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Perks and Downsides Of Getting A Revo Facelift

Facelift. You may have heard this word being used interchangeably for both a surgical procedure and tech upgrades for a car. Just like how a surgical facelift smoothes the wrinkles away for a youthful look, a car facelift revamps the car’s design.

Alterations like a new trim, some wheels, bumpers, grilles and an improved infotainment system – all fall under the category of facelifts. It can be minor changes or it can be major upgrades – it all depends on how you wish to transform your plain car into a dream car.

What’s New In The 2020 Toyota Hilux Revo Facelift?

blankThere are some spectacular and exciting upgrades in the latest Revo facelift. The headlights have a bolder and more contemporary look. Also, the bumper brings the exterior design to the next level by sporting two fog-lights along with a bigger grille.

On the rear side, a new design of tail lights with C-shaped LEDs sharpens the entire look of the car. Moreover, the addition of a revamped infotainment system and upholstery provides a great incentive to whoever chooses to get a facelift Revo.

Minor yet transforming alterations in Toyota facelift like a sports bar, new design alloy wheels and white letters tires have the power to bring back the charm of your once dream car.

Perks Of An Automobile Facelift:

By now, you must already be all set to go out and get a car facelift. Let’s now convince the practical side of your personality. Here are some solid reasons why you should transform your car:

  1. A facelift is a great way to change your car without actually changing it. If you are tired by the worn-out or outdated look of your car but are skeptical of buying a new one, getting a facelift is the perfect solution. You can simply upgrade your car to your dream model without selling your kidney for a new one!
  2. It is way less expensive to get a facelift, instead of going out and buying a new model. For example, if you want to transform your Toyota Hilux Vigo to Toyota Hilux Revo, you can easily get it done at Autostore. What’s more, the facelift cost in Pakistan is just Rs. 135,000/-, which is around 30 times cheaper than buying an actual Revo!
  3. You get more options for customization. Rather than making do with your old car model, you can customize its look by maybe changing its bumper, replacing its grille with a bigger one or making your car vibrant with angular headlights. This allows you to personalize your car according to your taste.
  4. A facelifted car has a better resale value. Imagine that you want to buy a car. You have two options: The first car is an old model with outdated features and an unappealing exterior. The second one is essentially the old model but resembles the new model of Revo due to the facelift. It has a more dashing look and you fall in love at first sight. Which one would you pay more money for? Obviously, the second car. This is how your chances of selling your facelifted car in the future become better, that too at a more profitable value!

Downsides Of An Automobile Facelift:

Nevertheless, nothing in this world is perfect. Even the prettiest little things have some cons. Similarly, getting a facelift has a few disadvantages:

  1. There is a major difference in quality. Obviously, a new model of Revo would have many new features and specifications as compared to transforming your old model via a facelift. Moreover, since a new Revo model is manufactured in the company and a facelift is local, differences in quality are pretty evident.
  2. Paradoxically, some people believe that a facelifted car has a lesser resale value. This is because people who prefer simple, originally-designed cars over facelifted ones might not buy your car or might be willing to pay lesser than your expected value.


Even though there are a few cons regarding facelifts; nevertheless, the advantages are greater in quality and quantity. In a nutshell, it all depends on your taste and style. If you are a fan of the latest models but also wish to stay in your budget, facelifts are the best way to make your dreams come true.