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14 Honda City 2021-23 Modification Accessories

Car enthusiasts love to adorn their vehicles with varied accessories. These include accessories inside and outside the car, offering different benefits and functionalities. Also, people have various reasons to add them. While some look forward to beautifying their vehicles, others prefer functionality over ornamentation. Honda City Accessories 2021-2023 are unlimited! If you own this car, you are in for a treat, as you can modify it in several ways without breaking the bank. Exciting.

In this article, you will learn about some of the most sought-after modification accessories of Honda City 2021-2023. 


The most popular modification accessories for vehicle owners are lighting accessories. If you own a Honda City, you have unlimited options when it comes to adding aesthetics as well as visibility to it. 

  1. Audi Style Tail Lamp Red

The Audi Style Tail Lamp Red is a phenomenal option for Honda City owners, which is relatively cost-effective at the same time. The only thing you need to consider here is that it should be relevant to your particular Honda City model. 

With the price of 38000 PKR, you can upgrade the appearance of your vehicle. Your beloved car will look phenomenal, and the LED tail lights will be highly energy efficient at the same time. 

  1. Audi Style Tail Lamp Smoke

At the same price of 38000 PKR, you can get your hands on the Audi Style Tail Lamp Smoke, which would be a phenomenal purchase! Also known as the tinted lamp, the smoke lights add glamor to the vehicle. Once installed in the car, the vehicle will appear class-apart on the road. These Honda City accessories in Pakistan are readily available both online and in-store. 

Modification Accessories

Modification accessories are strictly those that change the overall appearance of the vehicle. Over the past few years, they are getting increasingly popular amongst car owners in Pakistan and have a high demand at

  1. Modulo Body Kit Taiwan

This kit is a great choice to upgrade the looks of Honda City 2021-2023! Though this car’s original appearance is not harmful, many people get bored of the same faces over time. If you are one of them, you can change your car’s appearance by installing the Modulo Body Kit Taiwan at merely 45000 PKR!

  1. Drive 68 Style Body Kit

The Drive 68 Style Body Kit is yet another fantastic choice that modifies the appearance of the Honda City, making it look uber cool! A bit expensive compared to the Modulo Body Kit Taiwan, this one comes at around 27000$. It will change everything in the vehicle, including the sides, front, and back. 


Mats don’t only make the car appear neat but also add to the aesthetics of the vehicle. Many options are available when adding modification accessories to the Honda City 2021-2023 in terms of the mats!

  1. 9D Floor Mats Horizontal Stitch (Beige With Beige Grass)

These mats come at around 15000 PKR and can change the vehicle’s overall appearance. They have a horizontal stitch that is extremely fine and professional. Owing to these features, they fit perfectly into the car, elevating its appearance altogether! 

  1. PVC Trunk Mat (Black)

The PVC Trunk Mat comes in black and costs merely 5000 PKR. Long-term usage or spillage can affect the truck’s floor badly, and this mat comes as a lifesaver in such a situation. It’s easy to install and is one of the most sought-after Honda City accessories.

  1. 7D Diamond Floor Mats (Black With Black Stitch)

Want to change how your car appears from the inside but don’t want to break the bank in the process? Get your hands on the 7D Diamond Floor Mats. These mats are black with black stitches and are extremely elegant and sophisticated in appearance. You can get your hands on them for merely 6500 PKR. 

  1. Carpet Mat (Black)

Again, in black, these mats are pretty long-lasting. All you need to do is to order them from once by paying merely 3500 PKR, and they will last a lifetime! This extremely affordable deal is a steal if you own a Honda City 2021-23. 

Exterior Accessories

Like interior accessories, the exterior ones are also popular amongst car lovers. Some of them are: 

  1. TXR Air Press (With Chrome)

The Honda City TXR Air Press With Chrome 2021-2023 comes with a price tag of 7500 PKR and adds sophistication and elegance to the car. It’s readily available in the stores as well as online! 

  1. TXR Air Press (Without Chrome)

If you want a TXR Air Press without Chrome, choose this option! At the price of 7000 PKR, you can have them attached to the car for an extended time. Its other name is sun visor, a popular choice for car owners. 

  1. Trunk Lower (Chrome)

With merely 4000 PKR, you can get your hands on the trunk lower, which will add some aesthetics to the outer portion of your car. It is made of durable material and is resistant to corrosion. 

  1. Honda City Modulo Trunk Spoiler V1

The Honda City Modulo Trunk Spoiler V1 2021 is an excellent choice for getting some modifications and accessories for the car. With a price tag of around 6500 PKR, it changes the vehicle’s appearance quite extensively. 

  1. Modulo Trunk Spoiler V2

This spoiler is easy to install, and you can do it without professional help. All you would need to pay for it is around 10,500 PKR. It is also one of the most reliable and popular Honda City accessories. 

  1. DRL Fog Lamps Cover

People residing in foggy places get their hands on the fog lamp covers for the longevity of the car lights. Though they are a little expensive, around 10,000 PKR is worth every penny!

Final Thoughts

The Honda City 2021-2021 modification accessories are available nationwide at various auto stores. If you look forward to having them online, you can get them from, which offers the most authentic products.