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Choosing the Perfect Floor Mats for Your Toyota Yaris: A Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn’t want his car to appear aesthetic while showcasing neatness and top-notch tidiness? All vehicle owners make sure to get their hands on accessories that would augment the appearance of their beloved asset. Car mats are one of the most sought-after accessories for Toyota Yaris owners for obvious reasons. They don’t only beautify the car but also protect the floor as long as they cover it. If you are skeptical of them and need to learn how to buy the right Toyota Yaris Mats, this article will be your ultimate buying guide. 

Best Floor Mats for Your Toyota Yaris

1. PVC Rubber Floor Mat Black 2020-2023

If you are a fan of simple yet solid items, there is nothing better than the Toyota Yaris PVC Rubber Floor Mat Black 2020-2023 to have in your car. It’s made of thick rubber, making it a long-lasting product. It fits the space ideally and complements the car. As the manufacturers use high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride rubber, it is undoubtedly a durable accessory for this car. It costs only around ₨ 6,500 and is relatively cost-effective. 

2. 9D Floor Mats Horizontal Stitch Beige With Beige Grass 2020-2023

As the name specifies, the Toyota Yaris 9D Floor Mats Horizontal Stitch Beige With Beige Grass 2020-2023 is beige and has a specific horizontal stitch pattern that augments the appearance. With a price tag of merely ₨ 15,000, you will get your hands on a product that provides excellent coverage to the floor and protects it pretty well. It’s one of the best Yaris 9d Mats you can adorn your car. 

3. 5D Floor Mats 2020-2023

These mats tailor-fit Toyota Yaris and cover the five-floor areas of the vehicle efficiently. They protect the car from dirt accumulation and water spills and even save the carpet from wearing out. These Yaris 5D floor mats come in various color options. Hence you can choose whatever suits you the most. They are convenient, and you can use them for merely ₨ 4,000. 

4. 9D Diamond Floor Mats Black Grey Stitch With Grey Grass 2020-2023

The Toyota Yaris 9D Diamond Floor Mats Black Grey Stitch With Grey Grass 2020-2023 has a fine grey stitch that makes it appear luxurious and supreme. The driver and the passenger areas are covered well to ensure no dust particles make their way to the floor carpet. The entire rear seat footwell floor area is also concealed, and an aesthetic touch is added to it. The grey grass and stitches add a regal look as these floor mats are black. With the price of ₨ 15,000, you can quickly get your hands on them. 

5. 7D Diamond Floor Mats Black Beige Stitch 2020-2021

At a very reasonable price range of Rs 7000, you can have Toyota Yaris 7D Diamond Floor Mats Black Beige Stitch 2020-2021 to augment the car’s appearance while keeping it clean for long periods. The zig-zag design gives it a distinct look and ensures no dust is trapped. 

6. 9D Diamond Floor Mats Beige With Beige Grass 2020-2023

These grey floor mats with beige grass are worth buying, primarily owing to the feature of durability and longevity they come with. The diamond pattern of these mats sets them apart from the regular ones. Though you would have to spend an amount of RS 15000 to have them, these Yaris Carpet Mats stay intact for the longest time. Hence, they are a good investment for sure! 

7. 7D Diamond Floor Mats Beige With Beige Stitch 2020-2023

Thanks to the beige-colored stitching around the corners, these mats appear cohesive and solid. At the price tag of RS 8500, these Yaris 7d Mats cover a massive area, including the front and rear seat areas and the console area. As it’s a custom-fit item, it covers all contours well. 

8. Carpet Mats 2020-2023

These jet-black mats are truly eye-catching with the sophistication they exude. They defend the floor carpet against wearing and tearing. However, they could be more efficient in keeping the dust away from the mat for long. Hence, brushing them off after a certain period is always necessary. They fall in the affordable range and cost around RS 3000 only. 


While choosing the right Yaris Mats, you need to have those that are easy to clean and maintain. They must be sturdy to be durable in the long run. Custom-made mats cover and conceal all the floor contours and perfectly fit the car. Finding the right one has further been made accessible by, which has a massive variety of these floor mats and covers.