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Are DRLs As Controversial As People Make Them Out To Be?

You may have come across some insistent and know-it-all people while you are out shopping for car accessories in Pakistan. From buying a bumper guard to a steering wheel cover, every purchase becomes a complex mathematical word problem when one person encourages you to buy the said item, whereas the other strongly condemns it.

However, you would have faced the most difficulty while buying DRLs for your car. It was and still is the hottest yet the most controversial topic for car enthusiasts. Many people side with the importance of installing DRLs on your car. Simultaneously, many tell horror stories regarding how the use of DRLs can take your life (and you know they’re being a tad dramatic).

Well, we’re here to clarify all of the myths. We will enlighten you with solid facts regarding the pros and cons of adding DRLs to your list for car accessories online shopping.

What are DRLs?

Daytime Running Lights or DRLs are dim lights which are located at the front side of a car. They serve the purpose of increasing your car’s visibility to the other drivers during daytime, hence reducing the chances of accidents. They switch on automatically along with your engine.


Firstly, DRLs provide a great safety feature for daytime trips. Sometimes, a heavy pour or a foggy atmosphere can obscure the vision of other drivers. For that kind of situation, DRLs come to the rescue. As compared to headlights, they are dimmer and only make your car visible to an approaching vehicle. Their dimness, thus, does not compensate for a headlight as they don’t illuminate the path ahead.

Secondly, since DRLs are usually made from LED and are not very bright, they consume less fuel and energy. Instead of switching on your low beams on a rainy day and ending up with an empty tank in no time, you can save up on a lot by using DRLs.

Lastly, DRLs are a great way to add some style and sophistication to your car. An extra pair of lights can always change the entire look and vibe. By coming in different designs and sizes, you can choose those which suit your personality. This will also add a personal touch to your car.


Firstly, people tend to be forgetful about switching on their headlights once they install DRL. Why is that so? It’s because the minute they start their engine, the DRL switches on. Even though it is quite dim, it gives an illusion of a headlight switching on when you notice that the road is slightly illuminated. This can be pretty dangerous because the chances of accidents increase drastically when the headlights are off at night.

Secondly, many people believe that DRLs overpower the other lights, specifically the indicator lights. This diverts the attention of an incoming vehicle which is approaching you on a two-way lane. This can, again, lead to misunderstandings and ultimately, crashes.

Lastly, some DRLs are eye-catching and visually dominant. This can distract many drivers and pedestrians, making this feature a safety hazard for the people on the road.


So, all in all, the advantages and disadvantages can be narrowed down to an equal quantity. On one hand, DRLs can save you from many unwanted situations, whereas on the other, they can put you in them too. So, it all depends on how you use this accessory. If you cautiously drive your car, never forget to switch your headlights on and be aware of all possible hazards, then DRLs can be of great use to you! Just a friendly tip, buy your car accessories online from now on – you’ll be saved from a lot of judgmental comments.

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