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Best Car Accessories For Dashboard in Pakistan

Are you looking forward to buying car accessories for your dashboard? Let us introduce you to the best dashboard & other Interior Accessories for your car. Traveling by car becomes more convenient with car accessories that create a pleasant environment inside your car.

Dashboard Accessories



car interior dashboard mats


  • Provides Protection.
  • Prevents Heat Damage.
  • Reduces the Temperature inside the Car.

Here are the two different Dashboard Mats you need for your car.

  • Dash Mats
  • Non-Slip Mats

Air Fresheners and Perfumes


car interior air refreshers


  • A pleasant environment has a great impact on mood. 
  • You feel happy when you smell a flower or perfume.

Do you want your friends and family to feel a pleasant environment while sitting in your car? 

You must buy some Air Fresheners and Perfumes for your car. 

We have a wide range so you can choose the product of your choice. 

Click the link above to have a look at some of our perfumes and air fresheners.



car interior ashtrays


  • Dashboard ashtrays are unique and trendy. 
  • They look elegant while standing on your dashboard.

Take a look at a wide range of Ashtrays with unique features like USB ports and LED lights on

Sun Shades


car interior front sun shades


  • Sunshades protect your car from the Ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Sunshades prevent your car interior from heating up while your car is parked in an open area.

We offer high-quality sun shades at reasonable prices. 

Dashboard Toys

car dashboard dancing emoji toy


This little dancing emoji toy adds a cool took to your dashboard.


More Interior Accessories

Console Boxes


car interior console boxes


  • Console boxes are great for organizing stuff
  • They provide storage.
  • You can organize your phone, gums, sanitizers, lotions, etc. in your console box.

We have great options for the Console Boxes.  

Gear Knobs


car interior Gear Knobs


  • Are you in love with modish and unique gear knobs? 
  • You are at the right place for buying these. 

Have a look at our best-selling Gear Knobs and pick one of your choices.

Have an elegant Interior and flex in front of your friends. You are just one click away.