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Land Cruiser Conversion: LC300 AX to ZX 2023

Converting or Upgrading a car is a process that allows a car owner to enjoy the look and features of a new car version in an old one with reversible changes in a budget-friendly package. Since its launch in June 2021, the Toyota LandCruiser LC 300 has been a reliable and popular choice for SUV lovers in Pakistan due to its robust body, premium quality interior, excellent off-road capability, and lighter weight. Now, Toyota has launched an update to LC 300 AX and LC ZX 2023, which stands out in its pre-launched version in performance, interior features, and outer look. Today, we will discuss how Land Cruiser Conversion: LC300 AX to ZX 2023, by changing the body kit, can modify the entire exterior of your LC AX, transforming it into a more robust and classy ZX 2023.

FJ300 | LC300 AX to ZX Conversion 2022-2023

Land Cruiser ZX Body kit 2023

LC300 AX to ZX 2023 conversion is a cost-effective way of transforming your older land cruiser exterior into a bolder and fiercer ZX structure. Simple professional installation lets you attain an upgraded LC ZX with an intelligent and eye-catching appearance. 

The kit includes a Grille Guard Front Bumper that provides a vigorous finish to your Land Cruiser facelift with 4-LED lamps. And a wiring set to complement the front grille, requiring bolt-on installation. An 8-piece Fender garnish body is provided with the kit to deliver a wild finish with dummy bolts for manual installation on the front fender liner, rear bumper, and both sides. The rear spoiler body and bracket for the left and right fit out a sporty rear view. It supplements the front and sides with a uniform body structure. For the top, a premium-quality aluminum structured roof rack with 6 body floor bars and a 4-foot set. It is lightweight and can be adjusted as per convenience, is delivered.

Conversion of LC300 AX to ZX 2023 offers excellent benefits at a small cost. Some of them are:

  • Sleek Design:

All the garnishes and components are made up of high-quality material with a smooth touch that blends well with the Land Cruiser body. Giving it a sleek exterior finish and upgrading the vigor of the body structure, making it new.

  • Enhanced Look:

Conversion provides sharpness in the body framework. Installing the LC ZX 2023 body kit adds more value and aesthetic allure to your Land Cruiser. With an uplift in the overall structure.

  • Budget Option to Make it Look Like the New Model:

Buying a new model every time an update is launched is an expensive, unnecessary, and foolish choice. In comparison, conversion is a thrifty and reasonable way to relish a new model. At a relatively lower cost than buying a new LandCruiser, which will go for 3+ crore! 


Land Cruiser conversion is an inexpensive procedure to alter the appearance of your LC300 AX. Enjoy the taste of an upgraded LC ZX 2023 in a budget-friendly way. For more car accessories, and body kits, visit now.