mirror bright detailing spray gently cleans both exterior and interior automobile surfaces and finishes.

  • Meguiar’s Shampoo Plus 1 Gallon

    Meguiar’s Shampoo Plus 1 Gallon available at