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Why Is DFSK Glory 580 The Hottest SUV?

Here’s a fun fact: SUVs started to gain immense popularity in the late 1990’s. U.S. observed that people were preferring “Sports Utility Vehicles” over regular cars, which was quite astonishing for them. Fast forward to 2020, this trend is still on the rise. Every auto industry is coming up with innovative designs to satiate the “SUV needs” of the people.

Now, how is it that this species has managed to stay so popular since 20+ years? Well, there are many reasons.

First, this car type is HUGE. With its tall roof and wide body, you can fit in a lot more passengers than a normal car. This also allows you, as a driver, and the passengers to sit comfortably with their legs stretched out.

Second, it is a great companion on an adventurous trip along rough terrain. It is robust, reliable and invincible.

Third, with its huge and wide wheels as well as heavy weight, it can take you through the roughest of storms.

In our opinion, if you’re confused about buying a new SUV, you should definitely check out DFSK Glory 580. You can take it out to the road after personalizing it with unique car accessories. In this article, we’ll enlighten you about its specifications and the reasons why it can become your reliable companion along the roads.

DFSK Glory 580 in Pakistan 2020

This car was introduced in Pakistan in 2020. Being a front-wheel drive SUV, it ensures that your driving experience is safe and stable, especially during snowfall or rainy days. This SUV comes in three variants, namely 1.5 CVT, 1.5 MT and 1.8 CVT.


DFSK Glory 580 is capable of holding 7 people (or more, since the more the merrier). This makes it the perfect vehicle for a family or for a group of friends who love to go on long drives.

Within its safety features, it has Front Dual Airbags, Electronic Brake Assist (EBA), Vehicle Burglar Alarm System and as must Child Lock. All of these characteristics curb the chances of tragic accidents and make your driving experience smooth, anxiety-free and pleasant.

What’s more, the interior incorporates multiple other features which set this SUV apart from the other regular passenger cars:

  • Adjustable Steering Wheel
  • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
  • Parking Camera
  • Dual-tone Horn
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Power Windows
  • PEPS (Keyless Entry + Push-start)
  • Multi-functional Adjustable Steering Wheel
  • GPS Navigation
  • Dual Electronic A/C
  • Doors Auto-locking
  • 12V Power Outlet


The exterior layout of this car is indeed easy on the eyes. This car sports lion-shaped LED headlights, LED Daytime Running Lights and LED High Mount Brake Lamp. These car accessories are a great way to enhance and distinguish this car’s look from the others. The bold headlights also add that sporty and bold look to the car. It also has rear trapezoid-shaped side-swept lights which add that sophisticated look you’ve always wanted in your car.

The gigantic and buffy structure of this car is complimented by large-sized front and back bumpers. They not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the car, they also improve its speed and stability. The aggressive-looking front grille with the company’s logo in the middle gives the additional edge to the car’s exterior.


DFSK Glory 580 performs brilliantly on the road and makes every drive seem like a whole new adventure. It flaunts a 1.5 litre turbocharged engine along with a CVT transmission that generates 147 horsepower and 220Nm of torque. This feature awards it with the title of “high-performance SUV”.

Moreover, it has a fuel tank storage of 58 litre. Comparatively, it may be lesser than many people’s expectations but many believe that it improves the fuel efficiency of the car.


The price of this SUV ranges from only Rs. 3,750,000 to Rs. 4,400,000. This gives DFSK Glory 580 an edge from the other cars. A spectacular car at a relatively cheaper price – isn’t it a dream come true?


All in all, DFSK Glory 580 is an all-rounder SUV. It has a fantastic sporty exterior, luxurious and spacious interior and a reasonable price tag. It can be the best companion on a bumpy road or a smooth highway, a rainy day or snowy night.

After you do buy this car, you can make it even more unique and elegant by getting a hold of car accessories online. After all, no car is complete without your personal touch.