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12 Emergency Car Essentials: Be Prepared for Any Situation

We want our drives to be as convenient as possible, and to make sure; we install a lot of car accessories to enjoy the utmost comfort. But only a few of us are prepared to deal with any mishap such as injury, accident, car breakdown, natural disaster, bad weather, or the like, as we are not loaded with the essentials. For this reason, we have brought to your notice a quick and comprehensive list of emergency car essentials that don’t act as less than a life savior. Let’s check them out categorically:

Basic Essentials

1. First Aid Kit

Having a First Aid Kit in your car always proves to be beneficial in any urgent need. It contains basic medical essentials like painkillers, band-aids, ointment, scissors, tweezers, distilled water or antiseptic, etc., so in case of an injury or a burn, it can provide immediate treatment to minor hurts and support for major ones if the hospital is far away from the location.

You can also keep a diary with significant numbers or, if you have any chronic disease, your medical report included in the kit for extra safety.

2. Flashlight

The life savior – a flashlight is the ultimate support for doing a lot of tasks in the dark if you have no phone or the battery is dead, e.g., changing the tire, mending a puncture, checking the engine, giving first aid, and searching for something in the car. It can also be used as a signal to seek help from other drivers if stuck in a situation out of your control.

3. Reflective Warning Triangles

If your car has broken down somewhere with heavy traffic or in the middle of the road, Reflective Warning Triangles can significantly help. Made with a combo of metal and plastic, these warning triangles have a highly reflective surface and can be seen easily day and night. Their sole function is to warn other drivers from a distance and prevent any chances of collision or accident.

Tools and Accessories:

4. Jumper Cables

The quickest solution to a dead battery is car jumper cables, which provide the necessary electric supply from another car or a backup functioning battery to make the vehicle able to drive. It is the cheapest way to safely move a broken-down car away from the road without professional aid.

5. Multi-Tool Kit

A collection of all the essential tools like screwdrivers, scissors, pliers, cutters, knives, blades, etc., in one device, a multi-tool kit assists in performing several helpful tasks. The best thing is that this car tool kit is compact, easy to carry, and cost-effective.

6. Tire Repair Kit

A rapid provisional cure to all tire problems, slime tire repair kit contains all the necessary tools to fix leaks or flat tires if no external aid is available. This compact, reliable, and budget-friendly product is also portable and user-friendly. It is undoubtedly a lifesaver when you are stuck in an unknown place and no tire repair shop is nearby.

7. Tire Inflator

A car tire inflator is a vital emergency equipment that momentarily cures a tire puncture or disinflation. Just like first aid, it provides enough air to regain pressure in the tire, curing the wear and saving it from further deterioration, thus giving you time to seek professional assistance. Also, it is a compact, portable, and affordable product.

8. Fire Extinguisher

A car fire extinguisher is a critical tool for the safety of passengers and passersby that must be kept in the car constantly. Immediate usage of a fire extinguisher eliminates any probability of an explosion that could result in material loss and the loss of precious lives.

Provisions and Comfort

9. Non-Perishable Food

Imagine you are stuck in your car at an unpopulated place due to extreme weather, an accident, or any similar casualty, and you have no food to eat as you had not thought such a thing could strike. The situation will be under control if you have non-perishable food for backup in your car, as it will nourish you until help arrives. Dry fruits, nuts, and preserved foods have a good shelf-life and can be kept in the car for long periods.

10. Drinking Water

Keeping a few backup bottles of clean water in the car for hydration is necessary as the need may arise at any moment. Drinkable water can be used not only for the satisfaction of thirst but also for many purposes in emergencies, including dressing wounds, cooling engines, preparing instant meals, etc.

Communication and Navigation

11. Power Banks

Cell phones are essential, and their importance increases multi-fold during emergencies. They are the easiest way of communication, navigation, GPS access, and seeking help, and one cannot afford a dead phone in a crisis. Carrying a charged power bank relieves the stress of charging a dead phone in any urgent situation.

12. Paper Maps

There are always places where the internet and GPS service don’t work, and following the right track becomes uncertain. Your devices can also run out of battery and go dead. Keeping a map back up before taking a long journey ensures safely reaching the destination point without losing track or finding an alternative path in case of blockage, danger, or closure.


Having all the emergency car essentials in the time of need is extremely helpful and relieves a lot of stress during an emergency. They save you a lot of time, effort, and money. You can also make your emergency car essentials kit per your driving area, condition, and requirements for better coping ability.

Additional Tips

Avoid going out unnecessarily if the weather is extreme and can be problematic for your drive. Also, be cautious about regular engine maintenance, battery, fuel level, and Tire health to avoid any misfortune.