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New Gen Honda Cars a Success or a Disappointment?

Honda has been a renowned name in the automobile industry for quite a while now. It’s been trusted by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. The new gen Honda cars have taken over the market with a rave. It’s the talk of the town and everyone wants to learn more about them. There are thousands of Honda car reviews online but can one trust everything on the internet about them? Well, sadly no. But we can solve this problem for you by talking about the new gen of Honda cars in detail here. So we can have a look at all their pros and cons and it can become easier for you to decide which option suits you the best and which one doesn’t.

We are categorizing the new gen Honda cars in two categories Sedans and SUVs


Honda accord

When it comes to sedans, the Honda Accord is one of the most popular cars. It is basically a midsized sedan with a shape and body that is made to provide comfort and luxury. It has a variety of safety features that can make your drive not only comfortable but also safer on the road. Its elegant exterior comes with beautiful sun and moon roof, fog lights, and alloy rims which add up to its overall look. It’s a 1500cc car with automatic transmission and a maximum speed of 180 km/h. its price is PKR. 11,999,000.

Honda civic

The new Honda civic has a stunning exterior with amazing strokes and curves. It also sports a front trapezium grill that adds up to its personality. Its interior is loaded with high-tech and high-quality car interior accessories that make the drive more comfortable for all. This car offers three variants 1.8 i VTEC CVT, oriel 1.8 i VTEC, CVT 1.5 RS turbo. It can give to a fuel average of 10-15 km/l. its parts are easily available and can be found in local autostore. Its price ranges from PKR 3,900,000 to PKR 5,000,000.

Honda city

Honda city is the most economical of all the Honda sedans. Its offered in 5 variants, 1.2 l M/T, 1.2 L CVT, 1.5L CVT, 1.5L ASPIRE M/T, 1.5L ASPIRE CVT. Its exterior includes bold side stokes and a honeycomb grille that gives it a new stylish look. When it comes to the interior it’s loaded with Honda car accessories. Another thing that’s great about the new Honda City is its spaciousness. It can give you a mileage of 17 km/l to 24 km/l which is quite good. Its price varies from PKR 2,729000-PKR 3369000.


Honda BR-V

Honda BRV is a sub-compact SUV that can easily seat seven passengers. It’s the ultimate family car that comes at a very economical price. It has a sporty exterior with stylish grills, sleek headlights, and various color options. It comes in three variants i-VTEC, i-VTEC MT, i-VTEC S. its cabin is very spacious as well as comfortable and luxurious. Its parts are easily available and its car accessories like car mats, etc. can be bought from local auto stores and dealerships easily. Its price starts from PKR. 3,600,000.

Honda CR-V

The exterior of the Honda CR-V with its angular curves and sharp side strokes screams the traditional Honda style. It’s an SUV that has style, comfort, and luxury. Its daytime running LED is also another prominent feature of its exterior. Its interior is loaded with all high-tech gadgetries and climate control systems. It comes in a 2.0 l CVT variant only and has a millage of around 10-12 km/l. its price is PKR 10,700,000.

Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel has four variants. Out of these four three are hybrid. The exterior of Vezel flashes a sport look with a sleek front grille and side-swept lights. Digital speedometer, 9-inch infotainment system and push start option are some of the many features of its extraordinary interior. it has a 1.5l engine. It provides three driving modes normal mode, sport mode, and ECON mode. The maintenance of the Honda vezel is pretty expensive that is one of its backdrops.

Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V stands for Hi-rider revolutionary vehicle. It’s quite similar to Honda vezel with some minor changes. It’s non-hybrid with a 1.5l engine. its interior is beautiful and designed to provide every comfort and safety to its passengers. Its touch climate control system, multi-control steering wheel, and power seats are some of the highlights of its interior. Available in eight extraordinary colors this car definitely ooze style and luxury. Its body is made up of a fraction of ultra-high-strength steel which makes its exterior stand out and bears the harsh condition for the long run. The only con of this car is that it’s not available in a hybrid version in the town.

Wrap up

Here was a comprehensive discussion on all the new gen Honda Sedans and SUVs. Every one of them has many pros and also some cons but we are sure that the discussion above can help you effectively choose the right option that suits you the best. Also, it can help you in creating a good comparison between different brands available in the market.