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How well is Honda City Received in Pakistan?

Honda is a household name in Pakistan for decades now. Due to its quality, reliability, and performance, Honda has gained the trust of customers in Pakistan. One of the best sellers of Honda Pakistan is Honda City. The people of Pakistan have received the Honda City 2022 with open arms.

Despite Honda not changing the shape of Honda City in Pakistan from 2008, people still preferred it. However, now the competition has come in the form of Yaris and Alsvin. Therefore, Honda also decided to bring the Honda City 7th generation.

But the question today we are asking is: Is the old generation good enough to compete in Pakistan with the likes of Alsvin or Yaris?

We will judge all three platforms on some defined parameters. Which are:


The design of the City is very sleek looking. The front grille gives it an aggressive look, while the diffuser bumper gives a complete look. On the side, it has molding on the door and chrome handles. 

The Alsvin has a large front grille with Led and Drl lights that gives it a smooth look. At the sides, it has sharp lines. These lines give it an aerodynamic look that stretches to the back. Overall, Alsvin is a good-looking car. 

Many people have objected to Yaris’s design. The design looks like old generation cars. On the other hand, the side shape looks bulky, and together with small tires, it does not give a good look. 


Alsvin comes with a 1500cc euro 5 engine and DCT transmission that is the latest technology. While Yaris and City have CVT transmission. In terms of suspension, City has a stiff suspension but has great stability. The City and Yaris have soft suspension which gives comfort on long drives. 

Interior Features

The Interior of the City has two colors that are black and beige.  It comes with a Led screen and manual climate control AC. Overall it does not feel congested at all. 

In the interior of Yaris, you will see a lot of plastic being used. Despite that, silver trim used at the sides of the head unit and steering wheel gives a good look. 

Changan ALsvin gives has a very unique and futuristic car interior design. The shape of the steering is flat at the bottom. The whole interior has two-tone colors.  Overall, it gives an impression of the cockpit and feels very open. 

Safety Features

The most surprising thing about Honda city is that it does not have any Airbags. This makes it the most unsafe sedan. On the other hand, both Alsvin and Yaris come with airbags. Apart from that, ABS braking is standard in all three. 


Alsvin is the most economical car in comparison with the other two. The price starts from 2.2 to 2.5 million. In terms of the price of  Toyota Yaris vs Honda City, Yaris is more expensive. The price of Yaris starts at 2.5 million and ends at 3 million rupees. While Honda City’s price starts at 2.3 million to 2.6 or 2.7 million. 


Despite the many shortcomings of Honda City, it is still the go-to option for many Pakistanis. The reason for that is the brand name of Honda. Changan still needs to prove itself in Pakistani markets while Honda is tried and tested. On the contrary, the brand name argument does not apply to Toyota. This is because the Yaris model is very new to the Pakistani market. However, it has a better brand name than Alsvin.