• Liqui Moly Brake fluid DOT 4 (Synthetic) 250ml

    Liqui Moly DOT 4 brake fluid is ideally suited for use with all disk and drum brake systems, as well as motor vehicle clutch systems for which a synthetic brake fluid is prescribed.

  • Liqui Moly Injection Cleaner (300 ml)

    For rectifying problems such as difficulties with starting, irregular idling, poor throttle response, performance losses, surges due to lean mixture and poor exhaust values caused by contaminated injection systems. Repeat treatment if problems reoccur. Suitable for all gasoline injection systems.

  • Liqui Moly Windscreen Cleaner Tablet

    For windscreen washer systems in both winter and summer use.

  • Liqui Moly Motorbike Engine Oil 4T 20W-50 Street

    Reliable lubrication, optimum noise damping and low wear are just as much taken for granted as gentle clutch engagement and disengagement and gear shifting.

    Heavy-duty motor oil based on selected mineral oils. Ensures optimum performance and protection of the engine under all operating conditions. Tested on engines with catalytic converters.

  • Liqui Moly Street Semi Synthetic Engine Oil 4T 10W-40 (1 Litre)

    High-performance engine oil tailored for use in air-cooled and water-cooled four-stroke motorbike engines. It has been specially developed for all-year use in normal to heavy-duty street, dirt and racing bikes, including quad bikes, scooters and snowmobiles.

  • Liqui Moly Engine Flush (300 ml)

    Cleaning and flushing out the oil circuits of gasoline and diesel engines. The use of Engine Flush Plus is dependent on the degree of contamination of the oil circuit. Not suitable for use on motorbikes with wet clutches.


    Liqui Moly Power Steering Leak stop

    The additives contained provide optimum care for rubber and plastic seals in the steering gear. Prevents oil loss, stops oil loss in steering gears that drip and regenerates hardened seals. Holes and ducts of the steering gear are cleaned and the performance of the oil is thus revitalized. The noise levels are reduced, the service life is extended and the repair costs are lowered.Suitable for steering gears that are filled with ATF II, ATF III or central hydraulic system oils. Add to the compensating reservoir of the steering system. 35 ml is sufficient for 1 liter of oil.


    Liqui Moly Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

    Special active solvent for fast and gentle cleaning of sensitive components of the air flow sensor in gasoline and diesel engines. The Cleaner also distinguishes itself by means of a very fast evaporation that is free of residues. A dirty hot wire or hot plate in the air flow sensor leads to incorrect readings for calculating the fuel/air mixture. The starting and idling properties of the vehicle are thus impaired, the engine performance is reduced and the fuel consumption increases.

  • Liqui Moly Moterbike Chain Lube 250ml

    Initial and maintenance lubrication of power train chains. Especially suitable in dusty, dirty and corrosive atmospheres. For highly-stressed and high-speed chains with and without O-rings.

  • Liqui Moly Diesel Purge (500ml)

    Used for all diesel engines to prevent and eliminate problems associated with uneven idling and partial load knocking. Quantity to be used for preventive and remedial use  500 ml.

  • Liqui Moly CERATEC (300 ml)

    300 ml is sufficient for up to 5 liters of motor oil. Long-term effect up to 50,000 km. Shake container before use.


    Liqui Moly 4T 10W-50 Street Race Fully Synthetic

    4T 10W-50 Street Race Fully Synthetic available at best price only at autostore.pk

     2,450 9,200
  • Liqui Moly MOs2 Oil Additive (300 ml)

    Added to the lubricating oils of engines, compressors, pumps and especially motor vehicle engines gasoline and diesel. Mixable with all commercially available motor oils.


    Liqui Moly Radiator Cleaner (300ml)

    Suitable for all cooling water systems in motor vehicles, buses and commercial vehicles.


    Liqui Moly 4T 10W-60 Off Road Race Fully Synthetic

    4T 10W-60 Off Road Race Fully Synthetic available at best price only at autostore.pk

  • Liqui Moly 4T 10W-40 Street

    4T 10W-40 Street available at best price only at autostore.pk