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How to Jump-Start Your Car?

Got stuck with a flat battery? Don’t worry, We will teach you how you can jump-start your car in 5 easy steps. There are some basic things you must have to jump-start your car:

  • Jumper Cables and Jump Starters
  • A car with a good battery or a Portable Jump Starter 


1 – Safety First

  • Read the instructions of the section on jump-starts in your car’s manual. Some car manufacturers do not recommend jump-starting certain models. 
  • Make sure the environment is safe for jump-starting your car as there should not be anything flammable.
  • Take the vehicle with a good battery and park it near the vehicle with a flat battery.
  • Make sure that the parts of both cars are not touching each other as there can be a spark if the current is flowing between the cars other than through the jumper cables. 
  • Engage parking brakes of both vehicles.  
  • Power off both cars before starting the process. 


2 – Prep

  • Take out jumper cables and detangle them. 
  • You can use Booster Cable 800 AMP or Casta Booster Cable 1000 AMP.
  • Make sure the jumper cables are un-wounded. 
  • Locate batteries of both cars.

You are all set to move on to the actual process

3 – Attach Jumper Cables 

  • Identify the positive (+) terminal and the negative (-) terminal on both batteries. 
  • Connect the red clamp of the Cable to the positive terminal of the dead or flat battery.
  • Connect another red clamp to the positive terminal of the good battery.
  • Now, Hook the black clamp to the negative terminal of the good battery. 
  • Lastly, Connect another black clamp to the bare metal on the dead car. 


Caution: Never attach the Red clamp to the negative (-) terminal of the dead battery.


4 – Charge the Battery 

  • Start the engine of a car with a good battery. 
  • Let the engine run for a couple of minutes.
  • Now try starting your car (with a flat battery).
  • You may have to turn the key on and hold it for a few seconds a couple of times. 
  • If your car’s engine is alive, you are good to go. 


5 – Disconnect Jumper Cables

It is just opposite to how you attached the cables. But, let us clear it below:

  • First, disconnect the clamp you attached in last i.e. Negative (-) clamp of the jumper cable from the ground on your car (a car that received jump-starting)
  • Disconnect the Negative (-) clamp of the jumper cable from the good battery.  
  • Disconnect the Positive (+) clamp of the jumper cable from the good battery. 
  • Now, Disconnect the Positive (+) clamp from your car. 


That’s it! Yes, you have successfully jump-started your car.

Jump-Start Your Car With a Portable Jump-Starter

It is good to have a portable jump-starter because you can easily recharge your flat battery with it.

  • Turn off your car and Jump-starter before starting the process. 
  • Jump-starter devices usually come with permanently attached cables.
  • If not, Attach a Positive (+) clamp to the Positive terminal and a Negative (-) clamp to a Negative terminal of the jump-starter.
  • Attach Positive (+) clamp to the Positive terminal of your car’s battery and Negative (-) terminal to the bare metal (ground)
  • Now turn on the jump-starter device and your car. 
  • If your engine has started, keep it running for a few minutes. You have successfully jump-started your car. 
  • Turn off the device. It’s time to disconnect the cables.
  • Remove the Negative (-) cable and then Positive (+) cable from your car.


You are ready to run your car.