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MG HS vs Hyundai Tucson vs KIA Sportage



We can recall the era of 2020 as the starting era of the trend related to SUVs. If we consider taking a survey regarding the priorities of a regular Pakistani customer in terms of their preference, no doubt but most of them will prefer crossover SUVs against any other sedan or hatchback because of their wide versatility and attractive styling. We can undoubtedly declare these new SUVs as the stars of the show.


The particular choice of choosing these compact SUVs over other types of vehicles has its own quite interesting reasons. Although the lineup of SUVs excited people as the new concept of SUVs was trendy back in those days, the main factor that drove people’s attention was their futuristic styling, adaptable utility, and immersive looks. 


As being a typical Pakistan, we always try to save every rupee we possibly can if we get our needs fulfilled in a lesser budget. So why spend more money on going for luxurious sedans only when you can get the same lavishness and comfort with the addition of off-roading versatility and great practicality. The answer will be more inclined towards, “Why not both in the same package?” Hence, the choice of SUV is heavily preferred over normal sedans in 2019-2020.

Along with such massive usefulness, these modern-day compact SUVs provide massive height and ground clearance which, other than practicality, adds a prominent factor of raising it above all others. A ride with a good height makes you feel better than when you are driving something better and higher than the other guy who is waiting at the red signal beside you.


The Emergence of The New Era:


Now after all this detailed discussion, you might have made up your mind to go for a compact SUV as it will serve a lot of purposes for you. The main question now arises about the choice of the SUV. As for now, we know that the three main competitors in the race of compact SUVs are KIA Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, and MG HS


Back in 2019, KIA landed its tier-one Sportage, a revolutionary compact SUV that has the capabilities to turn the tables. Surprisingly, Sportage established its roots in the Pakistani market sooner than expected and initiated a significant foundation to the world of SUVs on this soil.

After a year of complete dominance and reign over the Pakistani SUV market, the newly-made king of compact SUVs faced a competitor that gave a tough time in maintaining the sales. This new competitor was Hyundai Tucson, a ‘back-from-the-dead brand with a huge revolution of conquering the market with its unique SUV, Tucson. Tucson was a step ahead of Sportage in terms of luxuriousness, comfort, and versatility. Its tech was up-to-date and way ahead of its only rival. Things got spicy when people started to bat their eyes on the newly-launched SUV and Sportage’s sales started to decrease.


However, this competition was very short-lived as another unknown brand, MG, threw their SUV in the Pakistani market. The term ‘unknown’ is used in the sense that it was not known in Pakistan. It did not have any history in Pakistan as it was a UK brand that was recently owned by China. 


With the spectacular features and immersive looks, it did not take much time for MG HS to grab everyone’s attention and steal the show from both Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson. With the futuristic looks along with the most advanced technology with premium finish throughout the car, these perks were enough to make a person carve for MG HS. 


Hence, a new competition has been formed between these three major rivals. With enhanced features and technology equipped in all of them, a good performance factor followed by a high visual stance, it is hard to pick one from these three. And this time, we will help you unveil the best SUV among these three.

suv hoods mg hs vs sportage vs tucson

Inside the Bonnet:


Ranging the same, more or less, these three compact SUVs carry almost the same power as one another. The Hyundai Tucson and MG HS both bring 160 horsepower in the house while the KIA Sportage can be considered as the little runner-up that comes with 155 horsepower. 

MG HS also offers a 1.5 turbocharged engine, unlike its competitors. KIA Sportage, on the other hand, only comes with a 2000 cc naturally aspirated engine. So, the star of the show here will be the MG HS.


Front Stance:


The front of all these SUVs is quite impressive. All these three rivals exhibit a unique and aggressive tone in the front that makes them more indulged towards a rough impressive and a raged look. However, the MG HS stands out of its rivals by presenting a unique shape and pattern that both Sportage and Tucson lacked. This attractive grille immediately became the center of focus for all the potential buyers and made it one of the signature icons in the MG HS.


The DRLs:


Covering a significant proportion of the headlights, the DRLs rested their place around the LED projector lamps. With a variety of styling and display, the DRLs were, more or less, the same in all these three models. 

However, all of them serve their purpose well by providing a significant amount of prominence on the roads. If asked for an honest opinion, we would like to place the DRLs’ positioning of MG HS on the top, Hyundai Tucson’s at the second while Sportage’s in the last. However, this judgment wholly depends on one’s personal opinion.




Every SUV in this competition offers a breathtaking interior with maximum comfort and a premium finish. The only thing that differentiates in their interior is the use of technology, especially the main multimedia touchscreen.


As far as those screens are concerned, the newest in the lineup, the MG HS possesses the most beautiful, attractive, and responsive multimedia screen of them all. The MG calls it the ‘floating’ multimedia screen as it looks like it is ‘floating’ in the middle of the cockpit.


Other than the multimedia screen, the rest of the compartment has been designed flawlessly in all three SUVs. The steering wheels carry a significant aesthetic to it and feel like power in the hands when driving the SUV down the road. All the controls present on the steering wheels make navigation and control easier and more accessible throughout the vehicle. 

In releasing a personal opinion, the interior of the MG HS has been considered better than Hyundai Tucson and KIA Sportage. The seats are more soft and comfortable and the material used is more premium and fine as compared to the rest of the SUVs.

After Sales Support:


Although the MG HS is surpassing its rivals with a fair amount of leverage in both features and luxury, the only downside that this new brand is facing is the lack of customer support. There is no proper medium to communicate with the authorities and no firm communication between the customer and the company. Even the booking procedure in the starting days was very shady and unreliable. However, this factor can be improved by providing a fair amount of authentic customer support so that the Pakistani consumers can build a good relationship of trust and commitment between them and the firm.


Aftermarket Modifications:


One of the major factors that leads the fight of MG HS vs Hyundai Tucson vs KIA Sportage is the war of accessories. These car accessories are not yet easily available throughout the Pakistani marketplace and very few of them offer genuine and unique modifications that last to their promise.


Being one of the most authentic and reliable sources for genuine aftermarket parts throughout Pakistan, autostore offers a huge variety of aftermarket modifications and car accessories for the MG HS, Hyundai Tucson, and KIA Sportage. Ranging from car mats to the car bumper, autostore offers everything under the best price tag. 


You can get a hefty variety of car accessories regarding KIA Sportage like its side panels, stylish air press, 7D, and 9D premium car mats, enhanced bumpers, and body kits.

The same case is with the Hyundai Tucson. You can get a large variety of chrome garnishing, top scratch-proof car cover, 5D, and 9D floor mats, and various chrome trims for both internal and external looks. 


The car accessories related to the MG HS are not much available these days but autostore provides the maximum amount of aftermarket car accessories that are both genuine and reliable.




There is a tough competition between these three big tycoons i.e. KIA Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, and MG HS. but the overall winner can be the MG HS due to its build quality and architecture. Its 2000 cc turbocharged engine also steals the show and outperforms its rivals. 

Declaring MG HS as the winner does not mean that the other two are not suitable for purchasing, every compact SUV has its perks and features.


When the matter of choice is concerned, we cannot limit our judgment to one specific model only. Every compact SUV in this comparison has its characteristics and it solely depends upon your personal preference that what you will choose as your daily driver.