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Get a Showroom Shine with These Car Detailing Tips

International car care month is always held in April every year. It reminds you to take care of your car accessories. It includes the interior and exterior of the car. Everyone thinks that the car exterior only needs a quick wash and polish. Learn more about Car Detailing Tips below.

It is not the case you need to clean the car exterior with full detail to give it a newer look, and that will be called exact car care. I am cleaning the cars in full detail since I was a teenager. So, I better know that how you can care for your car.

Car cleaning or car care is one of the biggest issues in summers, especially when there is a lot of dust in the environment. Every time you wash your car, you want to make it a worthy effort.

It takes a lot of time, like six hours to make your car new. You can make an older car model new with my cleaning tips. It is my promise that your car will look glossy and shine for longer. If you are handling your car with care and doing a proper cleaning job.

Sometimes car wash services are also not paying attention to the details. Today I will tell you in detail the right way to clean the interior and exterior of the car to give it a shine, which everyone will surely notice.

The right way of car care and its detailing:

We will discuss the stuff we need in the cleaning of the car before jump into further details:

  • Wash mittens
  • Bucket
  • Soap or shampoo for car
  • Polish and wax kit
  • Exterior detailer or cleaner
  • Hose with the nozzle spray
  • Towels of microfiber to clean the car
  • Cleaner and polish for plastic
  • Tire shiner
  • Wax application pad
  • Cleaner for wheels
  • Polish for wheels

Now when you have collected all the supplies, you can easily go for the cleaning process.

1. Wash and Dry your Car Accessory

First, you need to wash the car to get rid of the dust and other particles. Here is the whole procedure to wash the car at home.

Use a pipe of water to clean the car.

Take a cleaning bucket fill it with water and car shampoo.

Use sponge mitten to clean the car. It will remove the stains that water cannot remove.

Dry the exterior of the car with a towel.

Microfiber towels can easily catch the debris and dirt. So, if the towel falls while cleaning the car, you can change it with the new one.

If you are regularly using the microfiber, then you should go for a new towel while giving a deep cleaning and car care to the exterior of the car. I always use a new towel whenever I wash the car after the first time I put the towel aside for cleaning other car accessories like wheels or car mats.

Now when your car is wet, it is ready for further detailing.

2. Finish Washing with Water Spot Remover

If your car is exposed for a longer time, you must use the car exterior water spot remover to clean the car.

High-quality water spot removers are, most of the time, corrosive, so you will never locate them easily. You can go for some professional products to make your car look beautiful and clean.

Online auto stores have these kinds of products you can check online for some of the best products.

3. Use Wax or Polish to Remove the Grim and Dirt Buildup

Clay bars usually contain resin mixture that aids in removing the dirt and grime from the exterior of the car. If you are not using the polish and using car wax instead, it can damage the paint of the vehicle.

You can check the instruction on the package of the wax and polish before applying it to your car. Apply the car polish on the car first in this procedure.

Try to take one hour to complete the whole application of the wax and polish kit.

4. Trim Detailers on the Plastic and Rubbers of the Car

The car’s rubber and plastic should be clean in detail, and for that, you need a clean piece of rag. Detailers of the rubber will help remove the dirt and grime so that the rubbers can shine again.

The dirt will never catch the rubbers and plastics of the car if you use this wax on the rubber of your car exterior.

5. Waxing the Paint of the Car

First, you need to dip the applicator pad into the water and then dap it into the wax. The pad should remain damp. Apply the wax with the help of the applicator pad and wait for dry.

Car wax for a shine that you will last long

Now clean the wax with the help of a towel. You should repeat the process on every portion of the car. But keep it in mind that you must clean one panel at the moment.

6. Cleaning and Polishing of the Headlights of the Car

Most people think that cleaning headlight is not their job. But it is one of the easiest things if you want to make your car new. Apply cleaner and polish on the headlights and tail lights of the car.

It will help to remove the dirt and grime so that your car will be protected from oxidation. If you want to clean the car headlights with detail, clean the car headlights with a soft cloth after that you can apply polish on the headlights.

It will surely enhance the visibility of the headlights at night.

7. Clean and Polish your Wheels

After the detailed cleaning of the body of your car now you must go for cleaning the wheels.

Using a wheel cleaner, you should clean the wheels first. After that, you need a clean rag to clean all the grime and dirt. Once you clean the wheel, then you have to wait till they get dry.

Wheels are catching every type of dirt with them as they are on the road. So, your wheels need more time to clean for a new and shiny look.

8. Tire Shiner to Give a Glossy Touch

blankApply shiner to every side of the tire to give it a completely new look. There are a lot of varieties of tire shiner which are available in the market. You can also check online auto stores for the best tire shiners.

Wheel shiner or polish to give tires a glossy look

If these shiners come in a spray, it will be the best because you can easily apply the spray on tires. Follow the directions on the bottle to apply the shiner.


No matter how much time you are going to take to clean the car but it should look good. It will look bumper to bumper new and shiny.

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