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7 Reasons Why Kia Forte Trunk Won’t Open?

Drivers have had situations where their Kia Forte trunks would not open. Occasionally, the issue is as simple as a broken trunk release lever or an unlatched latch. However, more serious problems like locked keys inside the vehicle or even faulty hinges on the trunk lid can occasionally be to blame.

While they may have different systems, a car door lock and the lock on a vehicle’s trunk perform the same functions. However, there are several reasons why they could become stuck closed. When that occurs, it becomes a significant hassle. Here are a few things you may do to see if you can get the lock to open; however, it might be challenging to pinpoint the exact cause of why it won’t open.

Whatever the cause, having this problem can severely compromise your safety and be quite inconvenient if you need to get anything out of your trunk but can’t.

This article will go over all there is to know about automobile trunks, including how to fix a broken one. We’ll start by outlining the potential barriers to opening your Kia Forte trunk. Following that, we’ll discuss extra precautions that can help keep your trunk functioning flawlessly for years to come.

Common Problems of Kia Forte

Kia Forte is a well-liked compact car with fantastic amenities at a reasonable cost. With this automobile, you may acquire what you want without making compromises within your means.

If you’re considering a Kia Forte, you should be aware of its documented problems.

  1. It is common for the Kia Forte audio system to break down and become quiet, often in the middle of a song.
  2. Your Kia Forte may require a PCM software update.
  3. Kia Forte trunks would not open.
  4. Front axle seal fluid leakage is possible.
  5. Kia Forte engines have mysteriously generated a loud and continuous banging noise.
  6. After having gone 60,000 miles or so, Kia Fortes encountered gearbox issues.
  7. The wiring in the Kia Forte faces problems, including headlight, taillight, and signal light malfunctions or complete failure to function.

Why is the Kia Forte Trunk Not Opening?

The following factors might prevent your Kia Forte trunk from opening. Mostly, it’s due to an external issue with the automobile, leaving the keys inside, the trunk deteriorating with time, or one of these three.

Keys Getting Looked Inside

You may have locked the keys in the trunk if that is one of the reasons your car or truck won’t open. Call a locksmith and ask them to open it for you. To ensure that this doesn’t happen again, they can also advise replacing your locks entirely. It’s always a good idea to keep an alternative set of keys concealed nearby in case something happens and you need assistance immediately to prevent these issues!

Lock is Broken

Another frequent cause for trunk lock is that it has broken. If you’re trying to resolve this problem, replacement locks are available at any car parts store. If you are dubious of your skills to replace the lock, it is advisable to let a pro handle it. Once they repair the damaged lock, your car will be back on the road in no time.

The Latch of Trunk Broken

If the rear end of the trunk is damaged in an accident or if you slam the trunk too hard, the trunk’s latch can break. The trunk will not close all the way through if the latch is broken.

The latch helps to close the car’s trunk. When the system is broken, you must fix the latch to get it to work again.

Problem with the Key fob

One more reason your Kia Forte trunk won’t open is a non-responsive key fob. The key fob allows for remote vehicle control. Even while this is an uncommon occurrence, especially for older vehicles, newer models with this technology may make it impossible for you to reach the trunk.

You can try the manual release button on the front of the car to see if the trunk can be opened. The likelihood is that this will work, but if it doesn’t, you should see a locksmith or repair facility because you can’t rectify this issue without the right equipment and materials.

The Trunk Cable is damaged.

There is no handle outside the trunk on some automobile models, therefore the trunk lever is the only way to open it. You may open and close the trunk using the button on the trunk lever.

If the cable that connects the lever and trunk is damaged or wears out, the connection breaks between the two. You must fix the cable to open the trunk.

The Actuator is Malfunctioning.

It’s a blatant indicator that your Kia Forte trunk lock actuator is damaged if you try to unlock the trunk using the car’s key fob or switch, but it doesn’t work while the manual lock functions as intended. You should call a professional to repair or replace the trunk lock actuator.

The Locking Mechanism is Broken

A latch, a striker mechanism, a mechanical release mechanism, and an electric release mechanism make up a car trunk locking mechanism. When you lock the trunk, the latch locks the striker, which also locks the trunk door.

A device pulls a release lever from the driver’s side or the trunk handle to open the trunk. Electric release buttons are available in some automobiles. But a solenoid releases the latch rather than a release lever.

The broken lock mechanism prevents the trunk from opening. You must fix or replace the damaged trunk lock mechanism.

Solution of the Problem

If your Kia Forte trunk didn’t open, try these techniques to see if you can get it to do so on its own so that you won’t require a locksmith. Ensure care to avoid damaging the locking mechanism when assessing them since doing so might result in expensive repairs.

  1. Check your car trunk again.

One of the first things you may do if your trunk won’t open is to give it one more try. In this case, dust and debris may lodge in the trunk latch or because of the rubber from the trunk adhering to the lid itself. It will take extra power to open this, giving the impression that the lid is stuck.

  1. Check for interior access.

If the trunk outside lock isn’t working, you can try opening it from the car’s interior. Use the car accessories like the manual release lever to open the trunk. If it doesn’t work, see if you can remove or fold down the back seats to gain access to the trunk. If this works, you’ll need to cram yourself inside the trunk before releasing the latch and opening it. It is vital to note that this procedure could not work if the trunk’s lock is damaged, in which case, call a locksmith.

  1. Contact an Auto Locksmith

Even while you can try various do-it-yourself tricks using car exterior accessories to attempt to unlock the trunk, it’s vital to remember that these may wind up doing more harm to your car. Considering this, you should refrain from attempting to unlock the car trunk. If you don’t and your keys are inside the car, we recommend reaching out to your auto insurance company or your automobile’s approved servicing facility for services. You might also decide to see a locksmith so they can assist you in unlocking your car trunk.  In either case, consulting experts is still your best action, even though their services might be pricey.

FAQs about Kia Forte Trunk

– How do I manually open my Kia Forte Trunk?

There are two ways to open the Kia Forte trunk from the inside. The smart key for the car’s trunk is your first option. Otherwise, the simplest way to open the trunk from within your car is to pull the internal trunk release lever, which is situated on the floor behind the seats. All you must do is find the lever and pull it. Voila! There will be an open trunk.

– Why is my Back Trunk not opening?

That typically indicates that the lock is damaged or has some other flaw that prevents it from working as it was designed. This could be because of problems with the trunk latch, trunk lock, or other internal systems that once allowed the lock to function properly.

– Why won’t my trunk open with my key fob?

This is very ubiquitous when the batteries in the key fobs die. Another option in some circumstances is that the key fob’s buttons’ contacts are worn out. So, in that case, the battery could not be the issue.

Final Thoughts

The trunk of your car is vital when you commute a long distance or need to keep your belongings while heading to the supermarket. If it becomes stuck, it can signify a mechanical problem or another problem outside the simply fixable system.

If you began reading this post by lamenting that your Kia Forte trunk won’t open, I hope you now have the necessary answers to aid you in opening your trunk. Suppose the issue persists or starts to happen frequently, be sure you call a professional.

We hope that this post solves your trunk issue. Gratitude for reading!