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18 Best Gear Oils and Fluids 2024 in Pakistan

The importance of choosing the best gear oil and fluid cannot be taken for granted as they play a vital role in smooth vehicle functioning. Gear fluids play a key role in lubricating the delicate parts of a vehicle’s transmission system. The automotive industry has launched a wide range of gear oils to this day, and it has become quite a tough job to select the best match for your vehicle. Every vehicle has specific requirements when it comes to transmission, such as which gear oil has to be selected, e.g., viscosity, temperature range, and vehicle model. Therefore, the task of choosing beat gear oil becomes more crucial as it is the basis to serve for enhanced performance, extended lifespan, improved fuel efficiency, and vehicle durability. This comprehensive guide explores the intricacies of gear oils and fluids, delving into the aspects that clarify the best preferences for varied automotive applications.

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18 Best Gear Oils and Fluids:

1. KIXX CVTF Fully Synthetic:

kixx cvtf gear oil

Compatible with all push belt-type Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT), KIXX CVTF is a high-performance gear oil that thoroughly lubricates the gear system and reduces metal wear and tear caused by friction. Resilient to thermality and corrosion, it boosts transmission longevity and delivers the best driving convenience.

2. AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90:


Specially formulated for heavy-duty vehicles, e.g., trucks, cargos, lorries, etc. AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 is designed to work under extreme pressure with more tolerance for transmission load. With anti-corrosion and heat-resistance properties, AMSOIL Severe Gear 75W-90 provides utmost security against wear and tear. It is designed to regulate temperature during operation. The fluid efficiently reduces slip and boosts transmission lifespan.

3. AMSOIL ATF Fuel Efficient:

AMSOIL ATF Fuel Efficient gear oil

With less viscosity and high performance, AMSOIL ATF Fuel Efficient provides exceptional protection to the transmission system. Sharing compatibility with GM, Ford, and Toyota transmissions, AMSOIL ATF Fuel Efficient is formulated to tolerate extreme temperatures and ensure effortless transmission under heavy strain.

4. AMSOIL Transmission CVT Fluid:

AMSOIL synthetic Transmission CVT Fluid

AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid is highly recommended for belt or chain-type CVTs for smooth functioning and high performance, providing the best metal-to-metal friction and additional security to the gear system. This fluid elongates gear life and demands longer oil change intervals.

5. AMSOIL Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90:

AMSOIL Manual Transmission & Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90

A perfect combination of the best synthetic base oils and quality additives, AMSOIL Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube (MTG) is a transmission fluid developed mainly for providing utmost defense in manual transmission and transaxle applications where high-functioning fluid is required for suitable pressure tolerance.

6. Toyota Genuine Manual Gear Oil GL-4 80w-90:

Toyota Genuine Manual Gear Oil GL-4 80w-90

Devised for working under heavy pressure, Toyota Genuine Manual Gear Oil GL-4 80w-90 secures smooth gear shifting even on challenging driving terrains and high temperatures. Compatible with all Toyota vehicles, Toyota Genuine Manual Gear Oil GL-4 80w-90 safeguards transmission parts against early wear and tear. For protection against rust, Toyota Genuine Manual Gear Oil GL-4 80w-90 comes with special additives to maximize fluid capability. 

7. MOBIL LUBE GX 85W 140:

MOBIL LUBE GX 85W 140 gear oil

Recommended for API GL-4 service designation, MOBIL LUBE GX 85W 140 is developed for heavy-duty gear systems with additional strain on transmission to provide utmost protection against wear and tear and ensure smooth functioning. Finely formulated with premium-quality crude oils and advanced supplements, MOBIL LUBE GX 85W 140 gear fluid boosts transmission longevity and smooth system running.

8. Toyota Genuine Gear Oil GL-4 75W – 90W:

Toyota Genuine Gear Oil GL-4 75W – 90W

Exclusively formulated for Toyota vehicles, Toyota Genuine Gear Oil GL-4 75W – 90W guarantees 100 percent vehicle compatibility and excellent performance by being the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) oil. Toyota Genuine Gear Oil GL-4 75W – 90W is designed for gasoline-type engines and ensures long transmission life and excellent gear performance. 

9. MOBIL ATF -220:

MOBIL ATF -220 gear oil

Securing smooth gear shift with guaranteed transmission longevity, MOBIL ATF -220 is a gear lube developed to work with torque converters and serve as a bearing oil for effortless transmission assurance. The remarkable cold flow of MOBIL ATF -220 fluid keeps the transmission system working smoothly even in low engine temperatures.

10. Kendall VersaTrans LV Full Synthetic ATF:

Kendall VersaTrans LV Full Synthetic ATF gear oil

Experience superior transmission protection with Kendall VersaTrans LV Full Synthetic ATF from Formulated for modern automatic transmissions, this ATF ensures optimal performance, thermal stability, and wear protection. Trust Kendall’s expertise for extended transmission life. Perfect for routine maintenance or enhancing your vehicle’s performance.

