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5 Simple Car Modifications That Actually Save Fuel

With all the fuel prices going high, drivers are trying hard to find some ways to reduce their fuel consumption. Many car modifications in Pakistan can prove beneficial to save fuel.

Our way of driving affects fuel consumption: driving slowly, not pressing the brake and accelerator a lot, using cruise control properly, are some small but efficient strategies to reduce the usage of fuel. Similarly, a well-kept vehicle with properly inflated tires and proper alignment will extend the gas tank’s life.

We have listed down some simple car modifications that will help you in saving fuel, check them out!

Engine Monitoring


engine monitoring device


Real-time engine monitoring devices provide streaming data, like, battery voltage, fuel-economy read-out, and coolant temperature. They provide fuel efficiency, as drivers receive immediate input on how their driving patterns impact mileage. If you accelerate hard off the line, the monitor will almost certainly show a major drop in fuel efficiency. Drivers begin to accelerate more smoothly and drive a little slower as a result of this training.

Using Vacuum Gauges and Fuel Injector Cleaner


vacuum gauge


A vacuum gauge is a cheap, low-tech system that monitors the engine vacuum and provides immediate fuel economy estimates. It functions like this: increased manifold vacuum equals increased mileage. These dials, which look similar to other dashboard meters, tell users how good they’re driving in terms of fuel economy. Drivers can continue to drive in ways that sustain high and steady gauge pressure with practice and input from the vacuum gauge.


fuel injector cleaners

Similarly, a fuel injector cleaner or fuel filter can be of great help to remove harmful deposits. Mainly, the engines running on gas need their fuel injectors to be cleaned to extract the maximum fuel efficiency. 

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Grounding Cable


car engine grounding cable wires


The power system of a vehicle relies heavily on grounding wires and cables. To control systems including lights, fans, stereos, and air conditioners, a car’s electrical connection, relays, and electrical cables are essential. Since they are all connected to the battery’s negative terminal, all of these devices have a common ground. Resistance rises as the ties deteriorate or loosen, as the number of conductive material decreases. As a consequence, the electrical system as a whole needs to work harder. This can trigger many issues, such as sluggish vehicle responsiveness and reduced fuel economy. For a comparatively modest investment, high-quality grounding cables will increase your car’s efficiency and gas consumption.

Reducing Weight


car weight reduction

A 100-pound rise in weight in a car results in a 1% to 2% increase in fuel usage. Keeping in mind that the smaller your car will be the more it will affect fuel consumption due to extra weight. It is advised that the drivers should leave behind every unimportant stuff, like, golf clubs, toolboxes, and other things that could have been placed in their car.

Another option is to physically detach or replace vehicle components. Cutting off unnecessary roof racks, removing unwanted seats, changing rims with lighter substitutes, or replacing the spare tire with a can of tire sealant are only a few examples. Furthermore, filling the gas tank just partially rather than fully decreases the vehicle’s total weight.

Using Manufacturer Recommended Fluids


car oil changing

Gas mileage can be improved by using the low viscosity engine, transmission, and differential oils manufacturer’s recommended. The thinner oil has less friction. Furthermore, synthetic oils have more robust densities as temperatures change, which can reduce resistance even more. Synthetic oils are costlier than traditional oils, but they last indefinitely since they don’t meltdown as easily.

Bottom Line

Some car owners have spent a considerable amount of time and money in the past seeking to improve the speed efficiency of their vehicles. The world has changed. Many car lovers nowadays are more concerned with improving their fuel economy. Easy car modifications, such as removing roof racks and installing a vacuum gauge, can also help with fuel economy.