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11 Car Care Tips for Rainy Season/Monsoon

The rainy season is in full swing, and those who love their vehicles hate seeing the mud splashing on them. The sight of a mud-filled car makes them uncomfortable to the core. If you are one of them, you must dread the after-shocks that each rain of the monsoon season comes with. However, it’s not only the outer structure of the vehicle that gets affected by the consistent exposure to monsoon rain. The functioning of the vehicle may be compromised, leading to long-lasting problems. Follow these car care tips to enjoy an amazing Monsoon season.

Essential Car Care Tips For Monsoon

It would help if you were vigilant when the monsoon rains arrive. It is necessary to take extra care of the car and ensure its safety so that nothing harms the driver and passengers. These Car Care Tips will help you enjoy a safe rainy season!

1. Keep the Windshield and Windows Clean


car windshield cleaning


The windshield of your car is the first thing you need to focus on when it comes to staying safe during the monsoon season. You have to ensure that. Its windshield and windows are neat and clean when you sit in the car.

You must be aware that raindrops on the glass leave mineral deposits. Once they dry, they appear to accumulate on the screen, leaving the windscreen dirty and untidy. Hence, it would help if you kept it clean to ensure clear vision. A proper Car Glass Coating will keep you safe even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

You can do so with the help of a windshield water-repelling coating. It will not let the stop stay on the glass for long. You can also use the glass cleaners and wipe the windshield. It will leave it crystal clear and tidy. Using a Car Window Cleaner is undoubtedly one of the most crucial car care tips for the monsoon to follow!

2. Check the Headlights


car headlights checking


During the rainy season, it is necessary to make sure that your car’s headlights are working well. For that matter, you need to evaluate the working and functioning of the headlights as soon as the first signs of the rain appear.

To be safer, check the headlights by turning them on and off, dimming them, and making them flicker. If they work well, things are fine. However, if they appear dim, you need to change the bulbs.

Apart from this, clean the headlight properly with a car headlight cleaner. Doing this twice a week will keep it clean and secure.

3. Only Use Micro-Fiber Car Covers


car grey cover microfiber


Another thing that you should consider during the rainy season is to use only those car covers that are made of microfiber. They are soft and don’t affect the shine and glee of the car. Alongside this, they are sturdy enough to protect the vehicle from damage. In addition, it doesn’t let the sun’s UV rays affect the car and act as an excellent water repellent.

4. Change the Windshield Wiper Blades


changing windshield wiper blades


Now, this is important. You must ensure that your windshield wiper blades are sturdy enough to wipe off the windscreen’s water drops and keep it clean. They are made of rubber. Hence they tend to get damaged very quickly. The best part about doing this is that you won’t need any professional help to do so. Instead, you can change the car wiper blades yourself quite easily.

5. Check the AC and Change Air Filters


checking car ac before rain


The efficiency with which your car’s AC works powerfully affects the vehicle’s power. Hence, even though you may not want to turn it on, instead would prefer to pull down the windows. Checking the AC periodically and changing air filters are recommended.


changing car air filters before monsoon


A clogged car air filter is useless as it makes the air conditioner exert extra force to function correctly. This is why switching them with new air filters is recommended.

6. Give your Car a Good Waxing


waxing car before rain monsoon


You don’t want the outer structure of your car to appear dirty. The rainwater droplets tend to dry up and leave marks on the vehicle’s body. If you don’t clean them immediately, wiping them off may be tough.

Acidic rains make things even more challenging. Hence, you would need a good quality car wax to keep the vehicle’s body clean. It will work as an efficient water repellent and wouldn’t let the water drops stay on the body long. Hence, no droplets will leave their marks if you periodically use air press car care accessories. 

7. Checking the Brakes and Tires


checking car tires before rain


The most crucial of all tips is to check the brakes and tires of the car. Rain and monsoon season leads to the accumulation of water on the roads. It makes the paths slippery, affecting the driver’s ability to control the car.

This is why you need to check the efficiency of the brakes and tires beforehand, ensuring that they work well. In addition, the brake pads must be sturdy enough to endure your pressure if you have to exert it at any time!

Check the tire pressure with the Tire Inflator.

8. Check for Any Leaks


checking car oil leaks before monsoon


Checking for car leaks is also an important tip to follow as soon as the monsoon season arrives. First, inspect the car’s dipstick and evaluate the oil level. If you see the low level, it surely would mean oil leakage. To correct that, you would need professional help as it would keep you safe in the long run.

9. Checking the Battery


car battery check before monsoon


You may need to sit in the car for long periods during the rainy season if you are stuck in bad weather. This would require you to keep the lights turned on, or maybe you need to keep the air conditioner working. Moreover, it would affect the car’s battery. Hence, periodic evaluation of the battery is a must in the monsoon season.

10. Keep an Emergency Kit


car emergency in monsoon


Anything can happen at any time when the season is rainy. Hence, you must always keep your emergency kit with you. Also, ensure that this kit has everything you may need to repair a minor car issue—for instance, a flashlight, tow cable, jumper cables, and an additional car mobile charger.

11. Add Air Press (Rain Guards)


car window deflectors for monsoon


Air press, also known as window deflectors, rain guards and sun protectors. Adding the Air Press to your car can improve its looks and design and make it stylish. In addition, it protects your vehicle from rain and reduces sun glare. These are installed in a matter of minutes and are secured with highly adhesive tape. No drilling or fabrication is required.


The rainy or monsoon season requires you to take additional steps and be vigilant enough to keep yourself and the family safe. You should be prepared for all contingencies with the right car accessories. Also, follow all the car care tips mentioned above to keep your car secure from weather’s effects.