Honda Increased Car Prices Just Before Eid

Honda Prices in Pakistan
Honda undoubtedly is a trusted name in the automobile industry, and it has millions of happy users around the globe. But with, the recent inflation has surged the Honda car prices in Pakistan just before Eid.
This news might not be pleasant for the many, especially those planning to buy a Honda car soon. But what’s done is done, so let’s move on and not miss any updates in Honda car prices. So planning on buying the right car can be easier for you.
Honda offers many car brands, but three of these brands are super famous in Pakistan. These brands are Honda City, Honda Civic, and Honda Br-V. Today, here, we will talk about the specifications of these cars, what they have to offer, and the recent surge in Honda car prices. So let us get started.

Honda City Car Prices

Honda City’s new model was launched in the second half of the previous year. Since the launch of its latest model, its prices have been pretty turbulent. Its costs were recently increased just before Eid. Honda city comes in five different variants. The cost of new variants are:

1.2L manual transition and petrol engine variant
  • is for Rs. 3.264 million
1.2L automatic transition and petrol engine
  • the variant is for Rs. 3.3 million
  • 1.5L CVT variant comes in Rs. 3.589 million
1.5L Aspire top variant manual transition is for
  • Rs. 3.729 million
1.5L Aspire automatic transition is for Rs.
  • 3.729 million

Honda City Specifications

Honda’s new model came with many upgrades and took the automobile industry with rave. Let’s take a look at some of its distinguished specifications and see what this car has to offer:


Let’s talk about the engine first. All the new Honda City variants have a four-cylinder, sixteen valves, i-vetch, and four-stroke engine. 1.2 L variants have a 1199cc engine and produce 110/4800 torque. At the same time, 1.5L variants have a 1499cc engine and produce 145/4600 torque.

Fuel economy:

It has a fuel capacity of 40 liters, and its fuel efficiency ranges from 17km/L to 24km/L.


The contours of the new Honda city have a certain panache. Its bold aerodynamic shape makes it one of its kind. The new Honda city became immensely popular among Pakistani car enthusiasts with beautiful side swept headlights and honeycomb grille.


The new cabin shape of Honda city is quite spacious and can easily seat five passengers. Moreover, its telescopic steering wheel comes with many control switches. Also, it comes equipped with 7” LCD multimedia.

Safety features:

The most outstanding safety features of Honda city include the ABS braking system. Front airbags and electronic brake distribution system. Other safety features include rear parking sensors, rear camera, central locking, etc.

Honda Civic Prices

The new model of Honda Civic was launched on 5th March 2022. It already comes with a hefty price tag, but still, its price has recently increased. It’s often compared with Toyota car prices. Honda Civic comes in three diffraction variants. The new prices of Honda Civic variants are stated below:

The standard 1500cc, petrol, and automatic
  • transitions variant is for Rs. 5.54 million
Oriel 1500cc automatic variant comes in Rs.
  • 5.799 million
The top variant RS with a 1500cc engine and
  • automatic transitions comes in Rs. 6.649 million

Honda Civic Specifications

Car enthusiasts around the country highly anticipated the brand new model of Honda Civic. And even after its launch, this car is all everyone is talking about. So, let’s look at all its specifications and see what is special about this car.


The standard and orient variants are both cones with the automatic transition. It has a VTC and VTECH engine with a displacement of 1498cc that produces 180/4500 Nm torque.

Fuel efficiency

The furl efficiency of the new Honda civic variant varies from 11-14 km/L


The new Honda Civic is all about class and style. It has an extraordinary aerodynamic shape and sports a stylish front grille that enhances its style quotient. It also has daytime running lights and electrically adjustable side mirrors with indicators. In addition, the top variant includes a panoramic sunroof and fog lights.


Honda Civic interior is equipped with all high-tech car accessories that speak luxury and comfort. Its cabin is super spacious and roomy with a telescopic steering wheel.


Latest Honda Civic is loaded with all modern car safety features. It has an ABS braking system with an electronic brake-force distribution. It is also equipped with amazing safety features like traction control, hill start assist, driver attention monitor, auto-door lock, emergency
stop signal, etc.

Honda Br-V Prices

Honda Br-V is a compact SUV and is extremely popular among those who like an SUV that is also light on the pocket. But Honda increased the price of Br-V this Eid season. Here is the new cost of the Honda Br-V:
The new price of Honda Br-V i-V Tech-s, petrol engine, and the automatic transition is Rs. 4.29 million.

Honda BR-V Specifications

Honda Br-V is quite a popular car in Pakistan. It’s trendy among SUV enthusiasts who don’t like the hefty price tags usually attached to the SUVs. Here are some fantastic specifications this car has to offer


Br-V is a subcompact crossover SUV. It’s a 1497cc petrol engine car with an automatic transition.

Fuel efficiency

The fuel efficiency of the Honda BR-V varies from 11-15 km/L


The exterior of Br-V speaks of luxury and sleekness. Honda Br-V front grille adds up a classy element to its overall look. Its equipped with daytime running lights with electrically retractable side mirrors. Honda Br-V auto-projector headlamps and beautiful LED tail lamps make it super classy.


The interior of the Honda Br-V is super spacious and can easily seat seven people. Its also comfortable and luxurious, equipped with all modern car interior accessories. Its powered steering is adjustable and has auto control switches. The new Br-V also offers push start and keyless entry.


Br-V has good safety features, which makes its drive smooth and safe. Br-V is equipped with front airbags and fog lamps. It also has an anti-lock braking system and standard electronic brake distribution. Review camera and immobilizer also add up to its safety.

Terms and Conditions

Honda has increased the prices of civic, city, and Br-V on 1st May 2022. The new price of these cars will be applicable according to the following terms and conditions.
The updated prices of Honda Civic, city, and
  • BR-V will be applicable for all the new orders after 1st May 2022.
If the customers who have booked Honda city or
Br-V before 30th April 2022 want to avail of the previous prices of these cars,
  • they have to make complete payment before 30th June 2022.

Final Words

That was all about the surge in Honda car prices, the updated prices, and the most prominent features these cars offer. Hopefully, this can help you decide which car suits your needs and budget better.