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Top 10 Car Accessories for Women in Pakistan

In the modern and fast era of the twenty-first century, the car has become a basic need for every person. There was a time in Pakistan when driving a car was considered a task for men only. But with time, women have proved that statement wrong by coming shoulder to shoulder in the field along with men and have cleared that they can do it as efficiently as they take care of all the household. The increasing number of growing car companies in Pakistan is a clear sign that not only men but women of all ages are also taking immense interest in cars, car driving, and car accessories for women

Just like women have their unique taste in car design, color, model, and structure, which is considerably different from men, they want unique and personalized car accessories that look elegant and ensure a comfortable and pleasant driving experience. Keeping that in view, we are sharing here the Top 10 Car Accessories that every woman in Pakistan should have in her car!

Car Fragrances


car fragrance women


Climatically, Pakistan is a country that mainly has warm weather the whole year. In such conditions, driving becomes challenging due to the scorching rays of the sun and sweating caused by continuous driving, especially when you are taking a long journey. Plus, you drive past some places that do not smell so good and can also ruin your drive and mood. 

We can’t control the weather, places, or roads we move through, but we can surely make our car inside pleasant by installing a car air freshener in the car. As women like more sweet, rosy, and sickly fragrances, there are a lot of car perfumes in the market that meet this demand. Available in both gel and liquid form, a car air freshener is a must-have among all the other car accessories. These car fragrances freshen the air and enhance the car’s beauty as they come in exquisite shapes and designs. 

Mobile Holder


mobile holder women


Mobile phones have become part and parcel of every women’s daily life. Whether you are a working woman going to duty or a housewife out completing everyday chores, you need to get in touch with your family, friends, or co-workers via email, phone calls, or messages to keep yourself updated with the related affairs to them all. This task becomes a bit tough while driving as you have to hold the steering wheel and mobile at the same time, which can also be dangerous. Therefore, having a mobile holder in your car is very important.

You can put your phone on the mobile holder before driving and enjoy a tension-free drive without missing any important notifications. Many kinds of mobile holders are available, e.g., Magnet 360° Rotatable, and Flexible mobile holders, which are easy to use and budget-friendly. It is undoubtedly one of the most important mobile accessories every woman must have in her car. 

Mobile Charger


car mobile charger for women


Suppose you leave hastily in your car, and after driving for a while, you check your phone, and BOOM! The phone is running low on battery. What would you do next? Well, you won’t be worried about it if you have a Car Mobile Charger. You can connect your cell phone to the car mobile charger via a USB cable, and your phone will be charging while you move ahead to your destination. There are also Wireless Car Mobile Chargers available on the market now. You can opt for anyone as per your need and convenience. 

Car Back Seat Organizer


women car backseat organizer


The car Back Seat Organizer is also an essential car accessory for women of all ages. Whether you are going to picnic with your family and friends or on your way to a business meeting, this car back seat organizer will be very helpful throughout the journey. You can keep a water bottle, towel, t-shirt, sunglasses, cell phone, wallet, sunblock, etc., safely in it. This car organizer is not less than a blessing if you are traveling with kids, as it can contain all the necessary little things without occupying much space! If you have not already bought a car back seat organizer, what are you waiting for?! Hurry up! Buy yourself one and make your driving easier and carefree!

Steering Wheel Covers


women steering wheel covers


While driving, it’s also necessary to protect your hands. Here steering wheel covers come into action. Their soft textured surface protects your hands while driving and adds a classy look to your car. There is a wide variety of shapes and colors to choose from, so you can easily opt for the one that best matches your taste and the car’s interior. 

Slime Tyre Sealant


slime car tire sealant


Nobody likes flat tires when it comes to driving. Mending a puncture is a lethargic process, especially for women but no worries if you have Slime Tyre Sealant. It will make the task much easier. The fibers in the tire sealant allow it to fill the hole in the punctured tire instantly, accelerating the repair process. The sealant not only mends the puncture but also mitigates the chances of further punctures, resulting in increased tire longevity. If you want your car tires to function well for a long time, you should apply Slime Tyre Sealant to all your four car tires every 2-3 months. This is indeed a crucial car accessory for Pakistani women drivers! 

Slime All-Purpose Tyre Inflator 12V


slime 12v car air compressor


Car driving is not always a pleasant experience in Pakistan. The unwell condition of roads not only makes driving difficult but also a continuous threat of getting a tire punctured. Plus, there is no guarantee that you will find a puncture shop nearby. Mending a tire on your ears sounds strange and almost impossible if you are a lady, but it won’t remain so if you have Slime All-Purpose Tyre Inflator in your car. It does not occupy too much space and inflates a standard car tire in 8 minutes. This All-Purpose Tyre Inflator comes with two air hoses, a high-pressure hose for tires, and a high-volume hose for rafts and mattresses, perfect to carry for your camping trip. Bright LED Light makes it easier to inflate the tire in low light conditions and at night. Moreover, it has a built-in 0-100 PSI dial gauge for checking tire pressure quickly and easily.

HD DVR with Parking Sensors & Rear Camera


HD DVR front and back camera


Suppose you own an expensive car and are always worried about its safety while driving and parking; this High Definition Driving Video Recording Camera Parking System is a device you must have. This is a high-quality standalone Car DVR with an HD video recording of the drive. In addition, it comes with a rearview camera that allows you to keep an eye on other vehicles on the road, lessening the chance of any accident. Parking sensors are also part of a package that helps the drivers easily park their cars without touching or scratching the car’s exterior to any plants, signboards, or other cars. 

Seat Belt Covers


women car seat belt covers


Seat Belt Covers are helpful car accessories if you are going on a long journey. We all know that it is important to tie your seat belt while driving to ensure your safety. But if you have been traveling for too long, it becomes wearisome to be tied with a belt as it starts irritating the skin. So here, the job of seat belt covers begins. These soft and foamy covers conceal the hard and harsh leather belt, thus making you feel comfortable and have a smooth, pleasant drive. Moreover, they add a decorative factor to your car as they are customizable and have a wide range to fit your car’s interior.

Car Seat Gap Filler with 2 USB Ports


interior car seat gap filler


Ever happened to you when you were sitting in your car, and your keys or phone dropped into the car seat gap, and then you struggled to pick it up? Well, it wouldn’t have happened if you had installed a Car Seat Gap Filler in your car. These fillers efficiently block up the gap and have small pockets or sections within to organize small stuff. In addition, they come with two or more USB Ports. So if you are the lady who often forgets to charge her mobile phone or laptop due to a busy schedule, this will be bliss! 

The Bottom Line

So, we shared with you the Top 10 Car Accessories for women who drives in Pakistan should have in her car. We hope this list of mentioned things will guide you properly about all the necessary things your car should be equipped with. Have a safe drive!