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Stock to Superior: Transforming Your Hilux with GR Rocco Kits

Are you interested in transforming your factory Hilux model into a superior beast that will turn heads wherever you go? Well, it’s time you turn your dream into a reality with Toyota Hilux with GR (Gazoo Racing) kit.

The conversions allow you to personalize your Hilux. It also allows you to modify selected parts that match your aesthetics and performance objective. Moreover, you will enjoy a high-performance and thrilling driving experience. 

The GR conversion kit is specifically designed to enhance the Hilux design and establish a commanding presence on the road. The Hilux GR Rocco conversion kit, with its attractive bumpers, efficient spoilers, and side skirts, is sure to elevate your car looks and driving experience. Let’s look at some of the Hilux GR Rocco Body kits available in the market that you can buy.

Hilux Rocco GR Sport Conversions

1. Toyota Hilux Rocco To Rocco GR Sport Conversion 2021-2023


Rocco GR Sport Conversion


The Rocco GR Sports Conversion 2021-2023 is a trendy body modification kit that aims to amplify the aggressive aesthetics of your Toyota Hilux. This kit is meticulously designed to elevate the visual impact of your vehicle. One of its standout features is the front bumper with the GR sports grill, which serves as a focal point. Your Toyota Hilux achieves a fiercer appearance by incorporating the signature GR Sports Grill with its captivating mesh design. Not only does it enhance the overall appeal, but it also adds a touch of sportiness that genuinely sets your Hilux apart from other vehicles. 

2. Toyota Hilux Revo 2021 To Rocco GR Sport Conversion 2023


Rocco GR Sport Conversion 2023


The Toyota Hilux Revo 2021 to Rocco GR Sport Conversion 2023 is an upgrade package that enhances your vehicle’s appearance and performance. This kit also includes Front Bumper with GR Sports Grill. However, it comes with flares installed over the wheel arches, giving your Hilux a more rigid and more muscular appearance. These conversion kits gave covers to replace your existing fog lamp covers, adding a stylish touch to the front of your vehicle.

3. Toyota Hilux Revo To Rocco GR Sport Conversion 2016-2023


Rocco GR Sport Conversion 2016-2023


This Hilux GR Rocco Facelift is ideal for turning your Hilux into a sports car. It comes with a fender flare that gives your Hilux a rugged and muscular look. The upgraded headlights in the kit offer improved visibility and may feature modern LED technology for enhanced brightness. To make the rear stylish, it comes with tail lights with LED technology for better visibility. Moreover, it offers Stylish fog light covers that replace the existing ones, enhancing the overall appearance.

The Front Bumper again comes with the unique signature GR Sports Grill, adding a sporty and aggressive touch to the front of your vehicle.

4. Toyota Hilux Rocco 2022 To Rocco GR Sport Conversion 2023


hilux Rocco GR Sport Conversion 2023


This conversion kit includes an upgraded grill which helps your car’s front get a bold and aggressive look. This new grill design showcases the iconic styling of the GR Sport models, which instantly elevates the visual appeal of your vehicle.

The kit comes with fog covers designed to replace the existing fog lamp covers on your Hilux. These covers also feature a sporty design that complements the overall aesthetics of the Hilux GR Rocco Kit. The lower bumper base is another component included in the conversion kit. It replaces the original lower bumper base of your Hilux Rocco and adds a more aggressive and sporty look. 

Aesthetics and Exterior Enhancements

The Hilux GR Sport grade is designed to appeal to customers who lead active, above-average lives and offers them the ideal car for sporting events and expeditions. Specialized suspension features have been developed to give drivers a pleasurable driving experience with more control, agility, and grip feel. The car’s exterior and interior also have many GR Sport-themed design features, which increase its distinctiveness and allure.

One of the critical features of the Conversion kit is the distinctive grille. This grille embodies the GR branding and boasts a unique design that separates your Hilux. It also includes side skirts, adding a touch of sleekness to the vehicle’s profile. 

The front and rear bumpers highlight another unique feature of the Hilux GR Sport kit; they are designed to be more aggressive and sporty. It gives your Hilux a bold and commanding presence on the road.

Cost and Availability

The precise model and year of the Toyota Hilux, among other variables, might affect the price of the GR Conversion for the Hilux. Book an appointment with an authorized dealership to get an exact price quote for the GR Conversion for your Hilux model. It is advised to contact accredited Toyota dealerships or respected local aftermarket shops.


In conclusion, upgrading your Toyota Hilux with the GR Conversion has several benefits. It transforms your Hilux ultimately while bringing about a mix of performance and aesthetic improvements. By choosing the GR Conversion, you may make your Toyota Hilux into a head-turning vehicle that displays your unique taste and flair. Furthermore, visit for more details and to look into other customization choices for your car. There, you can get more information about the GR Conversion, get price and availability information, and learn about exciting customization options for your Toyota Hilux. Get the latest car accessories for your Hilux on