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5 Reasons to Install Fog Lights and Lamps on your Car

Driving is a task that requires all your attention and concentration. But driving becomes a more challenging task in foggy weather. This is why using fog lights and lamps becomes not only important but necessary in foggy weather. Many might not know their importance but you will be surprised to know that how much they add up to your safety and car performance in foggy weather. Here are some reasons that can help you comprehend the importance of installing fog lamps.

Preparing for a journey on a foggy day

Traveling in foggy weather requires extra care and caution as this weather might present you with extra challenges while driving. Here are some things you need to consider before planning a journey in a foggy weather

  • Thoroughly plan your journey
  • Install fog lights and lamps in your car beforehand
  • Maintain at least five-second distance from other cars
  • Your windshield should be clear throughout the drive for better vision
  • Use hazard lights
  • Do not over speed

5 reasons to install fog lights and lamps

Here, we will have a look at 5 reasons that can convince you that installing fog lights and lamps are extremely important:

  • Fog lamps for cars provide extra illumination on the surface of the road and towards its edges which helps to create a better view for the driver in poor visibility conditions.
  • In foggy weather, fog lights help the driver to see the road marking, road boundaries, and dividers more clearly. This can help the driver to drive properly and safely in bad weather conditions.
  • Fog lights also help in driving safely at night time in foggy weather. As they have selective yellow light that does not produce a glare especially driving at night time.
  • Installing fog lights in your car can also help you in heavy rain and the snowy season. As regular car light creates glare in heavy rain that makes it difficult to see the road. Using a fog lamp can help the driver see the road in heavy rain
  • Using the best fog lamps not only makes driving in the foggy weather safer for you but also for others on the road as your car can be spotted more easily and from a safer distance.

What you need to know about fog lights and lamps before buying one

Fog lamps no doubt can be a great help while driving in poor visibility. But before buying fog lights one must comprehend a few things about them.

  • Firstly, fog lights are dimmer than your regular headlights.
  • They face downwards towards the road and illuminate the road in front of you in foggy weather conditions
  • These lights are only helpful or useful in poor visibility conditions like in fog or heavy rainfall etc.

There are many fog lights and lamps available in the market. But all of them might not be compatible with your car or the weather conditions you plan to drive in. this is why before buying fog lights it’s very important to do thorough research and then buy the best fog lights online

What does the law say about driving in foggy conditions

Foggy weather condition presents a far from ideal situation for driving. Here are some important points that the law says about driving in fog.

  • One must avoid driving in fog at all costs unless it is extremely necessary
  • Always maintain a slow and steady speed
  • Use fog lights and lamps to improve your road vision
  • Turn on the hazard lights so that the others on the road can spot you from a safer distance

Different types of headlights and how you should use them when on the road

Here are some different types of light in a car and how to use them on the road:

  • Low beam headlights usually help you understand where you are going without creating a lot of glare.
  • High beam headlights are used not only in driving in dark but also help in signaling others on the road.
  • Fog lamps for cars help in illuminating the road while driving in foggy or poor visibility weather conditions.

How fog lights improve your vision and safety

Fog lights are usually installed on the lower front of your car and they face downwards. It helps in illuminating the road right in front of you in poor visibility conditions like fog and heavy rainfall. They help the drivers to see the road markings, road dividers, and road banks more clearly. Also, fog lamps make it easier for others on the road to spot your car and maintain a safe distance. All these things contribute to a better vision and safer drive in bad weather conditions.


Foggy weather is not an ideal situation to drive. One must avoid driving in such weather conditions at all costs but sometimes driving in fog becomes inevitable. In such situations, installing good-quality fog lights and lamps can help you in improving your vision in foggy weather. And can rule out many safety risks not only for you but also for others.