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Car Protectants for Attractive & Shiny Car Exterior

You may have heard the saying, “All that glitters is not gold.” It may stand true for the majority of our situations. However, in the automotive realm, all that glitters is certainly gold.

No matter how clean your interior is. In the end, a flashy exterior is always the first to catch everyone’s eyes.

Now, we don’t mean that you paste currency notes on the exterior. Rather, you simply invest in some car protectants.

Brushes and Sponges

One may wonder: Why on Earth do we need special sponges/brushes for cars? That’s because normal brushes have harsh bristles that can cause scratches. Sponges at home absorb and drag the grime all around the car.

A Wash Sponge Pad traps the dust in its strands. Rather than causing friction, it glides smoothly over the exterior. These sponges are made from Microfiber (synthetic fiber) finer than one denier or thread. Microfiber is 1/100 the diameter of a human hair. One square inch of microfiber cloth has approximately 200,000 fibers just for cleaning.

You can effectively clean every inch of  your car with sponge pads made  from microfiber cloth.

Similarly, a Wheel Rim Brush is used for gently cleaning the wheels. It causes no scratches and keeps them shiny and new.

Car Wash/Shampoo

You carefully choose the right shampoo for hair, right? Then, you should also choose the right one for your car. A good car wash retains the shine of the body. It is specifically designed to remove the toughest of stains gently. One such example is a Turtle Wax Car Wash. It will keep the paint’s brightness intact too.

Exterior Cleaners

To upgrade your exterior car care game, you need some fantastic cleaners. They vow to extend your car’s life. Moreover, they bring back the brightness which your car probably lost down the road.

Meguiar’s Black Plastic Restorer is the perfect example. It revives the shine and jet-blackness of the exterior plastic parts.

The Turtle Scratch Remover Pen miraculously vanishes all scratches. It’ll be like they were never there!


Over time, a car can grow dull and lifeless. Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish provides car external protection. How? By removing all scratches and discoloration. It brings back the original color and shine of the car. The result will make you feel the same rush as when you first bought it.


Car protectants work as barriers. They seal the painted exterior. This prevents grime, sun rays, and other external factors from ruining the exterior. The following are a few excellent knights-in-shining-armors you must buy:

Tire Care

Car care products for tires are equally important. They are the most susceptible to dust, stains, puddles, and scratches. This eventually causes them to fade away. So, Meguiar’s High Gloss Tire Dressing brings back the shine. After all, a shiny body needs equally shiny tires.

Washers and Polishers

If you wish to go all out, investing in easy-to-use washers and polishers is ideal. Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer removes the dirt using pressure. This is not possible through a low-pressure hosepipe.

Similarly, Meguiar’s DA Polisher MT320 is used for polishing. It gives a bright look to the exterior. This is done by removing scratches and restoring the gloss.


One other way for car care is through waxes. Like the others, they make the exterior shiny and smooth. They also prevent smudges or blotches. Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax is one of the best in the market. It is recommended to be used every few months.

So, these are a handful of car protectants. They ensure that your exterior reflects your classy personality. They have both aesthetics and protective purposes. Which one is your favorite?