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A Sporty Look Toyota Fortuner Legender’s Features and Specifications

Toyota has been around for a while and has showcased its dominance over its competitors in various manners. The company has the art of bringing innovative ideas to the table and transforming its vehicles. It does so just according to the customer’s needs. In 2021, it came up with yet another classy and exclusive vehicle, Toyota Fortuner Legender. What sets this car apart from all others is the fantastic facelift that the company’s designers have offered it. Nonetheless, the car turns into the costliest vehicle that the company has ever launched.

Features of Toyota Fortuner Legender

As mentioned before, this car comes with all those features that set it apart from the rest. It offers luxury and a sporty appearance, providing the driver with the best of both worlds!


The exterior of the Toyota Fortuner Legender is premium! The black grille finish of these bumpers surrounds LED headlamps from all around. It makes the car appear incredibly sophisticated and elegant. Moreover, it gives the SUV the appearance of a total beast, making it prominent on the road. Be it the alloy wheels, the dual-tone color, or the 18 inches tires; each feature makes this car’s exterior exclusive.

Car enthusiasts who prefer the maximum customization level can surely opt for exterior accessories. This gives their car some exclusivity. Compared to other road models, this one exudes superiority and charm.


The interior of this car is just as classy as the exterior. It has a new black and maroon upholstery suit, which gives it a posh appearance. Moreover, the inside is technologically unconventional, with a wireless smartphone charging feature. Furthermore, the fully ventilated seats and the powered tailgate enhance passengers’ comfort and ease. The Interior Accessories furthermore give this car a very operative outlook.

The horse-high view is another fantastic feature relevant to the high seating position. Together, it makes driving the car and sitting in it quite luxurious. Resultantly, it gives the car a feeling of comfort coupled with sportiness!

The geofencing feature comes in handy to make the whole driving experience a lot safer and more reliable. Tracking the vehicle has also been made much more steadfast than before. In addition, this vehicle comes with the Toyota Fortuner Legender Tithum Style Body Kit. This adds to the convenience of the owner.

Another great feature of this car is its outstanding sound system. The vehicle comes with four speakers on the front, while two are on the rear side. Alongside these speakers, there is an amplifier and a subwoofer. It helps in elevating the music listening pleasure of the rider.

Comfort and Convenience

This car exudes comfort and convenience in every form and manner. The leather seats on the inside offer ease of sitting to the passengers, no matter what weather. The frontal seats are powered, and the dual-zone climate control ensures long-lasting convenience. The seats are also quite spacious. This aids the passengers in sitting comfortably through a long journey.

The seven-seater car lets the required number of passengers sit on the roomy seats quite easily. Additionally, it lets each one have a full view of the outside.


The instrumentation in this car is top-notch. It ensures minimal inconvenience as it keeps the passengers safe from all kinds of misadventures. The connected car technology offers various options to the drivers. These include real-time vehicle tracking and geo-fencing. In addition, the walk-to-car technology and connecting infotainment with the phone are also quite superior options. The last feature is of great convenience as it helps change the music played in the car with minimal effort.

The 7 SRS airbags are highly protective and always keep everyone in the car secure.  In addition, the vehicle stability control feature keeps the passengers safe even on uneven and difficult roads.


In terms of safety, this car is worth praise! The Brake Assist feature saves the car from colliding with another vehicle. For off-road adventures, it is a great benefit. The Hill Assist Control keeps the car in control for adventure lovers. This works even if it is driven on the most formidable mountains. It keeps the elevation checked. Furthermore, the alarms come with a glass break sensor and an ultrasonic sensor to protect the car from theft.

The company goes one step ahead and elevates the safety features. It offers Whiplash Injury Lessening and ISOFIX as the Child Restraint System. Apart from this, to upgrade safety, you can get your hands on various SUV Accessories.

The heat rejection glass and Auto Rear Cooler features to ensure a higher standard of safety provided to the riders.

Specification of Toyota Fortuner Legender

The specifications of the Toyota Fortuner Legender are phenomenal, just like its features. The fuel used in its working is diesel, while the wheelbase is around 2.745 m. Furthermore, the fuel tanking capacity is 80 ltr while the seating capacity is 7-Seater.

Fortuner Legender Dimensions

In terms of dimensions, this is a pretty comfortable car. It offers the statistics of 4.795 m X 1.855 m X 1.835 m. The car’s height, width, and length are appropriate for long-distance routes.

Engine Specifications

The engine is 16 valved and comes with a Double Overhead Camshaft. Its charging system is quite convenient with the Variable Nozzle Turbocharger. It gives the maximum output at 150 kW while the maximum torque reaches 500 Nm. a

Transmission, Steering, and Brakes

The steering system of the Toyota Fortuner Legender is powered. It comes with an Auto-Limited Slip Differential system making its driving further easier. The power steering comes with VFC, ensuring ease of movement for the drivers. Furthermore, the brakes are quite sturdy and come with the Emergency Brake Signal.

Wheel and Tyres

The Toyota Fortuner Legender’s wheels and tires appear giant even from afar. These alloy wheels are surely the most phenomenal ones that a car enthusiast would ever witness. Each of these tires is 18′, giving off the appearance of a beast to the car. The 18 inches are exclusive to SUVs. This makes the off-road adventure a lot more fun and exciting.

Fuel Economy

Toyota Fortuner Legender is highly fuel-efficient. The drivers experience it starting from 10 kmpl and moving ahead towards 14.4 kmpl. This is undoubtedly impressive and ensures that one doesn’t have to refill the fuel again. Within the city, it offers a mileage of 10.52 kmpl. In Pakistan, the mileage of this car is somewhat around 9-11 kmpl. This car comes with different versions, such as manual, automatic, or automatic CVT; each one has a different mileage.

What is the Price of a Toyota Fortuner Legender?

Toyota Fortuner Legender is a luxury yet sporty car, which has a price higher than the regular SUVs. The major features that distinguish it from other options include the diesel power, automatic transmission, 2745 cc engine, and mileage of 9 to 11 kmpl. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, you would have to pay around 12,099,000 PKR to get it.

How is the Toyota Fortuner Different from the Toyota Fortuner Legender?

There are many differences between Toyota Fortuner Different and the Toyota Fortuner Legender. However, the most noticeable difference is in the facelift. The LED headlights and the front bumper of the Legender are much more elevated than the regular Fortuner. Apart from this, the Toyota Fortuner Legender comes in dual-tone shades. Contrarily, the standard Fortuner offers eight different colors, but they will be in single-tone shades. In addition, the unique Active Traction Control feature is available only in the Legender, while it’s missing in the standard option.

The legendary also comes with the 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which is not a feature of the regular Fortuner. Alongside this, on the inside, the standard Fortuner is all black. Even the instrumental cluster is in jet black shade. It sets the whole vibe of the car apart from the standard Fortuner.

The Toyota Fortuner Legender is a lot sportier than the standard Fortuner. Hence, anyone who prefers an athletic look in the vehicles should opt for it.

How to Modify Toyota Fortuner Legender?

Even though modifying the Toyota Fortuner Legender won’t be a requirement as it is already super sleek and stylish, you can still do so if you wish to! You can alter the inner seat covers in whichever manner you like. The leather upholstery in a different color would change its appearance entirely.

Final Thoughts

The Toyota Fortuner Legender is surely one of the most sought-after vehicles, owing to the extensive features that it comes with. Apart from this, one primary reason why it is so lovable amongst car enthusiasts is its sporty outlook. It appears stylish yet athletic, both from the inside and outside. It is a bit pricier than the competitors. Its price tag is undoubtedly justified considering its fantastic features and specifications.