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What to expect from the 2020 Toyota Hilux facelift?

Toyota is making a lot of effort into its new car models. Now the company has launched the facelift of the most famous vehicle, and that is Toyota Hilux. Everything in the new model is modified and enhanced. Online auto stores also have the Revo facelift kits, which they are selling at a very reasonable price, and you can get it at your home. Now you can also upgrade the old models with new Hilux facelift kits.

Design of the car:

Toyota Hilux facelift has the most luxurious and elegant interior and exterior with an enhanced cabin tech. The seats are very comfortable, and you can relax while on long drives. These vehicles are for those who love to travel long. The comfort level of the car will surely impress you. The interior is elegantly designed with the hand relaxing seats. In front, an LED of 8 inches (ca. 20 cm) is attached for tracking the right way, and also you can listen to songs on that. You can use that for navigation through satellites.

The exterior has a new design with radiator grills and bumper. LED lamps of the car are redesigned, and so are the backlights. New lights will surely grab the attention of the car lovers.

Tires of the car:

Tires of the car have alloy rim, which is the need of modern time. The tires are heavy duty and are durable. The size of the alloy wheel is around 18 inches (ca. 46 cm). The finish of the wheels is of Bronze metallic, which looks just perfect with the alloy wheels. It will give a smooth grip on the road. These wheels will be a perfect partner for you on the road. Even in the bad weather, the car will run correctly with these tires.

Underhood features of the vehicle:

Toyota Hilux facelift has a powerful turbocharged four-cylinder 2.8 liter engine. It gives a torque of 500 Nm and 201 bhp. In ten seconds, you will get a 0-60 mph (ca. 97 km/h) speed, which means that it is 3.2 seconds faster than the old car version.

Gear Box:

Well, it depends on you that you want an automatic facelift or a manual one. Revo facelift is available in both the options, and you can have six-speed with both of the gearboxes. Also, it is a four-wheel vehicle that will give you a smooth drive in the hilly areas.

Other features:

Other features of the vehicle are Keyless entry and keyless start, the sensor for parking, an air-conditioning system which will be automatic, and a strong stereo system with nine speakers. It means it is not just a vehicle on which you travel long, but it is also one of the powerful vehicles that will make your trip worthwhile.

It has one of the top variants called Invincible X. The new variant has modern handles for doors, flared arched wheels that will redesign your taste for sure. These models are available in two colors, black metallic and chrome trim. It has seats of leather, which means these are durable seats. 

So even if you plan to skip purchasing facelift model from Toyota, you can upgrade your current one with complete aftermarket facelift kit. Checkout here for Toyota Hilux facelift kit & accessories