11. Toyota Genuine ATF D-II:

Toyota Genuine ATF D-II gear fluid

The original equipment manufacturer product, Toyota Genuine ATF D-II, shares compatibility with Dexron 2 service standards. Toyota Genuine ATF D-II efficiently provides the required friction with maximum resistance against rust formation. It is designed to work well in severe temperatures, strengthens the gear system, and increases transmission lifespan. This gear oil price in Pakistan for 1 liter is Rs 3,200.

12. Honda Genuine Gear Oil ATF:

Honda Genuine Gear Oil ATF

Meeting all Honda grade measures, Honda Genuine Gear Oil is a genuine Honda automatic transmission fluid designed to withstand extreme temperatures and work efficiently in both hot and cold temperatures. The lube allows smoother gear shift and increases transmission lifespan. Honda Genuine Gear Oil ATF also fights against metal corrosion and requires extended gear oil change intermissions.

13. Honda Genuine Gear Oil MTF:

Honda Genuine Gear Oil MTF

The original Honda product exclusively for Honda vehicles, Honda Genuine Gear Oil MTF, is a premium-quality gear fluid designed with all Honda quality standards in mind. Working effectively in extreme conditions, Honda Genuine Gear Oil MTF endures heavy work strain in hot and cold temperatures. Minimizing the oxidation as much as possible, Honda Genuine Gear Oil MTF offers a longer oil change period with an extended transmission life.

14. Honda Genuine Gear Oil CVTF

Honda Genuine Gear Oil CVTF

High-performance Honda Genuine Gear Oil CVTF is a premium quality lube with the best heat-resistance and anti-corrosion properties. It works best even in low temperatures; Honda Genuine Gear Oil CVTF provides the utmost protection against wear and tear and is compatible with API GL-4 heavy-duty manual transmissions.

15. KIXX ATF MULTI Fully Synthetic Gear Oil:

KIXX ATF MULTI Fully Synthetic Gear Oil

With anti-rust properties and heat resistance, KIXX ATF MULTI-Fully Synthetic Gear Oil combines the finest base oils and exemplary add-ons that ensure smooth transmission in cold environments, offer anti-shudder security, and increase foam resilience. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, KIXX ATF MULTI Fully Synthetic Gear Oil is developed for Automatic Transmission systems, e.g., SP-II, SP-III, DEXRON III, MERCON V, Allison C-4, Toyota T-III, and IV.

16. Kixx Geartec FF GL-4:

Kixx Geartec FF GL-4 gear fluid

Premium quality Kixx Geartec FF GL-4 is an efficient gear fluid specially developed to meet the demands of thorough lubrication and provide anti-rust properties for longer functioning and avoiding premature wear. High-quality additives and base oils of Kixx Geartec FF GL-4 make it work under extreme temperatures and deliver outstanding shear stability. Kixx gear oil price in Pakistan is Rs. 2,345.

17. Toyota Genuine Manual Gear Oil:

Toyota Genuine Manual transmission Gear Oil

With the brand trust of Toyota Motors, Toyota Genuine Manual Gear Oil is a high-quality OEM lube formulated for all types of Toyota automobiles requiring manual transmission. Made with powerful components, Toyota Genuine Manual Gear Oil works smoothly under heavy-stress conditions and ensures effortless gear shift with anti-corrosion and antiwear properties.

18. MOBIL LUBE GX 80X90:

MOBIL LUBE GX 80X90 car gear oil

Heavy-duty MOBIL LUBE GX 80X90 should be your top selection if you are in search of some extraordinarily functioning lube. The high-performance MOBIL LUBE GX 80X90 suits API GL-4 service and works well under pressure. The gear fluid is resistant to rust formation and offers great heat resistance.

When to Change Gear Oil and Fluid:

Just like our body signals through pains like a headache, stomach ache, etc. Similarly, certain signs and symptoms appear if there is a need to change gear oil, which can differ for each vehicle per vehicle type usage and driving conditions. Some of the tips about changing gear oil include:

  • Follow the Manual:

Read your vehicle user manual to find out about gear oil maintenance and oil change time duration. Follow the instructions and schedule properly to avoid any gear-related issues.

  • Maintenance:

Check gear fluid health from time to time. Notice the color of the lube, and if found dark, greasy, or muddy, change it quickly. Look for metal particles, as they are a sign of component wear and tear.

  • Driving Habits and Conditions:

More transmission load requires more frequent gear fluid change. If your vehicle carries a heavy load daily, there are more chances of internal wear and tear, which requires frequent lube changes. Likewise, extreme temperatures put extra work pressure on gear fluid, which demands frequent oil changes.

Final Thoughts

Gear oil is an important fluid in-car system that is responsible for smooth vehicle functioning. Setting a gear oil change time is essential for effortless and ongoing transmission. offers the best gear oil prices in Pakistan with a diverse range of gear fluids from various brands. Book your order today at and enjoy quality products at the best rate with doorstep delivery.