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Why are Door Visors and Airpress the Hottest Accessories in Karachi?

blankHere’s your daily dose of fun facts: Karachi is known to be assailed by strong winds for a duration of 5.1 months throughout the year. Apart from this, the city also boasts a long rainy period of 2.7 months from June to September. This year, rainfall unexpectedly broke the records and became a nuisance instead of a blessing.

Owing to these weather conditions, Karachiites have become more mindful of the precautionary measures to take to avoid any hassle. Some of these measures take the form of car accessories in Pakistan for the vehicles. We, as Karachiites, can protect our vehicles and ensure a safe driving experience by the installation of… Airpress and Door Visors.

These blessings-in-disguise vow to combat the violent winds and vicious downpours. They are multi-functional, efficient and a great way to style your car. Let’s learn more about the hottest car accessories and why you should grab a hold of them straight away!

What Are Door Visors and Airpress?

Both Airpress and Door Visors tend to fall under the same category. They are dark-coloured extensions installed on the top of the window frame of a car. Most of them are made from acrylic glass. Usually, they are tinted from the outside to minimize the glare of sunlight. This allows the driver to smoothly zoom down the road, without getting blinded by the sun.

Benefits of Door Visors and Airpress:

These essentials serve many purposes. Here are some of the ways in which they can make your life 10 times easier:

Firstly, they are quite easy to install, since they are customized to fit the shape of any car’s window. You can find a variety of these car accessories online, according to your car’s model.

Secondly, just like dogs, they are easy to bathe (and clean) which makes the maintenance process a piece of cake.

Moreover, these particular accessories also go by the name of wind deflectors and rain guards. Many of you might be fans of the rain like us. The misty breeze and the crisp, sweet scent take you down a nostalgic lane and wash all of your problems away. However, it is impossible to take in the atmosphere without getting your seats wet and your clothes spoiled. This is when this pair comes to the rescue. They guard your car from the rain droplets and let the cool air come in too.

In addition, they enhance the aerodynamics of the car and ultimately preserve its life as well as increase fuel efficiency. They also give a spectacular and sleek look to your car.

You can also maintain your privacy and save yourself from the heat by rolling your tinted windows down and letting the air come in. The airpress will then compensate for the slightly-opened windows.

Lastly, the reason why they are also known as wind deflectors is because they reduce the noise produced by the winds when the car is driving at a high speed. This allows you to enjoy the ride in peace.

Wrapping it up

Considering all the benefits and ease which come with door visors and airpress, it is not surprising that they are the most sought-after car accessories in Pakistan. In a nutshell, they prevent steam, heat, sunlight glare and window fog from spoiling your driving experience. No wonder they have not one, but four different names!