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10 Car Security Tips to Avoid Car Theft

It gives a person a lot of stress after buying a car and how to ensure its security and prevent it from possible theft. With the advancement in technology, car robbers have gotten ultra-smart. It doesn’t matter if your car is parked inside your house in a garage or openly on the road. The potential threat of theft is equal for both. Imagining your parked car getting stolen can give anyone a mini heart attack. But you don’t need to take stress because we share some tips to secure your vehicle while parked. Avoiding your car from being stolen can be done using simple, budget-friendly, more complex, and expensive ways and techniques.

Park Your Car in a Secure Area


car parking


The first tip on this list is to choose a secure area for parking. If you have decided to park your car on the road, always choose a place where CCTV cameras are installed already. Your car will automatically become an unsafe option for the robbers as they won’t want to be caught on camera. But parking it under CCTV will be a plus point in recognizing and chasing the thieves if your car gets stolen. Also, you should install CCTV cameras in your garage or outside your house if you park the car openly to minimize the chances of potential theft.

Now, if you are out and are still looking for a CCTV-secured space, try to park it in a way that makes it difficult to break in. For instance, find a place where there are parked cars standing already. Then, try to park your car among other cars or in a much more crowded area as it becomes difficult to reach, start and finally steal the car. Also, park it away from the corner of the road or in an open area.

Always Lock the Doors


locking car doors


The next step is to lock all the doors as they are the way to get into the car. However, locking the doors does not necessarily prevent them from being stolen; instead, it is an intrusion in the thief’s task as it takes time to unlock them. So, you should always lock and double-check all the doors or can do it with a remote or keys to stop any potential stealing attempt.

Don’t Forget to Close all the Windows


closing car windows


Car windows play an essential role in preventing car theft. Open windows make it easier to open the door, break into the car, and finally steal it. Of course, it cannot stop the theft, but it slows down the process by hindering the thief’s way. 

Install the Engine Immobilizer Key System


Engine Immobilizer Key System


The following advanced step in ensuring a car’s security is installing the engine immobilizer key system. An engine immobilizer is an anti-theft system built into the engine control unit (ECU). An Engine Immobilizer comprises an Immobilizer key system with an electronic chip fitted into the car engine. 

A digitally coded key termed a Smart Key is required every time to be put in to get the car started. These smart key codes are read via an electronic chip that allows the vehicle’s engine to operate after authentication. If the entered key matches with the pre-set smart key of the car, the immobilizer key system grants the engine usage permission. In case of any unauthorized entrance, the system shuns the engine’s ignition, causing obstruction or delay in theft. In addition, most immobilizer key systems come with an auto alarm. With any unauthorized code entry, it will start ringing, causing the robbers to flee. 

Usually, the Advanced Engine Immobilizer System comprises two codes; one is set officially and permanently, and the other is temporary or changeable and can be changed after activating the engine by entering an authorized smart key. 

Get a Smart Alarm System


smart car alarm system


An alarm system is an amalgam of various functions which emit a loud alarming sound on the threat of potential robbery, causing the thieves to run away. Most car alarm systems also flash the vehicle’s headlights to notify the car owner of a breaking-in. 

There are typically two types of car alarm systems; factory-installed OEM and Aftermarket, which can be installed manually. Both of these alarms are controlled via a remote or key fob.

You can buy your car alarm system from

Install and Hide the Car Tracker


car tracker


The next essential thing in the series is installing a car tracker. Like your smartphone, a car tracker uses a Global positioning system (GPS) to track your car’s exact location. These trackers have the driving data, i.e., vehicle’s exact location, speed, time, etc., which is collected and can be sent anywhere in the world via the internet. These locations can be mapped with the help of GPS tracking software and a GPS-capable device.

These car trackers are either self-powered or need a power supply from the car battery. The second case is both convenient and less secure because you need to connect the tracker to a USB port to ensure a power supply which, on the one hand, allows the driver to turn it on/off it, while on the other hand, makes it easy for the thieves to find and malfunction or throw it away. The price of these trackers ranges from 2k to 20k PKR. Some GPS car trackers also require a monthly recharge to remain functional.

Use Steering or Brake Locks


car steering lock


Car security locks serve as an additional step in ensuring car security. These locks are inexpensive, durable, and portable as well. 

Steering locks are easy to use and can be fixed under or over the dashboard or across the steering wheels. Some steering locks also require a password to be unlocked. 

Brake Locks are adjustable locks that bind together the clutch, brake, and accelerator, making it impossible to inch the car forward. These car security locks require a physical key to be unlocked. They provide extra car security and slow down potential theft.

Install a Kill Switch


car kill switch


A car kill switch makes your car less attractive to thieves as it becomes a hard nut to crack. It is simply a button connected to a circuit in the car. Whenever this button is pushed, that specific circuit ceases to operate. A car kill switch is usually hidden inside the car; only the car owner knows its exact location. Kill switches play an essential role in theft prevention by making the robber think your car is dysfunctional as a particular circuit doesn’t operate.

There are primarily five different car kill switch kits available at auto stores:

The Fuel Line Kill Switch: Prevents fuel supply to the engine.

Car Battery Kill Switch: Disconnects the power supply from the battery to the car engine.

Remote Control Kill Switch: Prevents electric supply from the car battery to the engine with a remote control.

Fuse Box Kill Switch: Shuts power supply to the fuse box.

Ignition Wire Kill Switch: Causes a break in the ignition coil.

You can opt for any one of them at your convenience. It is advised to get the installation done by a professional to avoid any problems.

Install a Remote Car Starter System


remote car starter system


To get more advanced with your car security, you need to install a Remote Car Starter System inside your car. First Introduced in the 1980s, a car remote starter is a device that uses radio waves to perform specific actions, such as opening and closing the car doors, preheating or cooling the car engine or seats, etc., from a distance. Installing a car remote starter system mainly allows the owner to control car engine activity, enabling them to shun or activate the car engine. A car remote starter can be handled simply through a remote or a Smartphone App.

A car remote starter can be factory-installed or Aftermarket. It can be operated from a few feet to as far as 3 miles depending upon the range of the starter installed. 

Beware of New Technologies


thief hacking car


With regular advancement in the technological ground, where everyone is positively taking advantage of it, robbers are using it for their harmful purposes. Many thieves are skilled in software technology; for them, cracking a code with a device is a piece of cake. Therefore, in addition to applying all the tips mentioned above, it is also essential to keep an eye on any new technology or trick being used recently by robbers to minimize the chances of your beloved car’s theft.

Final Thoughts

To prevent your beloved car from being stolen, follow these car security tips and install a car security system. These car security tips and car security accessories defined in the article will help you secure your favorite four-wheeler from being taken away. For all the car security accessories and other car accessories, you can visit online or in stores. Have a safe ride.