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5 Tips to Get Rid of Bad Car Interior Smell

Do your car’s bad car interior smell and pungent odor disgust you when you enter your vehicle? Do you resent getting in your car because of this odor? Well, then, you have come to the right place.

Before we look at the solutions, let us understand what causes this lousy car interior smell in the first place.

Perhaps you had spilled food or dropped crumbs everywhere when you ate in your car, leading to a terrible car smell. Do you have a pet? If yes, the answer to why your car smells terrible is right in front of you – pet hair. Moreover, the smell could also come from the mold collected on the floor carpets. Therefore, interior car care is critical to remove the awful smell from your vehicle.

Using these 5 tips and tricks below, you will have your car smelling as fresh as new in no time!

Use Air Fresheners


using car air freshener for odor


You can use car care accessories such as car air fresheners to give your car a fresh, pleasant scent. However, before reaching for a car air freshener, you might want to ensure that the highly pungent bad smell has been removed first. Otherwise, your car will simultaneously smell rotten eggs and lavender. So how do you eliminate the strong smell before using an air freshener? By following the rest of the provided tips.



put charcoal for smell


Leave a pack of charcoal on your car floor, and wait for it to do its magic overnight. The charcoal briquettes would absorb all the unpleasant smells and particles floating in your car. Practice this remedy every month, and you will never find your car with a bad interior smell.

Baking Soda


use baking soda for car interior smell


Are we baking cakes or getting rid of the car smell? Guess we will be baking a cake in celebration of getting rid of that odor, all thanks to baking soda. If you instantly want to get rid of a car smell, for example, the smell of vomit, you can sprinkle baking soda on the wet area and wait for a few hours. Then use a car vacuum cleaner to clean that area. Furthermore, just like charcoal, you can place baking soda in your car in a small container. It will absorb all the bad odor, ridding your vehicle of the terrible interior smell.



vinegar for car interior smell


You might want to be careful while using this one. As good as it might be, it is powerful and could damage the car if spilled on the interior. You can put it inside a cup or container overnight and wait for it to absorb the strong odor.

Carpet Cleaner


carpet cleaner for smell


When you use a carpet cleaner or any other interior car cleaner, the solution will penetrate through the fibers of your carpet. The dirt can then be removed from the carpet by scrubbing it with the brushes.

Final Thoughts

And just like that, you will eliminate the bad interior smell! Make sure before you use car perfumes and fragrances, you resort to the other 4 steps and keep scents to make your car smell nice.