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LED vs Halogen Bulb Headlights – Which will Reign The Streets at Night?

The headlight is an important component of your vehicle. Bright, wide-angle headlights are essential for driving safely. If you mostly travel at night, you should make the right decision about your headlight bulbs to avoid accidents. LED Headlights vs halogen bulb headlights is a hot topic for a few years. Halogen bulbs are way older and widely used bulbs all over the world for many decades. On the other hand, Led bulbs are modern bulbs and are attracting manufacturers and customers. In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about Led bulbs and Halogen bulbs.

What are Halogen bulbs and how do they work? 

A halogen bulb is an incandescent bulb in which tungsten filaments are enclosed in a quartz capsule that is filled with halogen gas. 

The halogen bulb works when the electric current from the socket reaches the filament and heats it to incandescence. Halogen gas in the capsule is used to enhance the brightness of the bulb. 

What are LED bulbs and how do they work? 

LED is the short form for “Light Emitting Diode”. Led bulbs use semiconductors (diodes) for the production of light. When electric current passes through a diode, it produces photons through the principle of electroluminescence. They don’t use gases. 

LED bulb vs Halogen bulb, Which is better?

  • Brightness and Coverage

Led bulbs produce bright white light in contrast to halogen bulbs that produce a small pool of yellow light right in front of the car. Due to the bright white light, it is easy for you to look at the signboards at night. LED bulbs provide full coverage and a wide spectrum due to which you can get an ample look at the road ahead of you. LED headlights are recommended for drivers who mostly drive in dim light, in rain, in foggy environments, or drive at night. 

  • Energy Consumption

Halogen bulb Headlights consume more energy than LED bulb headlights. LED bulbs are easy on your vehicle as they consume a very small portion of your fuel and they will help in keeping your battery healthy. 

  • Lifetime

The life of a halogen bulb is 2,000 hours and the life of an LED bulb is 25,000 hours. This is a huge difference. You can get a clue from this about how many times you have to replace a halogen bulb in contrast to an LED bulb. 

  • Expense

LED bulbs are way more expensive than regular halogen bulbs. Without any doubt halogen bulbs are pocket-friendly but comparing the life of both types, Halogen bulbs require more replacements than LED bulbs. You should consider your vehicle type, your driving hours, and your driving environment before choosing between the two.