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New SUVs To Look For In Pakistan


In the past couple of months, the Pakistani automotive industry has been flooded with a new era of SUVs. With ranging with all sorts of forms, shapes, and sizes, the SUVs has conquered quite an era starting from 2019, going through 2020 and still making its way around 2024. 

Being one of the most sophisticated, luxurious, and versatile vehicles in Pakistan, they have been considered one of the most favorite choices of Pakistani consumers in the past few months. With the remarkable features and amazing technology along with premium comfort, the SUVs did not find their way hard to settle into the Pakistani market.

In the Beginning

In 2019, KIA re-entered the Pakistani market with the compact SUV, Sportage, which quickly captured consumers’ attention. Competing with the Sportage, Hyundai introduced the Tucson in August 2020, sparking a rivalry with its comparable features and price. Shortly after, the MG HS entered the market, boasting superior quality and performance but hindered by poor customer support.

All three SUVs were priced between 5.5-6 million PKR. For high-end options, the KIA Sorento and Toyota Fortuner offered better performance and comfort. To help you choose the best crossover SUV, we’ve compiled a detailed comparison of their features.


KIA Sportage

We are starting off with the first one to launch, KIA Sportage. This crossover SUV laid the foundation of the uprising trends in Pakistan back in 2019. With super stylish looks, amazing features, and superb comfort, this crossover took no time in conquering the Pakistani automobile consumer market. 

Although one of the reasons for its quick selling was the latest attributes, the other factor that made KIA Sportage 2024 sell like hot cakes was its design. Its design is quite familiar to Porsche’s crossover SUV, the Porsche Cayenne. This means owning this crossover also gives you the vibes of driving the Cayenne, which was a thrill on a lower budget. Kia Sportage interior also reflected a unique and distinctive look that also came to the attention.

The looks were revolutionary (for the time it was released), and that is why people were attracted to it in a short period. The design was quite futuristic and what like never witnessed before. The front and the back design adopted the craze of the era that attracted a lot of attention.


Hyundai Tucson

A major step that Hyundai Pakistan took in order to compete with the ongoing reign of KIA Sportage was launching its amazing crossover SUV. They named this rookie Hyundai Tucson. Hyundai Tucson faced directly against the popular KIA Sportage in terms of the price tag. But when it came to comparing the features of both of these crossover SUVs, the Hyundai Tucson proved to be much better than the ruling crossover. The Hyundai Tucson Pakistan version was very subtle, aggressive, and ahead of its time. The looks were more ferocious, the comfort was more premium, and the performance was better. 

Although the Hyundai Tucson exceeded the expectations and offered a lot more features than KIA Sportage, the major downfall was its name and repute in the Pakistani market. Hyundai stepped off the grounds of the Pakistani market after having their reign of Santro and older Sportage. No one has ever heard of that name since. It was known that there were some disputes between these companies that resulted in such a long delay. But now as Hyundai Pakistan has returned to the Pakistani market, it now has a long journey to cover. 



MG HS is the third famous entry in the line of crossover SUVs after the KIA Sportage and the Hyundai Tucson. This UK brand, MG, brought a significant change in the Pakistani SUV market and made itself a whole new place between its competitors. The MG HS offered the most premium and luxurious interior, an amazing cockpit with brilliant features, and the latest technology. The interior was no match with the KIA Sportage 2024 and the Hyundai Tucson Pakistan. The same story goes for the exterior as well. The exterior of the MG HS has been designed amazingly well with the advanced shape and revolutionary design. The grille offered a ‘galaxy’ outlook while the headlights were exceptional. The same thing goes for the side profile and rear end as well. The design was extraordinary, and it looked like the MG really worked hard and smart on this one.

The only drawback that MG HS currently faces is its name and popularity in the Pakistani market. MG has been previously known as a brand based in the UK that has now been working under the ownership of SIAC group of automobiles, China. 

Although MG is a powerful brand whose name is recalled with the most popular group of automobiles in the UK, however, it will be a little hard for MG to establish its roots in Pakistani soil.

KIA Sorento

KIA Sorento

The crossover SUV market around 6 million PKR has a higher class for more demanding buyers. For those seeking bigger size, more strength, and comfort, KIA offers the premium Sorento.

The KIA Sorento is the “big brother” of the Sportage, designed to compete in a tougher market. It features a premium finish, larger body, front galaxy grille, and a well-equipped interior. The Sorento’s design is harmonious, with a superb interior and exterior build.

As a premium crossover, the KIA Sorento starts at around 9 million PKR in Pakistan.


Toyota Fortuner

Last but not least, let’s discuss the Toyota Fortuner, first launched in Pakistan in 2016. It is a well-known model in Pakistan and considered a high-range crossover SUV.

A bigger body with considerably good ground clearance makes the Toyota Fortuner very versatile in terms of mastering every type of terrain. The ultimate and distinctive shape of the Toyota Fortuner also made it a favorite choice for Pakistani car enthusiasts. 

The exterior shape revolutionized throughout the recent years and now we have a unique style that everyone praises. The special aerodynamic cuts along with an aggressive front and back make this thing out of this world. 

This crossover SUV can be seen throughout Pakistan in a variety of scenarios. People have them as their daily driven SUVs. The muscular and bigger looks of the car make it special and distinctive from others. Other than that, we can observe its presence in the rally and offroading race competitions. People preferred this because of this good ground clearance and made it a special choice for such events. 

Making it completely versatile and continuing its great legacy. If you are looking to find yourself a premium SUV this can be the beast you should be looking for.


We have detailedly combined the list of the new SUVs you should look for in Pakistan. Every crossover SUV has its own perks and features along with some drawbacks. There are SUVs 3 present in the budget-friendly category and 2 in the premium category. Now it is up to you to decide which one suits you the most.