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Bass Tube vs Subwoofer: Which is Better for Car Music Experience

People who know how to drive in style make sure to have the best possible music systems in their vehicles. This ensures that no matter how long their journey is, they can enjoy it to the fullest. If you are new to all this and need to decide which one to choose between bass tube vs subwoofer, this article will be a complete guide to tell you everything about them! 

What is a Bass tube?


Bass tube is quite a popular music system for vehicles and is loved by car enthusiasts across the globe. The bass tube is also known as the subwoofer tube; however, its most common name is the bass! The main feature of this sound system that sets it apart from others is its enhancement of low-frequency audio to become louder and more precise. 

  • Compact Design and Easy Installation

This music system has a great design and is compact in appearance. Its design is the major reason the vehicle takes such little space, unlike other massive music systems that are massive in size and occupy a lot of area in the car. Owing to being super slim in size, they are easy to install, that too at a very concise area. You can have it installed even in your car’s trunk! 

  • Limited Customization Options

The only problem with having a bass tube in your vehicle is that you don’t get many customization options! Yes, you read that right! If you want to know which one wins in the bass tube vs subwoofer battle in terms of customizations, it’s the subwoofer. The tuning frequency and other acoustic settings are also pre-determined for these sound systems. 

  • Portability and Versatility

A car bass tube is highly portable, making it easier for car owners to move these sound systems from one vehicle to another. Also, they are incredibly versatile, ensuring they can be used in various cars and in different manners. You can install them in the same car at various places like the trunk, front or rear shelf, or seat. 

What is a Subwoofer?


Do you ever wonder how low-frequency sounds turn out so well in certain cars? Well, a subwoofer does that! A particular device reproduces such sounds, making them heard louder and clearer. Many high-quality sound systems have them as an in-built device to augment the quality of sound coming out of them. 

  • Powerful Bass and Sound Quality

A subwoofer’s main job is to augment the music’s bass and make it more profound than the original version. A separate amplifier is attached to them to power them further. 

  • Requires More Installation Space and Effort

Compared to the bass tube, a subwoofer is not very smooth regarding installation. Instead, it requires quite some effort to install it in the car. Also, it’s a large vehicle accessory, which sometimes is a problem! If you have a compact vehicle that only offers a little space for the subwoofer, installing it in the car might be a problem! 

  • Greater Customization Potential

A car subwoofer offers way more customization options than a bass tube does! This is one main reason why many car owners prefer it over the other. Controlling and managing the fine-tuning of the device is easy, and so is the choice of an amplifier. Alongside this, you get to choose the tuning of your preference.

Sound Quality Comparison

Though both bass tube and subwoofer have their qualities and features, comparing their sound quality is necessary before choosing one for your vehicle. The bass tube amplifies a boomy bass, while the subwoofers are better suited to amplify low-frequency sounds. However, as far as it is about customizing the kind of sound you want to erupt from your sound system, the subwoofer takes the cake. 

  • Bass Depth and Clarity

As far as it’s about bass depth is concerned, the car subwoofers can produce deep bass tones efficiently. They also ensure to offer the listener a very controlled, precise, and clear bass. Bass tubes, however, can offer such clarity regarding music’s bass. 

  • Impact on Overall Audio Quality

These devices have different impacts on the overall audio quality of the vehicle. The bass output is exceptional when it comes out of the bass tube. On the other hand, the subwoofers can easily enhance low-frequency sounds and augment their quality. Hence, the latter is a better option in terms of audio quality.

  • Suitability for Different Music Genres

The music with boomy bass is well-suited for the bass tube, as this device augments its quality exponentially. On the other hand, new-age genres like dance and pop music play well on the subwoofers. 


Bass tube and subwoofer are two great audio devices that work great in vehicles. Car lovers ensure they have either of the two installed in their vehicles. However, before choosing one of the two, it’s necessary to have an extensive bass tube vs subwoofer comparison to make the right decision!