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How To Give Your Car Interior A New Look

Everyone desires their vehicle to look hellishly charming and stay that way- shiny and sleek, forever! To keep the car in the best possible condition, people spend tons of money on car exterior, but they tend to ignore the car interior. The interiors need as much attention because they can easily accumulates dirt and gunk. Not only this makes your car interiors gross but also affects the performance and internal environment of the car. Due to regular use, you might not be able to notice until someone points it out to you. So follows these simple steps regularly to ride-in-style and keep your car interiors shiny. As these tips will allow thorough cleaning, and repairs the imperfections for a new, fresh look!

Ah, the useful bit to keep your car interior brand new

Your car’s interior looking rather unsightly? Worry not, once you get your dust-free mask and nitrite gloves on and follow these steps, it will be the case no more:

1. It’s time for the Trash to go in the Bin

All the paper slips, plastic bags, water bottles and whatever’s been lying under the seats all this time need to be thrown out. Yeah, it’s time; you can’t renew your car’s interior with junk lying around looking horrid.

2. Get the Vacuum Ready

Now that the trash is out of the way, it’s time to clean out the dirt. Vacuum the carpet and get rid of the crumbs and smaller gunk.

3. Get Cleaning

Use wipes or a wet cloth to clean the dashboard, windshield, steering wheel and all the other flat surfaces. You can use a foam brush to clean the vents as well as the knobs. Make sure every corner of the car is cleaned.

4. Now to Renew Vinyl and Soap!

For this step you’ll need a vinyl and plastic soap as well as a scuff pad. Apply the soap on the vinyl/plastic surface and scrub using the scuff pad. When you’re done wipe it with a lint -free cloth. To cut the process short, buy Scholl Purple Vinyl Care that removes the gunk and give semi-matt finish to the vinyl surfaces.

5. Prep Vinyl and Color

Here you’ll need vinyl prep, adhesion promoter and plastic and vinyl colorant spray. Make sure you’re wearing mask, gloves and eye protection. First spray vinyl prep and wipe using a lint-free cloth. Now it’s time to spray the adhesion promoter, wipe and let it dry. Then spray the colorant in coats- wait 5 minutes before coating again and let it dry.

6. Onto the Leather

You’ll need leather prep and colorant as well as a bristle brush. Spray the prep then scrub and let it dry. After that, apply colorant and scrub thoroughly. You can also get Mothers All in One leather care to deep clean leather covers without any scrubbing. It penetrates deeper into the surface and forms a protective barrier on regular use.

7. Voila!

Dry the colorant and vacuum the carpet. Once you’re done you’ll see the shocking results- a brand-new car exterior! Making the inside shine like the outside is just as crucial in increasing the car’s resale value. Even if you don’t plan to sell it anytime soon, renewing the interior would create a peaceful environment. A car with a dull interior may serve the purpose but won’t look attractive. A refreshed interior, off your vehicle, will most definitely make you fall for it all over again!

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