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Upcoming MG GT Vs. Toyota Yaris Vs. Honda City – Comparison

The number of choices available to car enthusiasts while buying a new vehicle in Pakistan is overwhelming. The features and specifications of each of these cars are so impressive that purchasing a new automobile becomes quite confusing. One is bound to be indecisive and unsure which one to opt for. The three most sought-after cars in Pakistan are MG GT, Toyota Yaris, and Honda City. Suppose you plan to buy a new car and wonder which one is better amongst Suzuki Swift Vs. Toyota Yaris, here is a complete comparison.

Exterior Styling and Features

The exterior styling of a car matters quite a lot. It decides whether someone would be attracted to it or not. It includes the quality of the wheels, the superiority of the exterior design, and the sophistication of the lights. New age cars ensure to come up with the highest level of innovation when designing the exterior. These three cars have varied exterior styles, which sets them all apart from each other.

Toyota Yaris

The exterior of the Toyota Yaris is bold, which sets it apart from others. It has a solid build that is sturdy enough to bear solid jolts and bumps. The 4-beam halogen with four fog lights makes sure that even on a densely foggy night, you don’t find driving comfortable. The 5-inch alloy rims are pretty stylish and give the vehicle a chic appearance. This car comes with a key-less smart entry, ensuring that moving in and out of it is not a hassle.

Honda City

Like Toyota Yaris, the Honda City also comes with a super-stylish exterior. The honeycomb grille right in the front of this car makes it distinctive on the road. Apart from this, the dual barrel headlamps, coupled with the LED daytime lights, give a stylish appearance to the vehicle. In the 1.2 LS variant of this car, the micro-pole antenna further adds to the beauty and elegance. To further enhance its looks, you can get Car Exterior Accessories from any Autostore and make your vehicle appear different from others,


The MG GT has a different appearance compared to the two competitors. The headlights of this car are its distinct feature, which merge with the dynamic lines, giving the vehicle a chic appearance. The wheels are 17 inches and bicolor, offering something different to car lovers. The Floor Mats and Car Seat Covers are highly stylish.

Interior Styling and Features

Just like the exterior features, the interior of the car also matters quite a lot when buying one. Here is a comparison of the interior styling and parts of the three vehicles:

Toyota Yaris

In terms of comfort and ease, Toyota Yaris offers the ultimate luxury level. It makes sitting for long hours relatively easy for all the passengers. The seating is for five people, and you can fold back the rear seat. The options of power windows, chrome door handle, and leather-wrapped steering wheel makes this car a must-have. If you need to, you can further opt for some Car Modification as per your wishes.

Honda City

The interior of Honda city is exceptionally well designed, and each nook and corner of it is managed wisely. Everything is class-apart, from the driver’s seat height adjuster to the multifunction steering wheel and the intelligent key system to the 3-ring connector. As soon as one sits in it, he feels luxury exuding from each part of this car. The Accessory Charging Ports let all the passengers charge their phones quickly. The Trunk Light for Cargo Area ensures to light the truck and manage the bags quite easily.


The leather used in this car is of top-notch quality, ensuring that passengers sitting on it are always comfortable, no matter what the weather may be. Furthermore, the front seats are entirely ventilated, and there is a massage function. Apart from this, the dual-zone air conditioning always keeps the car’s temperature regular.

Dimension and Weights Comparison

The dimensions and weights of these three cars are also important considerations for buying one of them. The Toyota Yaris is 3940 mm long and 1745 mm wide, while its height is 1500 mm. As far as its weight is concerned, it is around 1125 kg. The Honda City has a length of 4549 mm and a width of 1748 mm. Therefore, its weight is 1107-1153 Kg. On the other hand, the MG GT comes with a length of 4,612 mm, a width of 1,855 mm, and around 1,488 mm. Therefore, it weighs approximately 1,473–1,539 k.


All these three cars offer a different level of performance to the drivers. The performance comparison is as follows:

Toyota Yaris

The best feature of this car is the Lane Departure Alert, which gives clear markings of the lanes and makes driving a lot easier. With the help of Automatic High Beam, you can see even at night. In addition, it is a fuel-friendly car with exceptional mileage.

Honda City

The Anti-Lock Brake System and Anti-Theft Security Alarm make this car safer and more protected for the car owner. Further notable features that make this car’s performance quite exceptional include High-Speed Alert, Rear Parking Sensors, and Cruise Control.


The performance of MG GT is quite impressive. Moreover, many of its features make it a reliable option to opt for. For instance, the electric braking system, Tire pressure monitoring system,  118 horsepower engine, maximum torque of 250 Nm, and 1.5-cylinder turbo engine.

Expected Prices and Verdict

The expected price of Toyota Yaris is from PKR 30.4 – 36.6 lacs and the Honda City prices range from PKR 2,729,000 to PKR 3,369,000. As far as MG GT is concerned, its price is expected to go from 30,59,299 to 33,53,599 PKR. All these three auto vehicles come with varied features and specifications. Therefore, all three are expected to have a wide range of customers based in Pakistan.