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HID Lights vs LED Lights – Car Headlights

As responsible car owners, we tend to splurge on all accessories. We carefully choose the right gadgets. We make sure that they reflect our personalities. We don’t even mind emptying our pockets in the process. However, we end up neglecting one very important feature: Headlights. Since they come preinstalled, we barely give them any attention. 

Contrarily, choosing the perfect car headlights is just as essential. Why? Because buying the right ones can transform your car’s life. 

Primarily, there are two types available: LED and HID lights. Let’s find out how they differ from each other. 

What are HID Lights? 

High-Intensity Discharge Lights have a blue-ish hue. In technical terms, there are two electrodes. The encasing is filled with metal salt and xenon gas. Through high voltage, an electrical current is generated. The light then emitted is blindingly bright (and hot). 

What are LED Lights:

Light-Emitting Diode Lights have a microchip instead. The bulbs work by transferring electrical current via the semiconductor. This process creates and emits protons. This results in an illumination that covers a greater distance and emits less heat. 

Difference between HID and LED Lights:

  • Warm-Up Time: 

HID headlights work like your infamous tube light. They take a second to warm up before flickering to life. This is because the metal salts take their sweet time in responding. 

Whereas LED headlights have a nonexistent warm-up time. Their response time is quick and efficient. Since photons generate light, the absence of heat eliminates the need for warm-up. 

  • Life Expectancy:

HIDs have a short life expectancy. This is because the electrodes can wear out over time. The heat emitted in the process also reduces longevity. These bulbs can last for around 5,000 hours. 

Nevertheless, LEDs have a longer life expectancy. This is due to the absence of parts that could wear over time. The lack of heat emitted results in the bulbs lasting for 100,000 hours! 

  • Cost:

The cost of HID car headlights is relatively easier on the pocket. However, the expenses of repairing and replacement can burn a hole in your pocket. This is because HIDs live short and unpredictable lives. 

Nonetheless, an LED car headlight is an expensive investment. That investment is one-time. These bulbs live a very long life and do not require any repairing. Hence, in the long run, they prove to be cheaper. 

  • Efficiency:

HIDs are efficient and produce a bright illumination initially. However, with time, the light turns dimmer and soon stops working. This is because the amount of voltage required increases exponentially. 

LEDs are super-efficient and use less energy. The light emitted is of supreme quality and can illuminate a greater area. The best part is that they don’t stop working randomly! 


So, we believe LEDs are most suited for your car in the long run. Nevertheless, HIDs are still better than the other alternatives in the market.