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Hyundai Tucson 2021 – A Review


Hyundai Tucson is one of the latest names released in the Pakistani market in terms of compact SUVs. It consists of a front engine with front-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive variants. Although there are three different variants of Hyundai Tucson launched all over the world, but only one version i.e. 2.0L Variant is available for the Pakistani market. We’ve done our thorough research and are now finally able to present you with our detailed review of the new Hyundai Tucson 2021.

The Good and the Better

Starting off with the available variants in Pakistan, there are two major categories that define this Compact SUV on the basis of features. One of the variants is lesser in price and is known as the GLS Sport variant, while the other, expensive one, is known as the Ultimate variant. 

One of the major differences that differentiate the GLS sport version from the Ultimate version is the differential system. The GLS version is FWD (Forward Wheel Drive), while the Ultimate version is AWD (All Wheel Drive). Other than that, the Ultimate version consists of leather seats along with an auto tailgate, while the GLS version lacks these features.


Let The Numbers Do The Talking

Talking about the numeric facts (or the performance figures) about the Hyundai Tucson, it comes with a standard 2000cc engine for both of the variants. With a 55-liter tank capacity, Hyundai Tucson can give a good 8 to 10 Kilometers per liter in the city while a better 11-13 kilometers per liter in long routes and highways. This is a pretty good average after knowing that it is a luxurious compact SUV with a number of modern features.

The ‘Key’ Aspect

Starting from the distinguishable key fob that comes with the Hyundai Tucson, it is a premium-finished key piece with a huge Hyundai logo on one side while 3 buttons (lock, unlock, and auto trunk) on the other side of the fob. You will get two keys when going for a Hyundai Tucson.


Starting From The Face

Hyundai Tucson exhibits a unique and aggressive look that is seen for the first time in the world of compact SUVs in Pakistan. This all-new design starts from the highly detailed front lights to the piano black fog lamp’s finish. 

Starting to state the features from the headlights, the Hyundai Tucson features alluring LED projector lamps that captures all the attention on the front. These mini LED projector lamps rest under a fancy DRL strip that is located above the lamps. The DRL strip is curved from the edge in a unique way and hence, giving a matchless charm. 

Hyundai Tucson also features Pakistan’s first cornering lights functionality. This function helps to enhance the vision by increasing the intensity of light on the corners for a better and clearer view.

The LED lamps also make their way to the down part of the front. The fog lamps consist of the LED lamps along with a piano black finish that completes the visual attraction of the SUV from the front.

When mentioning the qualities of the front grille, it also features symmetric piano-black grille mesh along with chromed-out horizontal bars on the front. With such an immense visual, a huge Hyundai logo rests in the center of the grille.

Upon glancing at the front bonnet, we can witness two clear character lines that improve both the visuals and the aerodynamics of the car, making it more smooth and premium-looking.

Therefore, when talking about the overall frontal part, The brand-new Hyundai Tucson gives the best and compelling looks that drive a futuristic touch to the compact SUV.


Moving to The Sides

Now progressing towards the side profile of the new Hyundai Tucson, the first thing that will grab your attention will be the black-colored side fenders that come all the way from the front bumper and extend to the rear bumper. This additional detail defines the sportiness and aggressiveness of the Hyundai Tucson along with its capabilities to conquer off-roading terrains.

Talking about the wheels, this compact SUV comes with a standard set of 18-inch aluminum-alloy rims. There are disk brakes on the front and the rear that gives a better grip on the road. 

The side mirrors are automatically retractable upon the ignition of the car. This gives a significant advantage over manually adjustable mirrors in terms of convenience. There is a hidden surprise, just beneath the side mirrors. There is actually a welcoming light that lights up and provides great convenience in the nighttime.

Considering the top of the roof, the Hyundai Tucson comes with piano black roof rails that increase its beauty. 

Another quirky feature consists of a chromed-out bar present on the border of the side panels of Hyundai Tucson. These silver bars start from the quarter and make their way to the front door window panel. 


Ending on The Back

The rear end of the Hyundai Tucson gives the most fascinating look of the car. The bold gesture introduces itself, starting from the taillights. Just like the front headlamps, the tail lights are LED as well except for the indicator and the reverse lamp. Those two components consist of halogen lamps.

Beneath those tail lights, we have got two prominent reflectors. These reflectors are partially present on the boot as well, distributing their area between the chassis and the boot hatch. We also get to see a moderate wiper on the back for ‘cleaning’ purposes.


