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Best Body Kits For Toyota Fortuner

It only takes the word “Fortuner” to convey a sense of authority and toughness. Even more impressive is how easily it accomplishes this. The upcoming Fortuner will have many new features, technologies, and designs.

The Toyota Fortuner dominates the market due to its appealing appearance and availability of aftermarket accessories, like the Fortuner body kit, which gives the vehicle a daring appearance. While owning a car is a passion for some people, it is necessary for others. Whether they need it or are fervently enthusiastic, car owners enjoy modifying and customizing their vehicles.

If you’re looking for an easy way to give your car a distinctive, personalized look, think about adding a body kit.

It’s extremely unlikely that you will experience serious mechanical problems with one of these legendary cars. It still needs to be updated today despite its charming simplicity. The old design language may differ from everyone’s taste, despite how well it has held up over time. This body kit can give your vehicle a more modern appearance if you belong to the group.

Let’s have a look at the best body kits for Toyota Fortuner:

Fortuner Upgrade to Legender 2022


Fortuner Upgrade to Legender 2022


The Toyota Legender is another illustration of upgrades based on the Fortuner SUV featuring a few modifications.

Modifications and aftermarket work on the Fortuner have always been extremely popular. As a result, body kits for the Legender variant are currently available in the aftermarket. The fact that these kits can be installed on both the Fortuner facelift model and the pre-facelift model makes them the best body kits available.

The Legender body kit provides you with LED fog lamps, the rear bumper with the rear skirts, and the front bumper with the Legender grille. However, full-LED headlamps are an option. These body kits include:

  • Head Lamps
  • Tail Lamps
  • Front Lexus Body Kit
  • Rear Lexus Body Kit
  • DRLS

Fortuner Legender Tithum Style Body Kit 2021-2022




The body kit, created by Tithum, a Thai company, includes new front and rear bumper spoilers, grille inserts, and more. The skid plate gives the extended chin, which results from using the bumper spoiler, giving your vehicle a sturdy appearance. In addition, there are yellow daytime running lights in the corners and a chrome/gloss black garnish that mimics the shape of the spoiler.

Although the rear bumper spoiler is just as noticeable as the front one, Thitum added fake quad exhaust tips to complete the assertive appearance. The roof-mounted spoiler is in place to preserve the pickup truck-based SUV’s overall aesthetic.

This body kit includes the accessories for both:

  • Front
  • Back

Fortuner Legender Tithum Style Body Kit 2021-2022 (Thailand)


Fortuner Legender Tithum Style Body Kit 2021-2022


While some body kits are too flashy and busy, this one perfectly accents the Fortuner’s chiseled lines with just the right amount of aggressiveness. Tithum, a Thai company, creates a body kit with front and rear bumper spoilers.

The Toyota Fortuner Tithum styling kit comes in two pieces.

  • The front bumper cover
  • Extensive chrome trim and ABS injection
  • Running lights made of LEDs
  • Back bumper cover
  • Large chrome trim and ABS injection
  • Front sports grille

The Bottom Line

Give your Toyota Fortuner a stunning new look with this body kit that will turn heads wherever you go. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement with their car. Refresh your Fortuner with this complete body kit. For more Toyota Fortuner accessories visit