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Why Does Your Car Need A Bumper Guard?

We all have that someone with whom we feel safe and protected. That’s because that someone has always saved us from complex and dangerous situations. They have protected us from the worst of storms and have never left our side.

Just like how humans like us need someone we can always rely on, our cars need a knight in shining armour too. Most of the car accessories serve the purpose of keeping it pretty and youthful-looking. We believe that your car can stop the supposedly inevitable ageing process by… Bumper Guards.

What are Bumper Guards?

Kia Sportage Front And Rear Bumper Guard 2019

Bumper Guards are an additional layer or extension which are installed at the front, rear or both sides of the vehicle. They are vertical in shape and are made from either foam, plastic or rubber. Their primary aim is to protect the bumper of your car, as the name suggests.

Benefits of Bumper Guards:

These car accessories have a plethora of uses and functions. Some of them are listed below:

1. Primarily, this item aims to protect your car’s bumper from scratches, scrapes or dents. Especially if you’re a clumsy driver (no judgements) and tend to drive straight into parked vehicles or footpaths, bumper guards are the perfect companion for you. Rather than letting your bumper take the blow, it bears the brunt of the impact and preserves the look of your car.

2. We all are guilty of lightly bumping into another car or a wall while parking. It is difficult to park perfectly without bearing a dent or scratch, right? No, it absolutely isn’t. If you install a bumper guard – one of the best car accessories in Pakistan – you won’t have to worry about ruining the perfectly-splendid look of your car. Even a more impactful bump would be absorbed by it without affecting your exterior.

3. A dented, full of scratches and weary-looking bumper doesn’t exactly scream “I am a new, sophisticated looking car”. Even if the other parts of your car are bright and shiny, a sickly bumper can bring it from a 10 to a 1. This is why your car needs a bumper guard. Apart from keeping it scratchless and flawless, a bumper guard also adds a sharp and athletic look to your car.

4. If, in future, you decide to move on and sell your car, a worn out bumper will lower its resale value by a great margin. By buying a bumper guard, you’ll be able to keep your bumper in good shape and maintain your car’s resale value.

5. It is quite costly to get your bumper repaired every month to keep your car’s look updated. It is better to invest a few extra bucks on a bumper guard and save yourself from going broke every month in an attempt to revive your car’s condition.

6. Lastly, bumper guards can actually save your life. A fender bender usually leaves the drivers of both the cars rattled or worse, injured. On the other hand, a bumper guard absorbs the sudden impact caused from an accident and reduces the chances of injuries by a great extent.


Bumper guards are the best investment for your car. They can save a lot of money for you in the future and make your car look new even after several years. You can buy them for your respective car and other car accessories online from Autostore. Follow the link and shop your heart away!