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Landcruiser LC300 GR Body Kit in Pakistan

Overview of the Land Cruiser LC300 GR 2023

The Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 2023 is undoubtedly one of Pakistan’s most luxurious and pricey cars, with a lavish exterior and comfy interior. It is designed to endure harsh driving conditions and has advanced safety features and up-to-date technology. Moreover, the 4-wheel driving system, multiple driving modes, Ground Clearance, Advanced Suspension systems, locking differentials, powerful engine, and underbody protection make the Toyota Land Cruiser excel in off-road environments. Coming with the reliability of Toyota Motors, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a sign of stature and glory in various areas of the country. It is among those few cars that retain a good resale value even after usage for several years. These factors and durability contribute to the Land Cruiser’s longstanding presence in the Pakistani automotive market. Lets take a look at the Landcruiser LC300 GR Body Kit.

Landcruiser LC300 GR Body Kit


Being a car lover, you must modify your car to keep it upgraded with the latest comer. But don’t worry. If you own the Land Cruiser’s previous version, you can transform your Land Cruiser into a brand new 2023 Land Cruiser by installing the Land Cruiser LC300 GR Body Kit. The kit includes various garnishes that can entirely alter your cruiser’s look:

1. Front Bumper

Improve your land cruiser’s front with a more fierce and stylish front bumper and incorporate LED lights for enhanced visibility.

2. Rear Bumper

Explicitly designed to give the car a bolder look, the rear bumper will surely give your cruiser an instant attention grab with the garnishment of diffusers and exhaust tips.

3. Side Skirts

These are the sweetening to the flanks of the land cruiser that give it a softer and sleeker appearance.

4. Bumper Flares

Land cruiser LC300 GR Body Kit offers broader bumper flares, automatically boosting its aggression, housing bigger wheels and tires, and delivering a robust build.

5. Hood Vents

Hood Scoops are also there to provide smooth airflow and an enhanced sporty impression.

6. Grille

Elevating the aggression of the Land Cruiser to its extreme, a large front grille is granted that alters the cruiser from the standard model altogether.

7. Rear Spoiler

The kit also contains a rear spoiler for a promising flow and visual enticement. The Land Cruiser LC300 GR body kit also offers a big Toyota logo for the front and a “LAND CRUISER” badging for the rear side. The price of the body kit is 9,00,000 Rs.

Aesthetic Enhancements

Overall, the Land Cruiser LC300 GR body kit can instantly transform your cruiser by improving aesthetics. With a shade of Aerodynamic styling and lowered profile, sweetened with a Distinctive Grille and Bumper and Wider Fender Flares, all made with premium-quality material with extreme meticulousness, it is enough to outclass all the vehicles on the road.


Installing a body kit to your Land Cruiser LC300 GR is the best option, as it is a cheaper way to upgrade your older car to the latest model without much fuss and expense. The accessories with the kit improve the car’s aesthetics and enhance comfort without harming the car’s performance while driving. For more information visit’s blog.