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How To Make Your Toyota Corolla Stand Out From The Crowd.

Imagine driving down the road in your new Toyota Corolla 2020. The plush seats, the shiny interior, the addictive new-car scent & the sleek stylish exterior. You feel like today is a new day and you can’t help but flaunt your new car to the passers-by.

The filmy scene comes to an abrupt stop when you come to a closed signal and realize that you’re surrounded by 10 other Toyota Corolla. Including your car, they all look identical. Next to them, your dream car looks plain, common and not as big a deal as you thought.

Well, there are a few ways you can uplift the entire look of your car. Here are 5 car accessories you can get a hold of to install on your Corolla 2020.

Toyota Corolla LED Chrome Garnish

blankInstalling an LED Chrome Garnish which spells out “Corolla” is a great way to add an aesthetic appeal to your car. From afar, anyone would be able to spot your car with this illuminated accessory. These car accessories Pakistan are bound to make your car look unique, sporty and bold.

Since this accessory is made from Chrome, it will add that subtle, yet sophisticated shine and color to your car. It is bound to transform your “common-looking” Corolla Grande.

DLAA Fog Lamp For Corolla


A fog lamp’s function is to make your driving experience safer. On a particularly foggy or rainy day, it can be quite difficult to navigate through the roads, since your vision becomes blurry and unclear. This can increase the chances of collision and crashes, especially if you’re unable to see an approaching car or vice versa.

These lamps, hence, illuminate the road ahead and, since they’re closer to the road, the light does not reflect back from the hazy atmosphere. You can easily keep a lookout for speed-breakers or potholes and save yourself from a rather bumpy ride. The other approaching cars on a two-way road will also be able to spot your car easily.

Apart from the safety feature, these car accessories Karachi also add a touch of elegance to your car. Another great way to distinguish your Corolla from the others. After all, you can never have too many LEDs on your car, right?

Toyota Corolla Lip Spoiler


A lip spoiler serves to break the flow of the wind and lets it pass from the sides and roof of the car. By preventing the air from flowing under the car, it increases the grip of the car on the road, especially if it is moving at a fast pace or taking a sharp turn. This, in turn, makes your driving experience smooth and improves its fuel efficiency.

Moreover, a lip spoiler also adds an edgy, bold look to the car. Your athletic streak will surely be complimented by this accessory.

Toyota Corolla LED Side Mirror Indicator


Installing an indicator on the side mirror of your Corolla X can prove to be both beneficial and appealing. It can be really helpful in a situation where your car’s normal indicator is in the other car’s blind spot. If a car beside you is unable to spot your headlight or taillight indicator, it can result in serious accidents. Instead, if you install one on your side mirrors too, you will increase your indicator’s visibility to both the pedestrians and other drivers.

In addition, if your original indicators suddenly stop working and you are not aware about that, an extra pair of indicators on your side mirrors could go a long way in curbing the chances of crashes.

Apart from that, these LED car accessories Lahore will, yet again, bring an aesthetic appeal to your car and make it stand out from the crowd.

Multimedia Steering Button For Toyota Corolla


Have there been times when you want to change the song in your car or receive a call on speaker but the buttons are just too far away? You would have to move your eyes from the road and take your hands off the steering. The mere thought of doing this causes you to hyperventilate because it’s just too risky.

Well, installing a Multimedia Steering Button can solve this dilemma and make your driving experience safer. All the options and buttons are literally on your fingertips, how cool is that? You can easily switch between your favorite songs or receive an important phone call on speaker by just moving your fingers.


So, according to our research, these are the top 5 car accessories online you can buy for your Toyota Corolla Grande. Once you buy them, you won’t ever have to worry about your car looking mediocre. It is bound to stand out from the crowd, every single time!