The ‘Sportiness’ Effect

Sighting above, we can witness a sharp LED brake lamp that will assist the driver to indicate the traffic behind them. The Brake lamp is adjusted inside the spoiler that covers a lesser area and reflects a subtle approach. The spoiler is not much of a ‘spoiler’ but the way Hyundai has built their Tucson, it looks and feels like a part of their chassis.

Looking further above the spoiler, we can see a small and elegant shark fin antenna that enhances the looks along with improving the functionality of the radio.

A reverse camera, just right above the number plate section, is also present for a better view to the driver when reversing. A reverse-view camera gives a wider angle to amylase the traffic or objects behind the car when reversing. 

As far as the emblems on the rear are concerned, we can witness a silver ‘Tucson’ badging on the left side of this compact SUV while there is another badging called ‘HTRAC’ on the rear right side of the car that symbolizes the traction control feature for the ‘Ultimate’ variant.


What Is Inside?

Talking about the interior, first of all, we get a combination of black and beige interior inside the Hyundai Tucson. When opening the driver and passenger door, we can see a reflector on each side of the door panels as a caution sign in the night. Speakers are also present on the doors for maximum sound output from the multimedia devices. We also get electronic seats that are adjustable with just a touch of the button. 

Climbing inside of the Hyundai Tucson, the first thing that grabs our attention is the large 9” floating infotainment screen on the center of the console. This screen has been advertised by Hyundai a number of times, that is why it is made quite prominent. You can also control it via touch, as it is a touchscreen as well as with the buttons present on the steering wheel.


Your Premium Controller

Speaking of the steering wheel, you can get a three-spoke steering wheel with silver trimming. You will get the silver trimmer almost everywhere throughout the car. It can be a distinguishable feature that contributes to the overall theme of the car.


Some Fancy Entertainment

Getting back to the key feature of the interior, i.e. the infotainment screen. It is a huge 9” touch screen with a variety of accessible options like navigation, phone, music, video, radio, etc. You can access a variety of entertainment sources while driving to make your ride joyful. 

Observing beneath the screen, you can get a variety of connectivity options like aux cable connectivity, a 12v charging dock, and a wireless charger along with cup holders.


Uncompromised Comfort

The seats are stitched of leather for a better and premium finish. This luxurious touch is only available for the ultimate version. However, the structure of the seats is quite comfortable for the back and luxurious. You can also witness a huge paranormal sunroof on top of your Hyundai Tucson that maximizes the view from the inside. You can glance at everything you want to see just from the inside of your Hyundai Tucson.


Talking about the trunk space, this car gives a huge space to store luggage. The boot space is comparatively larger than the ones given in their rivals. You can also get a spare wheel along with a wheel jack for easy replacement of a punctured wheel on the side of the road. 

Aftermarket Support

If you are a diehard car enthusiast who loves to modify their vehicle with a variety of aftermarket accessories that can unleash its true visuals, then you are lucky if you are considering going for a Hyundai Tucson. This compact SUV has a huge scope in the aftermarket car accessories. The aftermarket industry is enriched with Hyundai Tucson’s variety of accessories. The modifications that are readily available for the Hyundai Tucson are Scratch proof and waterproof top cover, 5D floor mat in beige color, 9D diamond Floor mats with coffee grass texture, Chrome trim for the front grille, chrome trim for the side door mirrors, chromed-out side steps V3, TXR air press, and the list goes on and on.

With such popular and demanding afterparts, there is a huge risk of getting scammed by getting low-quality products with no reliability and durability. That is why our recommendation to you is only to go for an authentic aftermarket store like for genuine products.

Does Hyundai Tucson Have a Good Future in Pakistan?

Hyundai Tucson was launched as a direct competitor to the crownless king of modern-day compact SUV i.e., Kia Sportage. However, there are more than just these two competitors trying to make their fortune in Pakistan. The competition is very tough for Hyundai Tucson to survive in the Pakistani market as its newborn rival, the improved MG HS, is giving head-on competition to both of these compact SUVs. Furthermore, the act of delaying or postponing the booking of Hyundai Tucson from Hyundai Nishat motors was also a huge backfire as people went for the SUV that was already selling like hotcakes. 

Anyhow, in order to make a name for itself, Hyundai Tucson should come up with better pricing along with a better quality interior to stand out of the crowd.