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How TRD Body Kits Elevates The Aesthetics of Your Toyota Fortuner?

Toyota Fortuner dominates the market due to its aesthetics and aftermarket body kits, such as the Fortuner TRD body kit, which gives the car a bold appearance.

For some, owning a car is a necessity, while for others, it is a passion.

Car owners, like homeowners, enjoy modifying and customizing their vehicles, whether they are in need or have strong enthusiasm for them.

Consider adding a body kit if you’re searching for a simple method to give your automobile a unique, individualized look.

Whether you have a basic Suzuki Swift or a popular and eye-catching SUV like the Toyota Fortuner, modifying and purchasing automobile accessories can be a lot of fun.

In this post, we will discuss the TRD body kits for the Toyota Fortuner and how our users can improve the outer appearance of their SUV with aftermarket vehicle accessories.

What is and why TRD?

Before purchasing your TRD body kit, it is preferable to have firsthand knowledge of what TRD stands for and what makes their body kits worth your money.

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has two divisions; the accessories division and the tuning division, which were created to enhance the performance of street racing cars and support Toyota racing interests all around the world.

TRD kits are accessories designed to improve the performance and appearance of your car, making them one of the best options you can buy for your Toyota Fortuner.

Now that you understand why TRD is a superior option let’s get right into the best and most recommended TRD kits for your vehicle.

TOP 4 TRD kits for Toyota Fortuner.



fortuner trd body kit 2021


This kit was released with the 2021 Fortuner TRD, but don’t worry because it’s also available as an aftermarket part from trustworthy businesses like Autostore pk, which offers conversion services for the second-generation Fortuner.

The package consists of a matte black grill with TRD branding. The chrome highlights are matte black, including the new chin spoiler and a TRD skid plate.

The TRD modification raises the ride height, and there are TRD decals and a step board on the side for easier evacuation.

The overall kit gives your car a matt, glossy, and modern appearance.


Fortuner LX570 V4 TRD Body Kit 2021


The second item on our list is the LX570 V4 TRD Body Kit, which comes standard with the Lexus 570 and is available at

This kit includes the front bumper, rear bumper, and side parts.

If you like to make a statement, this kit is for you. The front grill provides your car a bold and enormous look, which is every Fortuner owner’s desire. The front has LED fog lights and a canard grille design.

The side components facilitate egress and offer an overall attractive appearance when paired with the front and rear of the vehicle.



Fortuner LX570 TRD BodyKit With Lexus Headlamps 2021


The LX570 body kit with headlamps is ranked third on our list of the best body kits. The front bumper, grill, and headlights are all included in this kit.

This kit also contains a sizeable canard-style grill. The critical distinction is the presence of Lexus headlamps, which has a significant impact on Lexus enthusiasts’ perception of the vehicle.

This kit is available at at the most competitive price and in the highest quality.



Fortuner Lexus TRD Style Nks Body Kit 2021


The fourth and last item on our list is the Lexus TRD Style Nks Body Kit.

Unlike previous kits, this NKS style kit has a matt finish and a chrome touch beside the grill. The grill is a mesh design aesthetic grill that, when combined with the running DRLs, gives your car the TRD style look it’s been missing.

A front bumper, side panels, and rear bumper are all included in the kit.

You can quickly obtain your kit from, so what are you waiting for? Give your automobile the bold appearance it deserves and enjoy the ride.